UniverUniversity of Bayreuth, Press Release No. 112/2022 dated 11.07.2022

Now’s the time to secure tickets to UNIKAT

After a two-year break, "UNIKAT - Tropical. Musical. Culinary" returns to the Ecological Botanical Garden of the University of Bayreuth. Guests can enjoy the tropical ambience, discover culinary specialities, marvel at impressive talents, and listen to a colourful variety of music. 

This year's UNIKAT will take place on 16 July from 5 pm to 1 am. The summer and dance event in the Ecological-Botanical Garden is organised by students in close cooperation with employees of the University of Bayreuth and Universitätsverein Bayreuth e.V. Since 2017, UNIKAT has been planned, organised, and hosted annually as part of a student seminar on event organisation. This year, 17 people have been hard at work in the areas of sponsoring, marketing, catering, logistics, and supporting programme, implementing their idea of an unforgettable event in the fantastic location of the Ecological Botanical Garden.

Every year, the programme is a unique experience that always offers something new to discover, even for repeat visitors. The spacious grounds and the restriction to a maximum of 1,000 visitors guarantee an evening that goes beyond a crowded mass event.

This year's motto is "Back to the Roots". The aim is to tie in with the roots of the event, which for years has brought people from the City of Bayreuth and the region together and inspired them to celebrate - before coronavirus that is. Whether professors, staff, students, or citizens of Bayreuth and far beyond, everyone is cordially invited to escape our stressful everyday life and be a part of UNIKAT 2022. And now that stable summer weather is on the horizon, the number of tickets has quickly been raised. This is thanks to the promising weather forecast. If the entire event had had to be moved indoors, only a limited number of tickets could have been sold.

Consequently, there’s nothing stopping us enjoying an evening in tropical surroundings full of exotic culinary specialities and impressive musical and other artistic performances. The advance booking offices can be found on the website www.unikat.uni-bayreuth.de/. A digital ticket can also be purchased there via an online shop.

Angela Danner

Angela Danner

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University of Bayreuth 

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