University of Bayreuth, Press Release No. 110/2022, dated 08.07.2022

New elections held for the Univerein – Partners & Friends of the University of Bayreuth

The new first chairperson of the Univerein, Dr. Michael Hohl, intends to make the association fit for the future and to develop it dynamically. 

Georg Riesner (Treasurer), Nicole Kaiser (Chief Electoral Officer), Michael Möschel (Member of the Board), Michael Hohl (1st Chairman), Oliver Paulick (Auditor) , Stefan Arnold (Member of the Board), Andreas Zippel (Secretary) (from left).

The University of Bayreuth’s Univerein has elected a new board. Horst Eggers has stepped down after 14 years as first chairperson. He is now succeeded by the former Mayor Dr. Michael Hohl. Hohl previously served as secretary of the Univerein.

"I am delighted about the trust of our members and look forward to working for my alma mater. Together with the board team, I would like to make the Univerein fit for the future," said Dr. Michael Hohl after his election. "To achieve this, its anchoring in regional society must be further strengthened and younger generations in particular must be addressed more strongly. I would like to express my thanks to my predecessor Horst Eggers for his very successful work. I would like to dynamically develop and expand the association, which is so important for the University of Bayreuth, in his spirit."

Dr. Stefan Arnold, who was previously the alumni representative on the board, is now a regular board member. Andreas Zippel and Michael Möschel have now been elected to the board. Andreas Zippel is taking over the position of secretary from the new first chairperson Dr. Michael Hohl.

The previous chairperson Horst Eggers, entrepreneur Karl Fleischer and entrepreneur Dr. Herta Ziegler bid farewell to the committee. 

The current Executive Board

 First Chairperson: Dr. Michael Hohl (attorney)

Second Chairperson: Prof. Dr. Stefan Leible (President of the University of Bayreuth)

Treasurer: Georg Riesner (formerly Sparkasse Bayreuth)

Secretary: Andreas Zippel (Second Mayor of the City of Bayreuth)

Other members of the Executive Board: Dr. Stefan Arnold (attorney), Dr. Harald Franz (notary), Dr. Michael Pfitzner (retired school director), Michael Möschel (entrepreneur)

About the Univerein

 A lively campus in exchange with the surrounding region is the heart and soul of the Univerein. Since its foundation in 1970, the non-profit association has been an active bridge builder between the university and society. It acts as a mouthpiece between the university and the general public, administers several foundations in trust and maintains contact with UBT alumni.

The Univerein supports science and research by promoting scientific activities at the University of Bayreuth and presenting them. It also makes outstanding research work visible by awarding the Science Prize and the Sustainability Prize. The Univerein awards scholarships to students, grants subsidies to student organizations and supports participation in scientific events. Support is provided practically and unbureaucratically as well as conceptually and financially.

Another core concern is the networking of the University of Bayreuth with the regional population. To this end, it supports, for example, the event series Bayreuther Stadtgespräch(e), the Uni Open Air event and the summer and dance event UNIKAT - the best place for communicating university knowledge beyond the campus to the public.

The purpose of the association is exclusively and directly charitable.


Dr. Michael Hohl
1st Chairman of the University Association

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