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University of Bayreuth, Press release No 064/2024 - 11 June 2024

3rd Kulmbach Beer Law Day on 17.07.2024: “Innovation and tradition”

The Faculty of Life Sciences at the University of Bayreuth and the museums in Kulmbach's Mönchshof are hosting the 3rd Kulmbach Beer Law Day. The industry get-together serves to promote networking as well as to discuss the latest issues relating to beer, for example with regard to consumer protection, quality assurance and geographical origin protection.

The broad spectrum of beer law impressively reflects the interaction of innovation and tradition. From the historical roots of the Purity Law to a multifaceted body of case law and current legislative developments - beer law is a dynamic field that constantly presents both challenges and opens up new perspectives. These developments give rise to a wide range of questions in science and practice. New problems require innovative solutions, while at the same time new possibilities and opportunities are opening up for the industry. The Kulmbach Beer Law Day is a unique platform for an in-depth discussion on these topics, bringing together experts from science, practice and politics. The event not only offers a comprehensive discussion of these aspects, but also aims to help sensitize practitioners, especially breweries, to the challenges ahead. Through a well-founded discussion and the exchange of knowledge, the participants will be better prepared for the future of beer law.

The Programme in excerpts: 

09:00 Opening by Prof. Dr. Stefan Leible, President of the University of Bayreuth, in the Faculty of Life Sciences

09:30 Key Note Prof. Dr. Ansgar Ohly, LL.M. (Cambridge), Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich: The protection of geographical indications in Germany and Europe - status quo and reform

10:15 Dipl.-Ing. Dario Cotterchio, Weihenstephan Research Center: Understanding quality: consumers vs. brewers

11:30 Dr. Tilman Reinhardt, M.Sc., LL.M. (King's College), University of Bayreuth: Alcohol claims and warnings

12:15 Lawyer Leonie Evans, Meisterernst Rechtsanwälte: Green Claims: Current status and the future legal situation

13:00 Transfer to the Kulmbacher Mönchshof

13:30 Welcome by Dr. Helga Metzel, Managing Director of Museen im Kulmbacher Mönchshof e.V.

Refreshments and networking in the foyer of the Museen im Kulmbacher Mönchshof

14:30 Expert discussion: Practical beer law for the future

Keynote speech: Dr. Uwe H. Lebok, CMO K&A BrandResearch; RA Robert Scholz, Bayerischer Brauerbund e.V.; Jutta Saumweber, Bavarian Consumer Advice Center e.V.; Moderation: Prof. Dr. Markus Möstl, University of Bayreuth

16:00 Synthesis and farewell by Prof. Dr. Kai Purnhagen, LL.M. (Wisconsin-Madison), M.J.I., University of Bayreuth

from 16:30 Guided tour of the Bavarian Brewery Museum in the Kulmbacher Mönchshof and conclusion

The 3rd Kulmbach Beer Law Day will take place at two locations: At the location of the new Faculty VII of the University of Bayreuth at the Kulmbach campus (morning) and in the premises of the museums in the Kulmbacher Mönchshof (afternoon).

Organizers are the Museen im Mönchshof e.V. with the Bavarian Brewery Museum under the scientific direction of the Chair of Food Law and the Research Centre for German and European Food Law at the University of Bayreuth.

Registration at: https://kulmbacher-moenchshof.de/kulmbacher-bierrechtstag-anmeldung/

Media representatives are cordially invited to report on the event. Please send a short email to pressestelle@uni-bayreuth.de.

Our photo shows master brewer Sebastian Hacker in the "transparent museum brewery". Museums in the Mönchshof e.V.

Dr. Tilman Reinhardt

Senior Researcher (Akademischer Rat) at the Faculty of life sciences: food, nutrition and health

University of Bayreuth
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D-95326 Kulmbach
Mail: Tilman.Reinhardt@uni-bayreuth.de

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