University of Bayreuth, Press Release No. 165/2022, dated 11.10.2022

Head of Faculty VII of the University of Bayreuth elected in Kulmbach

Since yesterday, the Faculty of Life Sciences: Food, Nutrition and Health at the University of Bayreuth has a new leadership team, elected for the first time by the Faculty Council. Prof. Dr. Janin Henkel-Oberländer Prof. Dr. rer. nat. habil. who holds the Chair of the Biochemistry of Nutrition succeeds the founding Dean, Prof. Dr. Stephan Clemens, as head of the Faculty.

As founding dean, Prof. Dr. Stephan Clemens has not only been responsible for the establishment of the faculty in Kulmbach, he has already played a significant role in the founding team since 2017 in the structure and orientation of this new faculty. "It is thanks to him that we are able to offer unique study programmes in Kulmbach, that we - which is not usual for Germany - work and research on the major topics of food, nutrition and health in an interdisciplinary way right from the start," says University President Prof. Dr. Stefan Leible. "I would like to express my sincere thanks for his content expertise and achievements in establishing this faculty, which is so important for the University of Bayreuth!" Leible congratulated the newly formed team on their election and congratulated the team members on their new task: "Here you can achieve a lot, here you contribute to the development of an entire city. Thank you for being so committed!"

Janin Henkel-Oberländer already knows Faculty VII since the end of 2020, when she took over the Chair of the Biochemistry of Nutrition. And she also knows the region, as she has lived in Mainleus with her family since 2021 "I am very pleased to be actively involved in the further development of the faculty at the Kulmbach campus. I am following in big footsteps and thank Stephan Clemens from the bottom of my heart for his strength and commitment to the 'Campus in Kulmbach' project. For the future, we are planning, among other things, further study programmes at the campus and even stronger networking with the companies, authorities and schools in Kulmbach and the surrounding area."

Since the faculty in Kulmbach will have reached the formally required size in the summer semester of 2022 to establish a faculty council and to fill the corresponding positions through elections, further personnel changes were necessary or possible. Therefore, the positions of vice dean, dean of studies and women's representative in Kulmbach were also filled. These are:

  • Vice Dean: Prof. Dr. Corina Vlot-Schuster (Chair of Crop Genetics) Prof. Dr. Kai Purnhagen (Chair of Food Law)
  • Dean of Studies: Prof. Dr. Christian Fikar (Chair of Food Supply Chain Management) and Prof. Dr. Susanne Baldermann (Chair of Food Metabolome)
  • Women's representative: Prof. Dr. Tina Bartelmeß (Junior Professorship for Sociology of Nutrition)

The Faculty Council consists of the Dean, the Vice-Dean, the Dean of Studies, representatives of the university teachers, the scientific and non-scientific staff, the students and the Women's Representative. A dean is elected by the Faculty Council from among the professors of the faculty. The dean conducts the day-to-day business of the faculty, is responsible for the technical facilities in the faculty, and works out proposals for the development planning of the faculty with the involvement of other functionaries. The Dean is represented by the Vice-Dean. The deans of studies are responsible for concrete matters of study, such as the evaluation of teaching, the supervision of students or questions about study programmes.

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