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Green Campus: Practising Responsibility...

GreenCampus is the organisational unit for sustainability at the University of Bayreuth. It is the hub of all the University's activities related to sustainability, and where stakeholders from the University and beyond are brought together to implement their plans. Activities on campus range from individual initiatives, to research and teaching projects, all the way to sustainable campus management. In addition, the GreenCampus team initiates new projects every semester and provides for their long-term implementation.

Additional information concerning current or past Green Campus projects is available at www.greencampus.uni-bayreuth.de and also on Facebook and Instagram.

If you have any questions or comments or are interested in getting involved, the following contacts on campus are happy to help:

Green Campus Büro
Universitätsstraße 30, 95447 Bayreuth
Building B9, Room 6
Phone: +49 (0)921 / 55-3514
E-mail: green.campus@uni-bayreuth.de

Webmaster: Jan Hopfer

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