University of Bayreuth, Press Release 123/2022, 28.07.2022

Bayreuth students once again demonstrate their expertise in game development

"Last Frog Standing" is the name of the computer game that students at the University of Bayreuth developed within only one week. It earned them first place at the Champion Game Jam

Bayreuth developers won first place at the Champion Game Jam organized by Games Bavaria. As part of the international Game Jam, game enthusiasts from all over the world developed a computer game together within one week. The game-jam-tested team from Sleeprunner Studios was supported by other students from the master’s programme Computer Game Studies and the bachelor’s programme Media Studies at the University of Bayreuth.

In only seven days, the group of twelve people developed the game "Last Frog Standing", a modern 3D run-and-jump game in a beautiful but equally dangerous game world, where players compete to become the "one true champion of the forest". The latest version of the game is available for free download on Gamejolt (

Sleeprunner Studio is a team of students of Media Studies and Computer Game Studies at the University of Bayreuth who specialise in elaborate PC and console games. "They are long-time participants in the Bayreuth Game Jams, where they regularly create impressive prototypes in 48 hours, as can be seen clearly in the winning game 'Last Frog Standing'," explains Prof. Dr. Jochen Koubek, Professor of Digital Media at the University of Bayreuth. Sleeprunner Studio is a company founded by students of media studies that received €100,000 in funding from the FilmFernsehFonds (FFF) to develop their latest game entitled "Downfall Hearts".

The next Game Jams at the Game Innovation Lab of the University of Bayreuth are the Frankengamejam scheduled for 4 - 6 November 2022 and the Global Game Jam on 27 – 29 January 2023.

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