University of Bayreuth, Press Release No. 200/2022, 7.12.2022

Christmas lecture live in the Audimax for the first time since 2019: "2022 - Living in, with and through the crises".

The Christmas Lecture of the University of Bayreuth will take place on 15 December, 6.15 pm, in the Audimax of the University of Bayreuth. Dr. Amy Neumann-Volmer, Chair of the Board of "Doctors without Borders" will give the Christmas Lecture.

Climate crisis, Corona crisis, Ukraine crisis: the word "crisis" is omnipresent in media coverage. And even those who try to avoid the media cannot avoid the topic of "crisis" in these times. That's why the Christmas lecture should be about how to deal constructively with difficult challenges and how young people in particular can grow in the face of new challenges.

Dr Amy Neumann-Volmer, Chair of the Board of "Doctors without Borders" can provide very personal insights into this. In the Christmas Lecture on 15 December 2022, 6.15 p.m., in the Audimax of the University of Bayreuth, she will focus on the past year and current developments as well as her personal-professional approach to them.

The audience can expect exciting insights from the perspective of humanitarian aid. And an indication of how coping with difficult tasks strengthens one and all. During the event, there will also be the opportunity for students to discuss pressing questions with the speaker and thus benefit from her wealth of experience.

Finally, mulled wine and gingerbread and a further exchange of ideas in the foyer of the Audimax will be used to cultivate personal encounters as the academic year draws to a close. All interested parties, including those outside the University, are cordially invited.

The Christmas lecture can be attended online via live stream at "Weihnachtsvorlesung".

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