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A good climate for your entrepreneurial spirit and new ideas.

Entrepreneurship is not only crucial for students who wish to start their own business or take over a business after their studies, but also an important basic qualification for all future experts and leaders. Our university gives students the chance to test and hone their entrepreneurial talents and skills. In so doing, the University is making an important contribution towards unlocking the region's innovative potential.

The University of Bayreuth takes its role as a regional motor of innovation very seriously. The Office of Entrepreneurship & Innovation was set up to help students gain the necessary qualifications in the area of entrepreneurial and innovative thinking and acting. In doing so, we nurture our students’ willingness and ability to start their own companies. Our Advisor for Start-Ups provides start-ups and prospective start-ups with confidential guidance and support. Oftentimes questions concerning intellectual property arise even before one is ready to start a business. We can offer you a helping hand in this respect too.

The other objective of Entrepreneurship & Innovation is to build bridges between businesses and science/research and to put people in touch with the right research and innovation partners. Whether you’re a company representative or a member of the University’s staff, we’re happy to provide you with information on technology transfer and funding opportunities.

In addition, the University of Bayreuth supports student initiatives and competitions and offers those who are interested the chance to participate in the 5 Euro Business Competition each summer semester. Students interested in starting their own businesses can also exchange insights at the regular meetings of Bayreuth's Forum for Start-Ups (Gründerforum Bayreuth) and take advantage of all the forum has to offer. Students interested in social entrepreneurship are invited to get involved in Enactus Bayreuth.


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