University of Bayreuth, Press Release No. 174/2022, 20.10.2022

Bayreuth Dialogues: Students invite to top-class conference

The Bayreuth Dialogues, an annual conference of students from the Philosophy and Economics programme, will take place this year on 29 and 30 October. The theme this year:  „Wir sind dann mal frei“.

Freedom is one of the most precious commodities the world needs, and at the same time one of the greatest challenges it faces. Freedom of any kind is restricted on our planet, not least by wars, natural disasters, surveillance and unresolved security issues. At the Bayreuth Dialogues, students, speakers and participants want to address these very questions: How free is the human being? What about freedom of expression? How unfree are we becoming due to the consequences of climate change? What does financial freedom mean? When does one feel free? Questions upon questions worthy of open discussion.

On Saturday, in addition to interviews, there will also be two panel discussions. In the morning the topic will be "Security and Justice and Freedom", in the afternoon "Economy Today, Climate Tomorrow - After Us, the Flood?". The panel discussion on Sunday is entitled "Freedom of expression and freedom of the press: It's still okay to say that!

The students have been able to secure Dr Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann, Chair of the Defence Committee of the Bundestag, Armin Laschet, former Minister President of North Rhine-Westphalia, Wolfgang Bosbach, former Deputy Chair of the CDU parliamentary group and Michael Müller, former Governing Mayor of Berlin and member of the Bundestag, among others, as speakers.

In addition, a female fighter pilot, a sea rescuer at SeaWatch, several influencers, journalists and other speakers will be present.

"We are very proud of our speakers. They are extremely interesting people who have a lot to tell. Above all, we are happy that our spectrum of opinions is so broad. We let many views have their say," says Lysann Lenz, member of the Bayreuth Dialogues content team.

Tickets for the dialogues can be purchased online at The speakers of the event will also be present at the Dialoge Dinner so that you can enter into a personal dialogue with them.

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