University of Bayreuth, Press Release No. 036/2022 - 22 March 2022

Unique in Germany: State Vocational School II and the University of Bayreuth offer dovetailing of teaching and studying

As part of a cooperation between the University of Bayreuth (UBT) and the State Vocational School II Bayreuth that is unique in Germany, studies and dual vocational training are being linked in a new way. Students who are considering vocational training and trainees wishing to take up studies after their apprenticeship have the opportunity in Bayreuth to try this out without risk and without losing time. 

The first option is aimed at business administration students who realise that a degree programme is not right for them. Initially, these students remain enrolled at the University of Bayreuth, but complete a full semester of school at the Commercial Vocational School in Bayreuth, including an internship in a training company. Since this time is counted as a semester of leave at the University, students do not lose a semester of study and can return to the University of Bayreuth without any problems, taking the internship into account. However, if they wish to change to vocational training instead of continuing their studies, this is possible with credit for the first semester of school/internship and an associated reduction in the duration of the training.

The second option is aimed at trainees in a state-recognised commercial training occupation who have a general higher education entrance qualification. Parallel to their dual training, they can already attend selected lecture programmes in the business component at the Faculty of Law, Business & Economics at the University of Bayreuth. With the approval of the training company, the trainees attend courses at the University as so-called "module students". After the end of their dual training, they are free to switch to full-time business studies or continue on their professional path, e.g. at their previous training company.

"We were met with open doors at the Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs when we presented the idea, because everyone involved benefits from this project, the University offering students who are in doubt a very good alternative to studying or gaining new students. High-performing apprentices who are interested in studying afterwards shorten their study time, and companies receive a promising personnel recruiting and development tool. In the future, apprentices could attend university right from the start of their training. This option would make dual training interesting for new clientele," is Bernhard Grünewald’s analysis, Headmaster of Staatliche Berufsschule II Bayreuth.

Selina Kohl is a trainee at the Cybex GmbH. She will be joining the University of Bayreuth for the summer semester of 2022. When she has completed the programme of bilateral cooperation between vocational school and university, she will be the first industrial clerk with a parallel bachelor's degree in business administration. (c) UBT/Rennecke

 "We have created something really new with this," says Prof. Dr. Friedrich Sommer, Dean of Studies in Economics at the University of Bayreuth. "In contrast to already existing offerings, trainees can complete a regular business studies programme. And the company can retain a future skilled worker." Already 20 training companies have confirmed their participation in this bilateral cooperation. 

The first participants in both variants have also already joined. Last year, for example, ZAPF GmbH in Bayreuth offered a traineeship to an interested business student, which was seamlessly transformed into an apprenticeship after two months. "Experience shows us that former students are very motivated trainees and employees. As a company, we are happy to follow this innovative path in personnel recruiting," emphasises Johannes Richter, the responsible personnel manager at ZAPF GmbH.

A second creative path of personnel development is being taken by the Cybex GmbH from Bayreuth, with a trainee starting work in April 2022. "In addition to the international environment that we offer our trainees, we are also pleased to be able to offer our very ambitious Selina an attractive perspective and accompany her in the best possible way on her career path," says Sophia Schönhammer, Specialist in Future Talents at Cybex, explaining her company's involvement in the cooperation project

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