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Healthy living for students and staff

A nationwide survey of over 18,000 students has confirmed that Germany’s students have an above-average stress level. This is often due to pressure resulting from issues involving time and performance as well as the feeling of being overstrained. Staff members are also under a great deal of pressure: as a result of more frequent absences due to psychological illnesses, such absences and the related costs for the University have become everyday topics.

It is thus crucial that the University of Bayreuth create a culture that encourages the well-being, motivation, and productivity of its staff members and students. The vision of the University of Bayreuth’s Occupational Health Management team is to create an environment in which people feel like they are seen as more than just an anonymous employee with a personnel number.

In addition to students’ subject-specific education, approaches that promote health are becoming more and more prominent at higher education institutions. The University of Bayreuth has also made it a priority to enable everyone on campus to live, work, and study in a healthy way.

Various measures have shown that social togetherness at one’s place of work and study has a very positive effect on one’s ability to overcome day-to-day challenges. For this reason, it is important to foster social togetherness at the University of Bayreuth and develop a healthy and supportive leadership culture.

More information on the University’s Occupational Health Management projects can be found at www.ugm.uni-bayreuth.de.

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