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Global History, Master of Arts (M.A.)

The aim of the Master’s Programme “Global History” at the University of Bayreuth is to enable students to recognize and analyse complex social, political, cultural and economic phenomena of the present in their global and historical contexts. This Master’s course is taught in English.

Profile of the Master’s Programme

In addition to a general introduction to the theories and methods of global history, you will learn how to analyse complex transnational phenomena, and how to re-evaluate them historically. You will be able to specialise in one of three world regions and expand your language skills accordingly: You can choose between Africa, Europe or the Atlantic World and the Americas; but you may also choose transnational/-regional history. Our Programme consists of four main pillars: Foundations, Area Expertise and Language Courses, and Specialisation. The fourth pillar consists of a Masterclass and your Master’s thesis – with a topic of your own choice.

Fields of Employment

The successful completion of your Master's degree opens up a wide range of occupational fields. You will be able to pursue a career in academia, to support international NGOs, or to join research institutions and associations. In addition, your cultural knowledge and skills will be in demand in policy consulting and internationally operating companies. Global historical questions are also becoming increasingly important in museum and exhibition work, as well as in journalism. The Master’s Programme Global History at the University of Bayreuth will, of course, also enable you to do a doctorate as it is above all committed to the education of qualified future historians.

General Information
Final DegreeMaster of Arts (M.A.)
Start of StudiesWinter semester
Application Period (for Germans and EU citizens)

Rolling admission procedure. Deadline for winter term: July 15th

Application Deadline (for international students)

Rolling admission procedure. Deadline for winter term: July 15th

Admission Requirements

Admission requirements for the Master’s programme include a Bachelor’s degree in history, or an equivalent degree awarded by a university in Germany or abroad. Depending on the graduation grade, applicants might also undergo an assessment process.

Admission Restrictions/ ApplicationPlease send your application form and the other necessary documents as a single PDF file attached to an e-mail with subject line "Application – MA Global History" to: globalhistory@uni-bayreuth.de
Standard Period of Study4 semesters
Specific FeaturesPart-time study is possible.
Language of InstructionEnglish
Programme Coordinators

Prof. Dr. Joël Glasman

Prof. Dr. Kristin Skottki

Homepages[Our website is under construction.]

Further Information

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Studiengangsfinder: Kurse sind in deutsch, wenn nicht anders angegeben

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Staatsexamen Jura
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Rechtswissenschaft - deutsch-spanisches Doppelabschlussprogramm - Bachelor of Laws LL.B.

LL.M. für ausländische Juristen

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Intercultural Anglophone Studies (M.A.)
Philosophy & Economics (M.A.)
Scientific Computing (M.Sc.)

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