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House Rules

Drawn up by Unit I, Division I/1 of the Central University Administration, University of Bayreuth House Rules of the University of Bayreuth as amended in the 2nd amendment of 10 March 2008. To ensure orderly operations at the University, the President issues, on the basis of Article 24 para. 5 Bavarian Higher Education Act (BayHSchG) as amended in the announcement of 2 October 1998 (GVBl S. 740), further amended by § 1 of the Act of 9 Juli 2003 (GVBl S. 427), and § 28 para. 4 of the General Rules of Procedure for the Agencies of the Free State of Bavaria (AGO) dated 12 December 2000 (GVBl S. 873), the following for the University of Bayreuth:

House Rules:

§ 1 domiciliary right

(1) Domiciliary right is exercised by the President.

(2) Domiciliary right commissioners exercise domiciliary right in the competences conferred to them.  On the basis of this conferral, they are authorised, in particular, to issue exclusion orders within their remit.

(3) The following university members are domiciliary right commissioners of the President: 

1. members of the teaching staff working in an official capacity in classrooms assigned to that purpose,
2. The heads/chairs of management of the institutions in the area of their respective institution,
3.  The deans for those rooms in their subject area, which are assigned to it for regular use,
4.  The chairs of meetings of collegial bodies of the University and its committees during their sittings,
5. Members of the University appointed by the President in general or ad hoc,
6. The Head of Building & Grounds Maintenance or their representatives,
7.  Members of staff responsible for matters of domiciliary right according to the allocation of duties,
8. Every member of staff in the area of work assigned to them

(4)  The President and domiciliary right commissioners are represented in exercising domiciliary right according to the general provisions.

(5)  Decisions and measures taken by the President or their representative in exercising domiciliary right take precedence over those of domiciliary right commissioners in every case.

§ 2 Opening times

The buildings of the University of Bayreuth, in the absence of other provisions, are in general open at the times given below: Campus: Monday to Friday: 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Geschwister-Scholl-Platz: Monday to Friday: 7 a.m. to 8 p.m., variations in opening times due to closure are possible. Varying provisions for individual buildings, e.g. during the semester break, are possible and are set down separately. Outside of these times, the buildings are in general to be kept locked. Exterior doors are to be locked immediately after entering or leaving the building. General operations outside opening times necessary in exceptional cases are determined independently by the individual institutes and chairs, and are to be announced to Building & Grounds Maintenance. In such cases, the buildings must be kept locked, and provisions made for the security of the building and its equipment. The remaining buildings outside the University premises, e.g. IMA, BITÖK, Hugo-Rüdel-Straße, and Prieserstraße, are to be opened and locked independently by and at the responsibility of the users of the building.

(2) Domiciliary right commissioners, representatives of  Building & Grounds Maintenance as well as of security firms are entitled to take the names of persons they meet in the buildings or premises of the University outside of opening hours, and as the case may be, request them to leave the building and the premises of the University.

§ 3 Safety and order

(1) Staff and visitors are at all times to treat grounds, buildings and other facilities of the University of Bayreuth with due care, to keep them in proper condition, and to avoid any damage to or soiling of them. In doing so, they are to observe the provisions contained in the following subsections.

(2) The University’s buildings and building sections may only be used for the purposes of teaching and other duties. Film and television recordings must be authorized. Structural modifications may only be carried out in consultation with Administration.

(3)  Escape routes and fire brigade access are generally to be kept clear.

(4) All members of the University are duty-bound to ensure the prevention of damage of any kind, especially because of fire, theft or burglary, and to use any technical equipment in a proper way. Every instance of unauthorised appropriation, usage, or damage of equipment of any kind will be pursued under civil and criminal law.

(5) After the completion of classroom events, lecture halls are to be vacated, and cleaning staff not to be hindered in their work.

(6) Smoking is strictly forbidden in the interior rooms of buildings. The Health Protection Act (GSG) applies.

(6a)  Bringing food and drink into libraries and classrooms is prohibited.

(7) Regard is to be given to the cleanliness of all rooms, corridors, staircases, courtyards, and especially toilets. Waste of any kind may only be disposed of in the waste containers put in place for the purpose.

(8) In case of rain, storm and snowfall, all windows are to be closed promptly. Failure to do so leading to damage, e.g. breakage of window panes or other resultant damage will be the responsibility of the users of the room. Opened windows are to be secured.

(9) The locking of the rooms of an institute, seminar rooms, offices, etc., as well as the secure storage of valuables are the responsibility of  the authorized persons, as are turning off lighting and closing windows when leaving the rooms. The use of force to open doors or windows is forbidden. Infringers will be subject to criminal charges and claims for damages.

(10)  Any damage, defects, irregularities or particular incidents are to be reported promptly to Building & Grounds Maintenance, via the fault-reporting line 2117 if outside business hours.

(11) The use of roller-skates, in-line skates, skateboards, scooters, etc. is not permitted in University buildings.

(12) It is forbidden to bring bicycles into buildings. Bicycles are to be parked in the spaces provided for them. Parking them in and in front of entrances is not permitted. Bicycles left there may be removed at the expense of the owner. The University is not liable for any damage resulting from the removal of bicycles, except in cases of wilfulness or gross negligence. Removed bicycles will be stored for a period of 4 weeks, and will only be released to persons showing credible proof of being authorized to claim them. After the expiring of this period, bicycles may be realised or disposed of by the Free State of Bavaria.

