University of Bayreuth, Press Release No. 090/2022, 09.06.2022

GamesPreis for three Bayreuth projects

Students of Media Studies at the University of Bayreuth have won GamesPreis 2022 in three out of five categories. 

The practice and teaching of media studies at the University of Bayreuth is simply excellent. This has once again been demonstrated by several prizes awarded to Bayreuth in the competition among applicants from all over Bavaria. "GamesPreis22" goes to students of the University of Bayreuth in the categories of "Video", "Finished Game", and "Special Prize".

"We are very proud that students from our degree programmes were able to win three prizes at the Bavarian GamesPreis this year after winning the German Computer Game Prize last year," says Prof. Dr. Jochen Koubek, Professor of Digital Media at the University of Bayreuth. "In our degree programmes, we make a point of not neglecting practice. The practical teaching, for example in the Master of Computer Game Science programme, is therefore geared towards promoting creative teamwork and agile approaches in the realisation of projects and, in the process, triggering continuous reflection on one's own working methods and content."

“Area of Education - Accessibility in Gaming" won in the "Video" category. The submitted video was created as part of the project "Area of Education" (or AoE for short) - a final project of Media Science & Media Practice and deals with the topic of accessibility in gaming. It is intended to draw the attention of gamers and game designers to the restrictions and hurdles in computer games and to encourage them to take action by proposing concrete solutions. The award winner is Kha Anh Thai. 

"Ocularis" was awarded first place in the category "Finished Game" and is a joint project by bachelor and masters students Tim Keil (Scripting), Emily Panzer (Artist), Nils Schwarz (Artist), Gregor Sönnichsen (Narrative), Ann-Kathrin Keiler (Level Design), Michelle Nims (Level Design), and Steffen Schreiber (Sound & Game Design). In Ocularis, players take on the role of the heroine Leonora, who explores the remnants of a forgotten culture in a forgotten world in search of herself and a mysterious relic, encountering some unusual creatures along the way. The game is an atmospheric action-adventure game complete with battles and puzzles in a lovingly designed game world.

The special prize went to "CybAR". It is a game project that sketches a dystopian future and asks the question "What is virtual, what is real?" The prize winners were Julien Geiger (programming), Kevin Ryborz (programming), Marvin Boffo (production/sound), Nikals Hueber (3D art), Florian Knuth (3D art), and Marco Verständig (sound design). CybAR is an action shooter with an extraordinary time manipulation mechanic as its hero. The resulting gameplay is a mix of shooter passages mixed with small puzzle sections at each level. You have to eliminate enemies, find hidden codes and skilfully play with time in order to progress in the dystopian cyberpunk city in which the game is set.

About GamesPreis

GamesPreis is a young talent award for gaming enthusiasts from Bavaria. It is awarded in two age categories (10-18 and 19-26 years) and five prize categories each. Aspects of content, game technology, and design are evaluated. In addition, innovations in terms of game idea, implementation, and game principle are considered. The jury includes representative of the Bavarian State Ministry for Family Affairs, Labour and Social Affairs, and the Bavarian State Ministry for Digital Affairs. GamesPreis is organised by the Media Centre Munich, Pathos Munich, and the Bavarian Youth Ring. It is supported by the Bavarian State Ministry for Family Affairs, Labour and Social Affairs, and Games Bavaria, a partner of the games industry in Bavaria funded by the Bavarian State Ministry for Digital Affairs (StMD).

About the media studies degree programmes 

The University of Bayreuth offers the bachelor's programmes "Media Studies and Media Practice" and "Theatre and Media". The master's programmes offered are "Computer Game Science", "Media Culture & Media Business" and "Literature & Media". Applications for the start of studies in the winter semester 2022/23 can be submitted until 15 July. Information on the degree programmes and the application process can be found on the website

For the bachelor's degree programme "Media Studies & Media Practice", an information event "Thinking Media - Making Media" will be held on 29 June. Further information:

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