University of Bayreuth, Press Release No. 144/2023 - 6 October 2023

Architectural competition for a student residence in Kulmbach decided

In 2024, the Upper Franconia Student Union plans to build a residential complex with 75 flats in the "Blaich" district of Kulmbach. Yesterday, the jury decided in favour of a design by Prof. Michael Stößlein from the Nuremberg office of stm architekten.

A four-storey building with an inner courtyard and a living space of approx. 1,500 m2 is planned. The house connects three parts of the building with an open arcade system. French balconies in front of the building give the façades an appealing rhythm.

"I am very pleased about this decision. It means that the university and the city of Kulmbach will continue to grow together," says the chancellor of the University of Bayreuth, Dr. Nicole Kaiser. She is particularly convinced by the location in the Blaich: "The office stm has managed to place the building on the site in such a way that visual axes and passage possibilities as well as enough space for large parts of the old tree population remain and thus an enrichment for the district will be created."

The site has an area of just under 2,000 m2 and is currently undeveloped. It is located on Hugo-Hesse-Straße in the north of the city of Kulmbach and is about 1.5 km on foot from the Kulmbach university campus. Behind the planning is a modern, ecologically oriented idea of mobility: thus, in addition to the legally required underground parking, there will also be two large (partially lockable) bicycle parking spaces integrated into the building. Right from the planning stage, the aim was to optimise the benefits (functional, social, design) while minimising the overall economic and ecological costs of construction, operation and disposal.

An important point for Josef Tost, Managing Director of the Upper Franconia Student Union, is the interior of the building: "The architects proposed innovative furnishing solutions that I had not seen before. The standard flats on offer create an integrated double dining area through an innovative floor plan." In addition, spacious communal areas are offered on all floors, ensuring interesting visual relationships with the outdoor spaces. The communal space will be well connected to the inner courtyard, open spaces and street space. "I assume that my fellow students in Kulmbach will appreciate this above all," says Felicitas-Michèle Litzel from the student parliament.

Dr. Ralf Hartnack, mayor of Kulmbach, emphasises the importance of the decision made yesterday: "We have taken another step forward: This modern, innovative building will not only give the Blaich district a modern 'eye-catcher', it will also fill it with lively student life."

The winning design and its competitors will be exhibited and explained in Kulmbach from 20 October. A separate invitation will be sent out for this.

In addition to the people mentioned above, members of the jury included various architects, representatives of the Bavarian State Ministry for Housing, Construction and Transport and other employees of the Upper Franconia Student Union.

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