University of Bayreuth, Press Release No. 148/2022, dated 15. September 2022

New part-time Master's programme at the Campus Academy: "Environment, Climate and Health"

The Campus Academy of the University of Bayreuth is offering the part-time Master's programme "Environment, Climate and Health" (in German), starting in the summer semester 2023. Applications can be submitted as of now.

Climate change and associated environmental and health impacts are currently the greatest challenges to the well-being of the population and the planet. The responsibility for these multiple health risks caused by environmental change does not lie with the individual or the health sector alone. Only through the commitment and coordinated action of all relevant actors from politics, science and practice will it be possible to sustainably implement and anchor health protection and climate protection. The German Master's programme "Environment, Climate and Health" of the Campus Academy of the University of Bayreuth is therefore especially aimed at managers who want to expand their competences in this area.

The programme is designed as a part-time study programme over a period of five semesters. The prerequisite for admission to the programme is a Bachelor's degree with at least 210 credit points, 30 of which must be in health sciences or natural sciences, and a final grade of "good" or "very good". In addition, prospective students must have at least two years of professional experience related to planetary health. Planetary health refers to the connection between human health and political, economic and social systems.

The main goal of the Master's programme is to strengthen the participants in their leadership and multiplier tasks and to give them the ability to independently lead and implement transformation processes in their own area of responsibility. Companies, public authorities or educational institutions benefit directly from Planetary Health experts, as they are enabled by the part-time study programme to integrate planetary health in many ways into the everyday practice of the company, the university or the public authority.

The extra-occupational further education course is therefore aimed at future or already responsible managers from all sectors and areas, such as the free economy, politics or medicine.

There is a fee for studying at the Campus Academy. The programme is funded by the Mercator Foundation. As part of the funding, up to 10 scholarships can be awarded for one semester each of the M.A. Environment, Climate and Health. Interested students can apply for these scholarships from 15 September 2022.

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