(13) Motor vehicles may only be parked in areas designated for the purpose. Leaving mopeds, motor scooters, motor vehicles, and other objects in buildings, especially in basements, basement corridors, driveways and passageways is not allowed for reasons of fire safety reasons; the same applies to green areas. The traffic and parking regulations of the University of Bayreuth are to be observed.

(14) Dogs may only be brought onto the grounds of the University of Bayreuth on a leash. The University Governing Board may waive the leash requirement for dogs in individual cases. Such exceptions involve especially rescue dogs or service dogs deployed by the police, the federal police or customs on the grounds of the University. Otherwise, the taking of pets into the service buildings and offices of the University of Bayreuth, or into facilities attached to them, is in general not permitted. Exceptions require approval from the respective department.

§ 4 Activities prohibited or requiring authorization

(1) On properties administered by the University, the following activities require authorization:                                            
1 the display of postings or placards, as well as the distribution of  leaflets or flyers,
2 the organising of assemblages or elections,
3 the setting up of information or sales stands, as well as any other type of marketing of goods or the collecting of orders,     4 the use of lecture theatres or other rooms for events other than those of the University itself.

(2) Postings of placards, notices, announcements, or notifications, etc. may only be put up on the boards or in the display cases provided for them. Postings referring to particular events must be removed within two days of the event being held.

(3) Begging or hawking, any form of offering goods for sale, the bringing of animals, and the seeking out of members of the University in their offices to conduct private business is prohibited in the buildings of the University and on the properties it administers, as is party-political activity both spoken and in writing (see §§ 29 to 32 General Terms and Conditions). University properties may not be used as passageway by persons not associated with the University.

(4) If the use of University properties as passageway by persons not associated with the University is tolerated, this acquiescence may be withdrawn at any time.

(5) Every instance of misuse of installed fire-extinguishing equipment will be prosecuted.

§ 5 bill-posting

(1) Bill-posting may only be conducted on surfaces expressly designated for the purpose. Placards found in other locations will be removed. Multiple bill-posting at the same location is not permitted. Bill-posting or the erection of advertising media (e.g. boards,  pillars, etc.) of  either a portable or stationary type, by a third party is only permitted with the consent of the University of Bayreuth. Placards may only be put up by means of attachment (e.g. staples, masking tape, etc.) which can be easily and cleanly removed. The person carrying out the bill-posting is responsible for removing the placards. Placards referring to particular events are to be removed within two days of the event being held.

Independently of the above, postings are removed at appropriate intervals by the University of Bayreuth.

(2) Billboards may only be used by the facilities/institutes named in the headings. In particular, it is not allowed to put up announcements, postings and other notices of a political nature. On indoor billboards designated “Amtliche Bekanntmachungen/Universitätsinterne Mitteilungen” (official announcements/in-house notifications), only official announcements, or notifications from Central University Administration, the faculties, chairs and central facilities may be put up. Notices about events by student representative groups are to be displayed on notice boards with the heading  "Studentenvertretungen” (student representative groups). Boards with the heading “Veranstaltungen, Konzerte” (events, concerts) or similar, may also be used by organizers from outside the University to promote cultural events. Private notices by University members are to be restricted to the surfaces provided for the purpose, which are marked “Allgemeine Mitteilungen” (general notifications) or “Sonstiges” (miscellaneous) Pasting material on the the advertising columns located at the cafeteria, Humanities I (GWI) or  temporary buildings may only be carried out with the permission of the Fremdenverkehrsverein Bayreuth (tourist information office), the Student Convention or the Departmental Student Representatives.

Placards, notices, and announcements, etc. by third parties must clearly indicate those responsible (as defined by the press code). If this information is missing, the placards, notices, and announcements, etc. are subject to be removed immediately.

(4) Product or company advertising, as well as any distribution of  flyers or leaflets is only permitted with prior written consent from the University of Bayreuth, and only at the locations specified. The removal of advertising material is subject to charge.

(5) Breaches of  provisions on billposting or other associated orders may be prosecuted by the University of Bayreuth with the following measures:                                                                   

a) Demand to observe provisions on billposting in future, and notice of registering of breach against billposting order;             b) Removal of placards, notices, and announcements, etc. subject to charge;
c) Threat of exclusion order applying to University property and its buildings;
d) Exclusion order and threat of charge of trespass according to the German Penal Code (§ 123 StGB) if breached;
e) Charge of trespass according to the German Penal Code (§ 123 StGB)

If damage is caused to buildings or facilities because of billposting, charges will be brought according to the German Penal Code (§§ 303, 304 StGB) of damage to or destruction of objects intended for public use, or for the improvement of public paths, spaces or facilities. Compensation is payable for damage resulting. The measures described may be taken individually or in combination, irrespective of the severity of the respective breach. In cases of repeated breaches, repeat measures may be taken. The measures may apply to the person acting, to the organiser, and/or to any other person responsible for the billposting. Costs and damages may be claimed as a flat rate.

§ 6 Lost and found items are to be taken to the central mailroom.

§ 7 Prosecution of breaches

Regulatory measures will be taken against members of the University in breach of these House Rules according to Article 93 Bavarian Higher Education Act (BayHSchG)

§ 8 General provisions

Additional provisions for parts of properties, for particular facilities, institutes, and laboratories apply. Provisions of the Rules of Procedure for the authorities of the Free State of Bavaria (AGO) apply in addition.

Bayreuth, 10 March 2008

Professor Dr. Dr. h. c. Helmut Ruppert, President of the University of Bayreuth

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