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07.05.2021 Pollutant degradation and greenhouse gas reduction: New study explores functionality in aquatic ecosystems ...more
07.05.2021 Bayreuth-based medical technology start-up inContAlert wins the Northern Bavaria Business Plan Competition ...more
06.05.2021 The University of Bayreuth offers the first Biofabrication MOOC on edX ...more
04.05.2021 CHE Ranking 2021: Excellent support for first-year students at the University of Bayreuth ...more
30.04.2021 The green campus to become even greener: Sponsorship programme for UBTrees kicks off ...more
30.04.2021 International study: ​Humans accelerate the change of biodiversity ...more
29.04.2021 New DFG Priority Programme at the University of Bayreuth researches sustainable nitrogen conversion ...more
28.04.2021 New European project investigates health effects of plastic particles on humans  ...more
27.04.2021 International research team discovers new two-dimensional material using high-pressure technology   ...more
26.04.2021 Digitisation, communication and healthy growth - important goals of the new Provost of the University of Bayreuth ...more
22.04.2021 Award for the University of Bayreuth: Top ideas for tomorrow's system of science and innovation ...more
21.04.2021 Global sustainability: International research team argues for combination of organic farming and genetic engineering ...more
20.04.2021 University of Bayreuth researching new generation of carbon fibre for high-tech applications  ...more
19.04.2021 Not enough rain, too hot, low water levels in streams and rivers: How do we deal with it? ...more
14.04.2021 German Computer Game Award goes to the University of Bayreuth ...more
13.04.2021 New: Supplementary Course in Sustainability for all Students ...more
12.04.2021 Brain damage caused by plasticisers: Bayreuth biologists investigate effects of bisphenols on nerve cells  ...more
09.04.2021 On our way to "green" flow batteries: New research project at the University of Bayreuth   ...more
08.04.2021 Two EXIST start-up scholarships for the University of Bayreuth ...more
07.04.2021 Real-time insights into the inner life of plants: New biosensor makes control hormone auxin visible in cells   ...more
06.04.2021 International Research Collaborations: The 2021 Senior and Junior Fellows of the Bayreuth Humboldt Centre  ...more
01.04.2021 The University Council has voted: The election has gone to Dr Nicole Kaiser ...more
30.03.2021 New projects for knowledge transfer with companies: University of Bayreuth receives more than € 1.5 million ...more
26.03.2021 The colour blue in the world of flowers: International study explores its rarity ...more
23.03.2021 Ceramic nanofibres as catalysts: Visiting scientist from India strengthens Bayreuth hydrogen research ...more
22.03.2021 Chancellor's "Digital Education Initiative": State Minister for Digital Affairs Dorothee Bär announces discussion event at the University of Bayreuth ...more
17.03.2021 New study shows that plants adapt their photosynthesis to unpredictable climatic conditions  ...more
12.03.2021 New "Digitalisation & Entrepreneurship" master's programme at the University of Bayreuth as of the 2021/22 winter semester ...more
12.03.2021 Top place for the University of Bayreuth in Stifterverband's latest Start-Up Radar ...more
11.03.2021 Bayreuth physical chemist receives Heinz Maier-Leibnitz Prize for research into crystallisation processes ...more
10.03.2021 Ten years of Bayreuth International Summer School – register now for the 2021 courses! ...more
09.03.2021 German Physics Championship: Silver and Bronze for SFZ high school students at the University of Bayreuth ...more
03.03.2021 New rapid test from Bayreuth detects quality and authenticity of olive oil ...more
02.03.2021 Bayreuth study on the activation of the enzyme sirtuin 6: Toward the development of drugs for aging-related diseases  ...more
25.02.2021 Safe high-tech batteries for electric cars and laptops: New joint project at the University of Bayreuth ...more
24.02.2021 Online exams go down well at the University of Bayreuth ...more
23.02.2021 Bayreuth researchers investigate effects of microplastics on agricultural soils ...more
18.02.2021 Novel tools for biomedical applications: Bacterial magnetic nanoparticles ...more
16.02.2021 Flexible, efficient, social: Bayreuth researchers investigate the benefits of coworking spaces ...more
15.02.2021 Learning to decide wisely: Studies show the effect of training on decision-making behaviour ...more
11.02.2021 New Cooperation: University of Bayreuth and Charles University Prague Ceremoniously Open PPE Double Degree Programme ...more
11.02.2021 Ultrafine particles in the environment: University of Bayreuth involved in new Bavarian project network ...more
10.02.2021 University and Fraunhofer bundle competencies under joint umbrella brand “Produktion.Besser.Machen.” ...more
09.02.2021 Well-founded information instead of fake news: Academy for New Media, KErn, and the University of Bayreuth create online portal on nutrition issues ...more
08.02.2021 New gardens for the Sahara: Social Anthropologist from Bayreuth leads sustainable agriculture project in Chad ...more
28.01.2021 The University of Bayreuth one of the first in Bavaria to adopt binding sustainability strategy ...more
25.01.2021 Bayreuth students seeking to modernise the care sector and give care workers a voice ...more
22.01.2021 Old and young planets: The solar system was formed in two steps ...more
21.01.2021 Digital for the first time: University Information Day on 6 February 2021 ...more
21.01.2021 Bayreuth student project among the winners of 2020|21 Science Year university competition ...more
20.01.2021 Medical studies to be more practice and patient-oriented – Bayreuth expert on “Masterplan Medizinstudium 2020” ...more
19.01.2021 New study: Climate-related species extinction possibly mitigated by newly discovered effect ...more
18.01.2021 "Trump has always tried to weaken democracy" - Interview with the Bayreuth cultural geographer Hannah ...more
18.01.2021 “Vereinsfinder Fichtelgebirge” successful in the “Land.Voraus!” competition ...more
18.01.2021 Teacher training on microplastics: How distance learning on current research topics can succeed ...more
15.01.2021 Bayreuth botanists explore the unique flora of New Caledonia ...more
08.01.2021 Exchange and double doctorate in times of pandemic ...more
15.12.2020 Intrapreneurship Monitor 2020 of the University of Bayreuth: Those who promote entrepreneurial thinking among employees are more successful ...more
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