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29.12.2020 For leaders of the future: Campus Academy offers the continuing education MBA “Responsibility, Leadership and Communication” ...more
28.12.2020 At the top of the "Nature Index Germany": Earth and Environmental Sciences at the University of Bayreuth ...more
18.12.2020 Bayreuth research team: High pressure causes hydrogen variants to collapse ...more
16.12.2020 Bayreuth study: the most consumed species of mussels contain microplastics all around the world  ...more
15.12.2020 Two Bayreuth students awarded Special Prize of the Deutsche Bundesbank ...more
15.12.2020 University of Bayreuth’s new Institute for Entrepreneurship & Innovation founded, management appointed ...more
14.12.2020 New master’s programme "Global Food, Nutrition & Health" in Kulmbach one-of-a-kind in Germany ...more
11.12.2020 2020 “WirtschaftsWoche” Ranking: University of Bayreuth researchers among the top five and ten percent ...more
10.12.2020 University of Bayreuth Study: Natural environmental conditions facilitate the uptake of microplastics into living cells ...more
10.12.2020 The University of Bayreuth’s Language Lounge facilitates language acquisition now online and offline ...more
09.12.2020 Bayreuth start-up “inContAlert” wins IoT Innovation World Cup ...more
07.12.2020 Large number of extinct bird species leads to misinterpretation of evolutionary dynamics ...more
04.12.2020 University of Bayreuth Expert: Planning of medical care in German hospitals flawed with misplaced incentives ...more
02.12.2020 The campus magazine of the University of Bayreuth “UBTaktuell” is going online – this time with an advent calendar ...more
01.12.2020 For the first time completely digital: Dies Academicus 26.11.2020 ...more
01.12.2020 Bayreuth microbiologists discover key protein for controlling cell shape in magnetic bacteria ...more
01.12.2020 Powerful research contribution of the University of Bayreuth to federal battery cluster network ...more
30.11.2020 CHE Master’s Ranking 2020: Top placings for business administration master studies at the University of Bayreuth ...more
27.11.2020 Campus-Akademie with continuing education offerings for employees of SMEs ...more
26.11.2020 Start-up-friendly Uni Bayreuth awarded HOCHSPRUNG Award in Bavaria-wide competition ...more
24.11.2020 Bayreuth’s dies academicus will be taking place completely in digital form for the first time this year ...more
19.11.2020 University of Bayreuth Physicist receives Max Born Prize 2020 ...more
11.11.2020 Congratulations! Klimawald Bayreuth wins ‚Blauer Kompass‘. ...more
11.11.2020 Kulturpreis Bayern for Bayreuth engineer Dr.-Ing. Thomas Ritter ...more
11.11.2020 Exercise physiologist from Bayreuth develops guidelines for sport with diabetes type 1 ...more
06.11.2020 ‘Innovation Breakfast’ for Entrepreneurs, Decision-Makers and Process Managers ...more
05.11.2020 Bayreuth biochemist receives substantial EU funding for the construction of synthetic motor proteins  ...more
04.11.2020 Innovations for Business: University of Bayreuth invites to the Science Open House on 12 November 2020 ...more
03.11.2020 Biomaterials for the production of biopharmaceuticals: University of Bayreuth a partner in new EU project ...more
29.10.2020 Worldwide THE-Ranking: Top position for the University of Bayreuth in business administration and economics ...more
28.10.2020 ​University of Bayreuth starts its 2020/21 winter semester successfully despite pandemic  ...more
27.10.2020 A digital first: Commencement ceremony for first year students ...more
23.10.2020 Coronavirus testing station on campus for University members ...more
20.10.2020 BayreuthX: University of Bayreuth offers its first Massive Open Online Course on edX ...more
20.10.2020 Climate protection: Bayreuth chemists develop new material for the separation of CO₂ from industrial waste gases ...more
19.10.2020 Researchers in Bayreuth and Melbourne discover new type of spider web ...more
16.10.2020 Excellent international reputation: University of Bayreuth among the "Top 20" in the new Humboldt Ranking ...more
08.10.2020 New study: Workplace monitoring nullifies performance incentives ...more
07.10.2020 New plant breeding methods: Bayreuth expert warns of the consequences of their strict regulation in the EU ...more
