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03.04.2020 Africa-researcher on the current handling of the corona-virus pandemic on the continent ...more
02.04.2020 Reliable coronavirus analyses through data assimilation: Bayreuth expert presents novel calculations ...more
01.04.2020 Expert on impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the event industry, big-business football, and the small sport clubs ...more
26.03.2020 Expert opinion on the economic consequences of the coronavirus crisis on emerging and developing countries ...more
24.03.2020 #onlineUBT: University of Bayreuth expands digital teaching with offerings on the international course platform edX ...more
24.03.2020 A genetic nano-toolkit for the generation of new biomaterials ...more
23.03.2020 Expert opinion on globalization and the economic consequences of the coronavirus pandemic ...more
20.03.2020 Expert opinion on Corona consequences: production of medicaments to be shifted back to the EU ...more
19.03.2020 Expert opinion on the consequences of the coronavirus crisis for health and recreation - tips for home ...more
18.03.2020 Light controls brain cells: New EU project at the University of Bayreuth working towards therapy for neuronal disorders ...more
17.03.2020 Expert opinions on the economic consequences of the coronavirus pandemic ...more
13.03.2020 Valuable raw materials from carbon dioxide: New research project at the University of Bayreuth investigates sustainable use of CO₂ ...more
09.03.2020 Tropical viral diseases: European project of the University of Bayreuth studies the influence of biological diversity ...more
06.03.2020 Advisory board for the Bavarian Centre for Battery Technology at the University of Bayreuth set up ...more
02.03.2020 Another triumph for Bayreuth’s Physics Department: Bayreuth’ High School Student Research Centre wins landslide victory at German Physics Championship ...more
25.02.2020 High-pressure scientists in Bayreuth discover promising material for information technology ...more
14.02.2020 The University of Bayreuth hands over estate of the founder of the Iwalewahaus to partner-institution in Nigeria ...more
13.02.2020 Very tough and essential for survival: Biologists from Bayreuth investigate the role of the largest of all animal brain cells ...more
12.02.2020 Silica increases water availability for plants: Bayreuth researchers discover a way to enhance food security ...more
11.02.2020 Risk or opportunity for rice cultivation? Bayreuth researchers discover new arsenic compounds in rice fields ...more
03.02.2020 Viscosity measurements offer new insights into the earth's mantle ...more
29.01.2020 Fungi as food source for plants: Biologists of the University of Bayreuth publish surprising findings ...more
28.01.2020 Towards better anti-cancer drugs: New insights into CDK8, an important human oncogene ...more
17.01.2020 Material developed which is heat-insulating and heat-conducting at the same time ...more
14.01.2020 University of Bayreuth launches joint digitization project with Ukrainian partner ...more
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