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University of Bayreuth, Press Release No 006/2024 - 19 January 2024

"BIGA Regio" strengthens refugee and migrant academics

No suitable job despite a degree and professional experience? This is the situation for many refugees and migrant academics and skilled workers. A new project from the University of Bayreuth and HAW Hof offers targeted qualification measures for refugees and migrants with a technical or scientific degree. Information will be available online on January 23.

Many of the people who have fled and migrated to Germany have an academic degree and also relevant professional experience, some of which spans many years. Nevertheless, the German labor market, regulations and uncertainty among potential employers make it difficult for them to find employment that matches their education. In "BIGA Regio", these graduates receive targeted further training. This is not only a good way to integrate these people, it is also an effective way to combat the major shortage of skilled workers.
As part of the program, the certificate course "Know-how for the digital industry" is offered, which is aimed at refugees and migrants with a technical or scientific degree. It lasts nine months. In addition to specialist courses to deepen and expand knowledge and specialist language courses, the program also includes workshops to prepare for the job market on the topics of job applications and starting a career. Individual advice and support services as well as a network of experts and other participants are also part of the program. In addition, the format is flexible and can be easily combined with a job and family.

The "BIGA Regio" continuing education program is based on the DAAD-funded pilot project "PROFI in MINT" and is the result of several years of expertise. It was developed by the University of Bayreuth in cooperation with Hof University of Applied Sciences. The International Offices, the Career Services of both universities and the Campus Academy for Continuing Education at the University of Bayreuth offer the certificate course "Know-how for the Digital Industry" as a STEM continuing education program. Over the next two years, "BIGA Regio" will be financed with €450,000 by the European Social Fund (ESF) and the Bavarian State Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Affairs, which is why the course is free of charge for participants.

Interested parties can register online for the information event on January 23, 2024 (from 2:00 to 3:00 p.m.) by sending an email to biga@uni-bayreuth.de. The application deadline for the program is February 10, 2024. More information: https://www.biga.uni-bayreuth.de/de/index.html

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