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University of Bayreuth, Press Release No 065/2024 – 14.06.2024

Best career opportunities for students at the University of Bayreuth

Graduates of the University of Bayreuth are among the most sought-after alumni in Germany: almost 500 HR managers stated this in a recent survey conducted by WirtschaftsWoche. The University of Bayreuth was ranked among the top 10 in the fields of natural sciences, law and economics.

For WirtschaftsWoche, the employer branding consultancy Universum asked 483 HR managers from German companies which universities and universities of applied sciences they particularly like to hire graduates from. The University of Bayreuth made it into the top 10 in three of the nine departments listed.

The University of Bayreuth came tenth in the field of natural sciences: 12.9% of respondents named the university in this subject area. In the field of economics, 13.4 % of HR professionals named the University of Bayreuth, putting it in 7th place. The University of Bayreuth came sixth in the field of law with 13.8% of responses.

The HR managers also indicated which qualities they value in applicants, including personality or voluntary activities, the ability to work in a team and creativity. As in previous years, personality was the most important criterion. However, fluency in English, social commitment, an MBA and proficiency in another foreign language are becoming increasingly important. Most of the recruiters worked in the healthcare and retail sectors, in banks and in the construction industry. The majority of them worked in companies with 100 to 500 employees.

More information: https://www.wiwo.de/my/erfolg/hochschule/hochschulranking-2024-das-sind-die-besten-unis-fuer-ihre-karriere/29845548.html

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