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Programmes for active professionals

Are you in the thick of professional life, and looking to give your career new impetus? Do you aspire to taking on management responsibility, and wish to continue your education at an academic level? Then discover the vocational continuing education programme that fits the bill, that lets you combine family, career, and your studies!

Keep learning, get ahead

The Campus-Academy acts as the continuing education facility of the University of Bayreuth, and besides seminars and certified courses, also offers vocational study programmes. The content of the continuing education programmes is based on the basic curriculum of the University of Bayreuth, and focuses in particular on the topics of sports, health, ethics, as well as business administration and law.

The goal of the continuing education courses of the Campus Academy is your personal as well as vocational advancement. A continuing education course at the Campus Academy is not only a professional enrichment, but also offers you the opportunity to join the conversation with your fellow professionals, and to network actively in the industry. You will benefit from scientifically and practically developed contents, as well as from comprehensive support before, during, and after the continuing education programme.

Ready for the next step in your career?

The vocational continuing education courses are based on the core competencies of the University of Bayreuth, and offer academics with professional experience in their respective fields the tools to take their next career steps and to tackle future management tasks.

An overview of the study programmes of the Campus Academy

Hand with stethoscope in the background, blue hexagons with medical icons in the foreground

Designed for ambitious professionals in the healthcare industry, MBA Health Care Management is the ideal career springboard. It provides the necessary knowledge and skills to successfully meet the challenges of the growing health care market.

Upper body of a man in a suit with a basketball in his arms next to a basketball hoop

MBA Sport Management places particular emphasis on interdisciplinarity and internationality, pioneering spirit, and innovative ability, while remaining true to the ideals of cooperation and networking so strongly instilled in Sport, Business & Law graduates from Bayreuth.

Black and white image: Side view of the stomach of a man bending his left arm and holding an orange basketball in his hand

The vocational LL.M. Sports Law is aimed at people who hold or aspire to hold a position of responsibility with regard to legal issues in the sports industry. 

blonde smiling woman in the foreground, in the background blurred: 2 women and 2 men

MBA Marketing & Sales Management offers employees in marketing and sales the opportunity to turn the assumptions of today's business world upside down, to cultivate their own entrepreneurial spirit, and to harness the digital revolution for a successful sales strategy.

A boss gives appreciative feedback to an employee

The goal of MBA Responsibility, Leadership & Communication is to impart comprehensive skills to current or future managers, and to prepare them for the diverse challenges of a management position in any industry in everyday practice.

A picture consisting of 3 images: High-rise buildings with green facades, a mosquito on her hand and a scientist in her office.

The programme Environment, Climate and Health (M.A.) aims in particular to promote the action competences of leaders and multipliers in the field of planetary health from different disciplines and sectors in order to enable them to take interdisciplinary transformative action.

Part-time certificate courses

Our range of extra-occupational certificate courses allows you to acquire specialised knowledge in a flexible timeframe and experience the atmosphere of our campus at the same time. By taking part in our courses, you not only gain up-to-date specialist knowledge, but also the opportunity to exchange ideas and network with like-minded people. The advantages are obvious: you can deepen your practical knowledge in a short space of time and strengthen your personal human capital. Our courses are ideal for advancing your professional goals and generally do not require any specific entry requirements. At the end of the course, you will receive a certificate to mark your successful completion.