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University of Bayreuth, Press Release No. 021/2024, 23.02.2024

Focus on quality of life for lung cancer patients

Since February 2024, under the joint leadership of Professor Martin Emmert from Bayreuth and the partner institutions, a system has been tested that focuses intensively on improving the quality of life of lung cancer patients. The monitoring system is intended to contribute to improving quality of life through the active participation of patients and doctors.

Every year, around 57,500 people in Germany are diagnosed with lung cancer. The symptoms of this disease, such as persistent coughing, breathlessness and weight loss, can severely affect the quality of life of those affected. In addition, the often late diagnosis leads to psychosocial distress such as anxiety and uncertainty. In an innovative approach to improving the situation of lung cancer patients, a joint research project between the University of Bayreuth, the University of Regensburg and Regensburg University Hospital called "LePaLuMo" ("Improving the quality of life of patients with lung cancer through preference-oriented quality of life monitoring in combination with cancer registry data") has been running since December 2022.

Under the leadership of Prof Dr Martin Emmert, Professor of Health Economics, Quality Management and Preference Research in Oncology at the University of Bayreuth, the project is being funded with a total of around 1.3 million euros from the Innovation Fund of the Federal Joint Committee (G-BA). The aim of the "LePaLuMo" project is to improve the quality of life of lung cancer patients.

Since the start of the project, the researchers have already carried out a large number of analyses and evaluations, which have been incorporated into the development of a web-based quality of life monitoring system. Since February 2024, a study has now been conducted to test the effectiveness of the system. Two groups of 110 patients will be formed, one of which will have access to the quality of life results displayed online. Patients in both groups will complete a standardised quality of life questionnaire on a monthly basis, with one of the two randomised groups actively receiving advice on further therapies.

Advanced therapies are an important aspect in improving the quality of life of lung cancer patients. To this end, a regional care network for lung cancer has been set up in the regions of Upper Palatinate and Lower Bavaria as well as in Upper Franconia. This network is made up of various disciplines with the involvement of specific experts in relevant therapeutic areas (e.g. respiratory, physiotherapy, pain therapy, nutritional and psycho-oncological counselling). Previous kick-off meetings and future, regular quality circles are intended to promote regional networking and a joint exchange in order to ensure optimal care.Prof. Dr Martin Emmert emphasises: "The individual needs of people with lung cancer are the focus of our work. By actively involving those affected, we want to strengthen their treatment and the doctor-patient relationship."

The regular recording of quality of life and patients' access to their data should enable a more intensive dialogue with their health status and promote holistic doctor-patient communication.

Prof. Dr. Martin Emmert.

Prof. Dr. Martin Emmert

Health economics, quality management and preference research in oncology
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