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A university with that certain something.

The reputation that the University of Bayreuth has achieved over the past several decades is winning over more and more domestic and international students every year. Among these students are many who have made major contributions to the positive atmosphere on campus through their personal dedication and involvement in various activities.

Perhaps you are interested in becoming more politically active or joining the Student Parliament, Campus TV, Web Radio or the Christian Student Associations. Everyone is invited to make their mark on campus – including you.

Bayreuth's "Summer Uni"

Every summer, 250 students come to Bayreuth from more than 50 countries to take part in our "Summer University for Intercultural German Studies". For several weeks, the campus is transformed into a meeting place for young people, providing a unique opportunity to learn some German, become acquainted with foreign cultures, and have an unforgettable time! ...more


Der Falter – The University of Bayreuth’s Student Newspaper

The University of Bayreuth has had its own student newspaper for over 20 years: it used to be called Der Tip and was recently renamed Der Falter. This independent student newspaper at the University of Bayreuth is put together strictly by students, and it does not operate under the direction of any other department or unit. Der Falter is distributed in front of the cafeteria every Thursday during the semester at around lunchtime, and the paper has always remained true to its goal of keeping its loyal readers up to date. ...more


Television by students, for students: the University of Bayreuth's TV station has been operating successfully since 2003. Campus TV benefits from having a new production team every year, helping to keep the programme entertaining and ensuring that the information provided is relevant to students on campus. Come see for yourself! ...more

Schalltwerk – Your radio. Your music. Your UNI-verse.

The web-radio station Schalltwerk is run by students of the University of Bayreuth and broadcasts around the clock. The production team invites you to listen to a line-up of their favourite tracks free of charge. In addition, the Schalltwerk app for android smartphones and tablet PCs lets you enjoy the station's music whenever and wherever you want. You can also listen to previous recordings and student shows over Schalltwerk's online archive. ...more



In 2015, the University of Bayreuth launched an official blog. This blog is meant to serve as a platform for anyone interested in life in and around Bayreuth. Past, current, and prospective students and guests are invited to exchange ideas and information and to actively contribute to the content. The Weblog is designed to be a web-based diary. Here we hope to collect a diverse array of perspectives on the University of Bayreuth from as many individuals as possible. The emphasis is on sharing memories and experiences. And there is more to come via the University’s new Web 2.0 platforms. For more information, please contact Angela Danner.

Media studies weblogs at the University of Bayreuth

Want to know what's happening on campus and stay up to speed on the latest in art, literature, culture, and gaming? On their weblogs, our media studies bloggers help keep you up to date as they share their own personal perspectives on campus life. ...more

Getting involved in university governance & politics

Student Parliament. Help shape university policy.

It goes without saying that the student body is represented in the University of Bayreuth's Senate and University Council. The student body representatives who serve on these committees are in turn determined on the basis of their roles in the Student Parliament, which gives you a chance to speak on behalf of the students' interests. Come make your mark! ...more

Political Organizations

Where there is a student parliament, Germany's political parties are never far away.

Departmental Student Representatives

The various faculties are also represented in the Student Parliament. These representatives speak for the faculty-specific interests of the students, for instance in the faculty councils.

  • BCG (Biology, Chemistry & Earth Sciences)
  • Ing (Engineering Science)
  • KuWi (Cultural Studies)
  • MaPhl (Mathematics, Physics & Computer Science)
  • Ressort Lehramt
  • RW (Law, Business & Economics)
  • SpLit (Languages & Literature)

Bayreuth's religious student associations

... more student organizations

The following student organizations are also always happy to welcome newcomers.

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