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University of Bayreuth, Press Release No. 035/2024 -  22 March 2024

University of Bayreuth named "Top University for Auditing"

Based on a survey of over 80 auditing firms and almost 1,400 of their clients, Manager Magazin has identified the outstanding universities in the field of auditing. The University of Bayreuth is one of them! It was ranked 13th in Germany, making it one of the best German universities for prospective auditors.

The reason for this success is the so-called "Bayreuth WP option" in accordance with Section 13b of the German Auditor Regulations. Students in the Master's degree program in Business Administration have the opportunity to bring forward significant parts of the later Wirtschaftsprüfer (WP) exam to the Master's degree program. The University of Bayreuth is the only university in Germany to offer this program for particularly high-achieving students at Master's level in this breadth (for two of the four examination subjects) and also free of charge. This facilitated access to one of the most difficult professional examinations in Germany opens up a highly interesting and challenging field of activity for students. They are in great demand on the job market. Prof. Dr. Claas Christian Germelmann, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Law and Economics and holder of the Chair of Marketing & Consumer Behavior, says: "The award from Manager Magazin is further proof that the Master of Business Administration at the University of Bayreuth is not only top class, but also offers something unique: Our WP option is a unique launch pad into the world of auditing for top students in Germany."

In order to offer the WP option, the University of Bayreuth must prove the equivalence of its examination results with those of the WP exam and undergo a demanding accreditation procedure. The Chamber of Public Accountants confirms the high quality of business education in Bayreuth each time. Other typical Bayreuth attributes are: excellent supervision ratios, working in small groups with first-class lecturers, the exceptionally good practical connection through a system of cooperation partners and the high degree of flexibility in the design of the course.

Prof. Dr. Rolf Uwe Fülbier, holder of the Chair of International Accounting and coordinator of the WP option, explains: "Auditors are more in demand on the job market than ever before. We need them to be able to trust the increasingly complex financial and sustainability reporting of companies."

Although the WP option - which has existed since 2011 - is not designed as a mass program, well over 100 students have now successfully completed the program.

All the results of the study will be available in summary form from March 22 at www.beste-wirtschaftspruefer.de.

More Information about "Bayreuth WP Option":  www.wp-option.uni-bayreuth.de

StB Prof. Dr. Rolf Uwe Fülbier

Holder of the Chair of International Accounting and coordinator of the WP option
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