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A person in laboratory clothing holds a glass tube in his hand. It says coronavirus on it.

Information regarding COVID-19 (Coronavirus SARS-COV-2)

Here you will find information provided by the crisis unit of the University of Bayreuth. This has been active since mid-February 2020. It is made up of representatives from all areas of the University. We are in daily contact, monitor the situation very closely, and are constantly adapting our measures. Our priority is to protect all students and staff.

In order to stem the spread of the coronavirus as much as possible and for your protection, the University of Bayreuth has decided to take further steps. The following measures currently apply on the Campus of the University of Bayreuth.

As part of its comprehensive infection control plan, the University of Bayreuth has produced a handbook for dealing with the coronavirus pandemic. The Coronavirus Handbook is being continuously updated and adapted to the changing legal situation. Please keep yourself constantly informed about our status in this regard.

Note: The Coronavirus Handbook has been updated and will be translated soon. In the meantime please use the German version.

NEWS (last updated on 20 May, 2022)

News in the context of the new Infection Protection Measures Ordinance

You will finde more information about the far-reaching changes in the 16th Bavarian Infection Protection Measures Ordinance (BayIfSMV ) and in the announcements from the University Governing Board.

The Bavarian state government has decided on some far-reaching changes, in particular relaxations of the existing covid regulations, on the basis of the Federal Infection Control Act. As a result, the previously valid access restrictions, according to which only vaccinated, recovered and tested persons (3G) were allowed to enter the buildings and closed premises of the UBT, no longer apply. As of 03.04.2022, there will therefore no longer be any access restrictions at the UBT. This applies across the board, for example also to the library and cafeteria.

General information on the conducting of in-person examinations at the University of Bayreuth can be found in the Coronavirus Handbook, see above on this page. If there are any deviating regulations for your examinations, you will be informed by your lecturers. You can find further information on the conducting of examinations during the Covid 19 pandemic on the homepage of the Examinations Office:

Mask mandate
In view of the current coronavirus situation, we are now able to amend the requirements relating to wearing masks while in the buildings of the University of Bayreuth. The University Governing Board has decided to replace the requirement to wear a mask with a recommendation to wear a mask effective Saturday, 21 May 2022. Thus, we recommend strongly that you continue to wear a medical or FFP-2 mask for your own protection when in buildings or enclosed spaces, especially during lectures, unless the minimum distance of 1.5m can be reliably maintained. The general obligation to wear a mask indoors no longer applies. However, we would like to appeal to you to continue to maintain a sufficient distance to others when you are in the University of Bayreuth’s buildings.

Lecturers and organizers of temporary events may choose to impose a "temporary mask requirement" for the duration of their course/event. This means that they may make attendance of their course or participation in their event conditional on the wearing of a medical mask or FFP-2 mask for the duration of the course/event held indoors or in enclosed spaces if members of risk groups are present or there is evidence of circumstances conducive to infection. Examples of such circumstances would be crowded spaces, poor ventilation, or failure to maintain the recommended minimum distance. Lecturers are encouraged to provide advance notice of any temporary masking requirement. In general, we recommend that you always have a mask with you to ensure you are able to attend lectures and seminars without any hindrances.

The campus of the University of Bayreuth is hosting a BRK rapid testing station (citizen testing station). In room S3 in the Studentenwerk Oberfranken (SWO) building , a maximum of 200 tests per day can currently be carried out on weekdays. Students, employees, and regular citizens can register for an appointment from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. at The test result, valid for 24-hours is transmitted via SMS and e-mail, and is digitally supported. If a paper test result is required, the 15-minute waiting period must be spent on site.

You can also use other approved test stations that may be open longer. Please notice that they are not free of charge. An overview of all PCR and antigen rapid test stations in and around Bayreuth can be found at the website of the Landkreis Bayreuth. In any case, prove your eligibility by presenting your certificate of study in conjunction with identification.


No new vaccination campaign  are currently scheduled on the Bayreuth campus. Information on vaccination opportunities is available on the Bavarian Vaccination Centers website:


A list of the vaccines approved in Germany and the number of vaccinations required in each case can be found on the website of the Paul Ehrlich Institute.

The advantages of vaccination

Once you have full vaccination protection, there is no need for regular testing or possible short-term quarantine periods, which could be problematic, especially during exam periods. For all those who would like more information before a possible vaccination, we would like to refer to an article in UBTaktuell, which you can find here:

In addition, we refer to the FAQs of BMG:

The Studentenwerk Oberfranken recommends wearing a mask for your safety and the safety of all.

Up-to-the-minute information can be found on the homepage of Studentenwerk Oberfranken.

NEWS (last updated on 20 May, 2022)

News in the context of the new Infection Protection Measures Ordinance

You will finde more information about the far-reaching changes in the 16th Bavarian Infection Protection Measures Ordinance (BayIfSMV ) and in the announcements from the University Governing Board.

More important information