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The University of Bayreuth's Mission Statement.

Creative, courageous, innovative and liveable – in short, more than just a university!

The green campus of the University of Bayreuth is a meeting place of people and ideas where academic life is more varied and personal than it is at Germany's large universities. Top-notch research, state-of-the-art teaching methods, international influences, diversity, and a springboard to a successful career – these are all things the University of Bayreuth stands for. In truth, many universities fit this description. However, the University of Bayreuth really is much more than that!

The University of Bayreuth is …

a place for creative thinking.

Our campus gives you space to think. We provide lecturers, students, and staff with the freedom to reach their full potential. We recruit the best and brightest to come to Bayreuth, resulting in top research at the highest international standards. We also offer a motivating work environment. We have an equal appreciation for the individual contributions of each person on campus. Our campus hosts activities that are open to the public and which are meaningful beyond the domains of research and teaching. The creative culture of diversity in thinking and acting that prevails on campus leaves a lasting impression.

The University of Bayreuth is …

a place for the courageous.

Boundaries are there to be questioned. When they stand in the way of our quest for knowledge, we cross them. Our interdisciplinary approach was included in our founding mission. For this reason, we encourage cooperation on campus, with external partners, and with experts from other subject areas, and our partners are always treated as equals. Our interdisciplinary focus areas have long been a benchmark for other universities. We are continually breaking new ground and providing answers to scientific, technical, and social questions. In this way, we play a role in shaping the future. And we do not restrict ourselves to knowledge transfer. We want to provide young people with a thorough education and leave a lasting impression on them. Our campus is a place that fosters personal development and self-reflection. It is a place for those who question things and have the courage to face inconvenient truths.

The University of Bayreuth is ...

a driving force behind innovation.

Formulating our abilities and objectives clearly, taking risks, assessing impacts, and striving for sustainability all play a role in knowledge transfer at the University of Bayreuth in both research and teaching. As part of the region of Bayreuth, we ensure the regular exchange of ideas and information with stakeholders in the surrounding area. We ensure that society can benefit from the scientific findings made on campus, and we initiate sustainable, innovative developments. We think in larger dimensions: we maintain a network in Germany and abroad, we have earned a strong reputation in the scientific landscape, and we continue to improve this position. For us, part of sustainability is providing a constant international impetus and sparking global innovations.

The University of Bayreuth is ...

a living environment.

Our campus provides a setting for life in all its diversity – people take centre stage, regardless of their skin colour, origin, gender identity, religion, or worldview. We promote talent, encourage success, and ensure equal opportunities based on the individual's abilities. We are a community whose members are focused on their own individual development as well as our joint impact. In this way, we are able to overcome boundaries between faculties, in addition to language barriers, cultural differences, and mental barriers. We communicate fairly and openly and value transparency and cooperation in a spirit of trust. "Cooperation" and "equal opportunities" are not just empty words at the University of Bayreuth. We breathe life into these concepts.