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Nursing/Changing Rooms and Childcare on and Around the Campus.

As a family-friendly university, we make a point of creating an ideal environment for achieving a balance between work, studies, and family. Examples of our family-friendly infrastructure on campus are the nursing and changing rooms located on campus and the childcare facilities in the neighbourhood.

Nursing and Changing Rooms at the University of Bayreuth

You will find an overview of the nursing and changing rooms on campus on the map available here (PDF). All childcare facilities and nursing and changing rooms are marked in red.

Parent-Child Office

The Parent-Child Office is located in Building B9, Room 4 (Nebengebäude B9, Raum 4). It is an office equipped with a computer terminal and can be used by the University of Bayreuth staff and students who have children. In case regular childcare or school is cancelled for the day on short notice or your child becomes ill, the Parent-Child Office can be a useful alternative. The office has a nap/play/homework area for children. This allows parents to take care of their responsibilities at work or in their studies and look after their child at the same time whenever needed. Parents who would like to use this room are asked to contact the Family-Friendly University Advisor, Boris Wiedenhöfer.

Boris Wiedenhöfer

Boris Wiedenhöfer

+49 (0)921 / 55-2168
Building B3, Room 23
Universitätsstraße 30, 95447 Bayreuth

Childcare Facilities on and Around the Campus

The University of Bayreuth and the local Association for Student Affairs work together with a range of childcare facilities on and around the campus. Here is an overview: