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University of Bayreuth, Press Release No. 138/2023 - 27 September 2023

University of Bayreuth now among the top 12 percent worldwide in research and third-party funding

The University of Bayreuth has moved up in "THE World University Rankings 2024" (WUR): In the area of "Research Environment", it is ranked 236th out of around 1,900 universities evaluated worldwide, and in the area of "Industry Cooperation" it is even ranked 222nd. It also did very well in the area of "Teaching", where it is ranked 361st internationally among the top 20% of universities in the WUR.

The current THE World University Ranking confirms the high quality of Bayreuth's researchers, their productivity and their good contacts in practice: In the category "Research Productivity", UBT achieved 94.8 out of 100 possible points. In "Research Income", i.e. the acquisition of third-party funding for public research projects, the UBT even achieved 97.5 points, and in "Industry Income", the UBT achieved 91.7 out of 100 points. 

Despite tougher international competition, the University of Bayreuth was able to improve its overall ranking - all categories combined - by an entire ranking group: The number of universities listed has risen to a good 1,900 universities compared to THE's 2023 ranking, and Bayreuth is now ranked between 351 and 400.

The "THE World University Ranking" is published annually by Times Higher Education (THE), a British science magazine. It is based on a variety of criteria, such as the scientific publications of researchers and the amount of third-party funding obtained through cooperations with companies. The interdisciplinary THE ranking published today is based on data for the year 2021.

Impressive Results                                                    

"These results are impressive proof of how close we are to practice while maintaining a high scientific level," says University President Prof. Dr. Stefan Leible. "The University of Bayreuth's ranking among the world's top 12 percent in the fields of 'Research Environment' and 'Industry' shows that we successfully address the issues of the day with interdisciplinary research and initiate innovations." Leible announced: "Particularly with a view to artificial intelligence and its dynamic development, we want to continue along this path - also and especially in teaching and study programmes, in order to give young people what they will need in the future." 

Late deciders can still enrol for the winter semester 2023/24 at the University of Bayreuth until 13 November 2023. 

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