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Studium für Berufstätige

Programmes for Active Professionals.

The next stepping stone in your career - the University of Bayreuth.

Do you need an additional academic qualification before taking the next step in your career? Are you looking for a way to change your career path? Or maybe you are an employer considering educational opportunities for your business's key employees?

Welcome to the University of Bayreuth's Campus Academy. The Academy is an organizational unit at the University of Bayreuth that has been dedicated to providing businesses and active professionals with practice-oriented, university-level continuing education since 2003.

Continuing education tailored to fit your needs.

We give you the option of attending individual courses or enrolling to complete an entire programme of study. Either way you are sure to profit from the vast know-how and impressive facilities the University of Bayreuth has to offer. There are currently around 13,330 students enrolled in 160 different programmes of study at the University's six faculties. Our academic staff numbers around 1,330 of which 240 are professors. These numbers have enabled us to develop continuing education programmes tailored to fit the needs of active professionals. Join us and combine your practical experience with the academic opportunities available at the Campus Academy.

The sport sector's best MBA programme in the German-speaking world.

Help your career take off with a degree in sport management. The University of Bayreuth's "Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Sport Management" is a programme of study designed especially for active professionals. The curriculum of this programme is based on the unique Bayreuth conception of sport management, which has set the standard for academic programmes in the field since 1985. ...more

Health Care Management – the first programme of its kind.

Are you a health professional with experience working in the pharmaceutical industry, for a health organization, for a health insurance provider, in a hospital, or maybe even in your own practice? If so, the University of Bayreuth's continuing education programme MBA Health Care Management can provide you with the tools necessary to overcome the challenges of an ever-growing market. ...more

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