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Conflict Resolution at the University of Bayreuth

Social conflicts are an everyday phenomenon in the working world. The way they are dealt with affects job satisfaction, the work environment, the health and motivation of staff, and even work results. The University of Bayreuth is committed to dealing with conflicts in a responsible way, ensuring mutual respect among all those involved.

When trying to resolve conflicts in the workplace, all staff members are welcome to contact the external conflict advisors below in cases of mobbing, discrimination, or sexual harassment. This service is free of charge. The objective is to collect complaints, to advise the parties concerned, and to facilitate conflict resolution.

The following contacts are happy to assist you:

Rudi Wendland
(Dipl.-Soziologe), DGSv Supervisor

Opernstr. 9
95444 Bayreuth
Phone: 0921 / 3424173
Mobile: 0151 / 17867581
E-mail: ruwenbay@gmail.com

Christine von Aufseß
(Psychotherapy Specialist)

Opernstr. 9
95444 Bayreuth
Phone: 0921 / 514151
Homepage: https://christine-von-aufsess.de

Klaus Hofmann

Eremitagestr. 29
95448 Bayreuth
Phone: 0921 / 980200
Mobile: 0178 / 1829158
E-mail: klaus.hofmann2@freenet.de 
Homepage: https://www.mytherapy-bt.de

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