University of Bayreuth, Press Release No 192/2022, 24.11.2022

Ceremonial opening of the Bayreuth Centre for Stable Isotopes in Ecology and Biogeochemistry (BayCenSI)

BayCenSI will celebrate its opening on 1 December 2022, at 12.15 pm. The public is cordially invited to attend the event.

The analysis of natural stable isotopes is an irreplaceable tool far beyond the field of ecological and bio-geochemical research. Its application enables a comprehensive understanding of ecosystem processes across diverse spatial and temporal scales. The DFG-funded BayCenSI equipment centre builds on Bayreuth's long-standing expertise in stable isotope research, which has been expanded in recent years and supplemented with innovative cutting-edge technologies. Due to the central role of stable isotopes in the investigation of many different questions, their application is of central importance at several chairs of the UBT. BayCenSI bundles the existing competences and makes the existing analytics and expertise available to users from all over the world within the framework of the competence centre.

The ceremonial opening of the BayCenSI will begin on 1 December 2022 in the GEO building, lecture hall H8 at 12.15 pm. After greetings by BayCEER Director Prof. Dr. Stefan Peiffer and the Chancellor of the University of Bayreuth, Dr. Nicole Kaiser, the laboratory director of BayCenSI, Dr. Alexander H. Frank, will introduce the centre, its significance, orientation and goals. The programme, which will be musically accompanied by a string quartet, will be led by Prof. Dr. Johanna Pausch, Junior Professor of Agroecology and BayCenSI Director.

About BayCenSI:

In its profile field "Ecology & Environmental Sciences", the University of Bayreuth networks researchers from various disciplines who are leaders in the respective application of stable isotopes. In this context, stable isotopes have decisively shaped the understanding of material flows through ecosystems, of human-environment relationships, as well as of trophic interactions in food webs. At the same time, innovative technologies are developing rapidly.

BayCenSI will drive methodological innovation and internationally recognised cutting-edge research in these areas, providing both internal and external researchers with access to these unique technologies. BayCenSI will provide isotopic analysis for a wide range of sample matrices, from natural abundance to very highly enriched samples from labelling experiments.

BayCenSI is led by Dr Alexander Frank and steered by a committee consisting of Prof. Dr Johanna Pausch, Prof. Dr Eva Lehndorff, Prof. Dr Tillmann Lüders, Prof. Dr Gerhard Gebauer, and Dr Birgit Thiess.

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