University of Bayreuth, Press Release 52/2022, 12.04.2022

„Genusserlebnis Franken“ – Geography students at the University of Bayreuth plan experiential spaces for culture and enjoyment

Together with the museum network "Kultur und Genuss in Franken" (Culture and Enjoyment in Franconia), students of the geography master's programme Urban & Regional Development at the University of Bayreuth under the direction of Dr. Matthias Gebauer are starting their one-year project study on recreational sites and adventure tours in Franconia. They also hope to inspire a young target group to embrace the tourism of enjoyment.

Students at the University of Bayreuth will implement a project over the next 12 months focusing on the image of Franconia as a region of enjoyment.

In Kulmbach's Mönchshof and its museums, the students of the study project "Genusserlebnis Franken" met for their kick-off session. The project is part of the master's degree programme in Urban & Regional Development and is a joint project with the museum network "Kultur und Genuss in Franken”.

The group, led by Dr. Matthias Gebauer from the Department of Geography at the University of Bayreuth, has set itself the goal of developing and implementing enjoyment and adventure tours consisting of hiking trails, sites of enjoyment, and food-related museums. The museums in particular are to be transformed into sources of experience and thus become central elements in the modern staging of enjoyment tour tourism.

With the start of the semester in April, the work now begins for the students. In a first step, various museums of the museum network will be visited, evaluated and taken as a starting point for the one-year work. In the planning and design, topics such as modern pleasurable experiences and food as an experience play just as much a role as the development of new, young target groups for pleasure-oriented tourism. The development of new, interactive formats are also the focus of the research in order to be able to convey the outstanding importance of food and enjoyment for the Upper Franconia region.

The work begins in the summer semester, which has now started, and the group from the university used the kick-off to have an intensive exchange with the future cooperation partners. Among them were Dr Helga Metzel, managing director of the museums in Kulmbach Mönchshof, the director of the Thurnau Pottery Museum, Sandra Peters, Diana Büttner from the Bamberg World Heritage Centre and Stefan Lorke, managing director of the Fichtelgebirgsverein. As inspiration for the work ahead, Dr Helga Metzel guided the group through the three museums in Kulmbach's Mönchshof. The in-house bakery provided the museum's educational experience of the culture of enjoyment.

Dr. Matthias Gebauer

Dr. Matthias Gebauer

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