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Musicians on stage at UNIKAT

Directions: creating a new event on the event platform

How do I create an event?

A public event, to which the non-university public is being invited, can be created in your own login area. This can either be done directly via the dashboard using the "create event" field or under the "event" tab by clicking on the "create event" field.   

Important: Internal events and job advertisements are not published via the event portal, but via the campus monitors or the job portal of the University of Bayreuth!

What information is needed to create an event?

Name of event

Date and time


(Category choice, see below)

Examples of category choice:  

Music: Baroque, Choir & Choral Society, Electronic & Dance, Hard & Heavy, Hip-Hop & RnB, Jazz & Blues, Church & Organ Music, Classical Music, Opera, Rock & Pop, Schlager & Folk Music, Other Music Offerings
Stage: Cabaret & Comedy, Musical Theatre, Dance & Ballet, Theatres, Other Stage Offerings
Sport: Badminton, Basketball, Mountain Sports, Archery, Ice Hockey, Figure Skating, Recreation, Fitness, Football, Weightlifting, Golf, Handball, Canoeing, Martial Arts, Bowling, Climbing & Bouldering, Running, Team Sports, Cycling, Equestrian Sports, Wrestling, Shooting Clubs, Swimming, Skiing, Dancing, Tennis, Table Tennis, Gymnastics, Volleyball, Hiking, Water Sports, Winter Sports, Other Sports
Science for all  
Fun & games  
Environment & nature  
Culinary delights  
History & customs  
Politics & society  
Religion & spirituality  
Creativity & design 

Film & cinema: Animation, Adventure, Action, Documentary, Drama, Erotic, Fantasy & Fairy Tale, Horror, Comedy, Crime, Love Story, Music, Science Fiction, Thriller, Western, Other

Brief description

(max. 500 charaters)

Event venue or information on online participation

(In case there is no venue, please state council and town)

Target group

 (see links for target group choice)

Further obligatory details

  • Event image in landscape format (16:9, 600px-2000px), which we will be allowed  use (rights?)      
  • Information on whether registration is necessary      
  • Price information (free of charge or subject to charge; if subject to charge: price from-to, website with price information or ticket purchase, additional price information (e.g. advance booking offices)      
  • Information on whether the event is part of a fringe event (if yes, name fringe event)

Further optional details

  • Other participants   
  • Event homepage      
  • Form of event (see below for form of event)
  • Social media accounts (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube)
  • Choice of possible day: specify dress code, standing admission, seating, child care
  • Full description

Forms of events available:
Presentation, reading  
Fetes & markets: Fasching, festivals, beer festivals, markets, Easter, regional highlights, Christmas  
Guided tours, tours, exhibitions: Guided walking tours, museum, sights, city tours, themed tours  
Performance, Concert  
Workshop, class, training  
(Club) meeting  
Excursion & Leisure  
Dance or ball  
(Creative) courses

Katrin Lautner

Katrin Lautner

Campus monitor, Uni Shop, Events

Phone: +49 (0)921 / 55-5325  

Office: Room 3.08, University Administration (ZUV)  
Universitätsstraße 30, 95447 Bayreuth