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University of Bayreuth, Press Release 043/2024, 10 April 2024

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Fridolin Röder wins "Prize for Good Teaching 2023"

Minister of Science Markus Blume has honored Prof. Dr.-Ing. Fridolin Röder from the University of Bayreuth for his exceptional achievements in teaching. With this award, the Bavarian State Ministry of Science and the Arts recognizes the work of teaching staff at Bavarian state universities.

Minister of Science, Markus Blume, with Prof. Dr.-Ing. Fridolin Röder

Fridolin Röder has been a junior professor at the University of Bayreuth since November 2020. His research focuses on the development of modern battery management methods, taking into account cross-scale interactions from the material to the system. In teaching, Röder also supports the theoretical approaches with practical elements. For example, he has restructured undergraduate courses such as "Electrical Energy Storage", including a practical course, and set up in-depth courses on battery management. In his practical modules, he specifically selects experiments that promote student interaction and thus learning success. He also encourages students to come up with their own ideas. The honoree himself says: "I am extremely pleased about the award and the recognition of my teaching, in which I always strive to arouse interest in our exciting but often abstract topics and motivate students to come up with creative new solutions."

Minister Blume congratulated the lecturers from all over Bavaria, who were honored together on April 10: "With exemplary dedication, creativity and patience, you have all achieved outstanding things - congratulations on the 'Award for Good Teaching' for 2023! You are the heroes of good teaching! You make the difference as to whether teaching and learning is fun, whether enthusiasm for a subject is really conveyed and whether we turn the talents of tomorrow into the outstanding experts of tomorrow. We are proud that you teach in Bavaria and with our High-Tech Agenda Bavaria we guarantee you the best conditions at our universities in the future."

This year's award ceremony was part of the "Day for Good Teaching" at Technische Hochschule Nürnberg Georg Simon Ohm. On this occasion, Blume explained: "The lecturers are characterized by a high level of commitment to teaching and can all present concepts with exemplary character. The award makes it clear that teaching is on an equal footing with research tasks." The awards went to interactive courses with digital real-time feedback, international practical projects, intensive skills training in virtual learning spaces and the individual use of AI.

About the prize

The award winners are nominated by their home university. The students are involved in this decision. A prerequisite for the award is that the person nominated for a prize must have demonstrated outstanding achievements in teaching at a state university in Bavaria for at least two academic years. The award is endowed with 5,000 euros each. The prize was awarded for the 24th time, but for the first time to teachers at state universities, universities of applied sciences, technical universities and art colleges across all types of higher education institutions. A total of 20 prizes were awarded: twelve at universities, six at universities of applied sciences and two at art colleges.

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