05.10.2020 University of Bayreuth and Ohio University offer double degree in Sport Management ...more
02.10.2020 Bayreuth research: Tropical nature reserves to be particularly affected by future climate change ...more
01.10.2020 Approaching start of semester in Kulmbach, the team is growing and the first student has enrolled ...more
24.09.2020 Nanocrystals make volcanoes explode: Bayreuth geoscientist discovers causes of sudden eruptions ...more
24.09.2020 University of Bayreuth expert: “Finding a final storage site is not just about the rock.” ...more
22.09.2020 Advanced training for refugees who hold degrees in STEM fields: Launch of the DAAD's pilot programme "PROFI in MINT" at the Campus Academy ...more
21.09.2020 New study from Bayreuth: Even cooked carrots can trigger allergic reactions ...more
18.09.2020 CHE-survey on master’s programmes in times of coronavirus: Outstanding ratings for the University of Bayreuth ...more
17.09.2020 BayWa foundation creates 20 new Deutschlandstipendium scholarships at the University of Bayreuth ...more
16.09.2020 Controlled dynamics of colloidal rods: Physicists from Bayreuth develop basic principles for mini-laboratories on chips ...more
15.09.2020 Bayreuth assistant professor receives award for German-Russian university cooperation  ...more
14.09.2020 University of Bayreuth researcher discovers new species of spider ...more
09.09.2020 Interview: Scientist of the University of Bayreuth, together with partners, nominated for Deutscher Zukunftspreis ...more
09.09.2020 University of Bayreuth Scientist, in association with partners from industry, nominated for the Deutscher Zukunftspreis ...more
02.09.2020 THE-Ranking 2021: The University of Bayreuth continues on its course for success on the global market ...more
28.08.2020 Preventing infection, facilitating healing: Bayreuth researchers develop new biomaterials from spider silk ...more
24.08.2020 Biodiversity and nature conservation: University of Bayreuth strengthens higher education in and for Tanzania ...more
20.08.2020 Federal Minister of Food and Agriculture Julia Klöckner at the Life Sciences Faculty of the University of Bayreuth in Kulmbach ...more
04.08.2020 University of Bayreuth Study: Carbon monoxide improves endurance performance ...more
31.07.2020 Collisions in the solar system: Bayreuth researchers explain the origins of stony-iron meteorites ...more
28.07.2020 Bayreuth physicists discover mechanism for the formation of blood platelets ...more
23.07.2020 University of Bayreuth opens Gateway Office in Bordeaux ...more
22.07.2020 Commissioned by the Ministry of Environment: Researcher from Bayreuth heads ultra-fine particulate measurement at Munich Airport ...more
20.07.2020 Bayreuth study on protein biosynthesis in bacteria: New perspectives for antibiotics research ...more
17.07.2020 Upper Frankonian duo new speakers of the research forum of the European Metropolitan Region of Nuremberg ...more
16.07.2020 Two Bayreuth students are Bavaria’s elite: Felicitas Kuch and Amelie Schmidt accepted into the Bavarian Elite-Academy ...more
10.07.2020 Researchers from Bayreuth develop study on the return to daycare services ...more
09.07.2020 Scientists at the University of Bayreuth discover extraordinary regeneration of neurons ...more
06.07.2020 White Paper: Importance of Innovation Labs for Companies ...more
02.07.2020 The Global Burden of COVID-19: Lessons Learned from the First Six Months of the Epidemic ...more
01.07.2020 First Italian-German doctorate in the Bayreuth-Verona dual doctoral programme ...more
29.06.2020 Biodiversity helps against extreme weather: interview with disturbance ecologist Prof. Dr. Anke Jentsch ...more
25.06.2020 THE- and QS-Young University Rankings: Again excellent results for the University of Bayreuth ...more
25.06.2020 Bayreuth law professor Dr. Jessica Schmidt appointed to EU company law expert group ...more
18.06.2020 30 years of IAS: the umbrella of African Studies in Bayreuth celebrates its birthday ...more
17.06.2020 Top ratings for the University of Bayreuth in “U-Multirank” ...more
15.06.2020 Every gesture counts - research on communication in telemedicine at the University of Bayreuth ...more
10.06.2020 Worldwide ranking proof of the internationality and high quality of the University of Bayreuth ...more
09.06.2020 Grain varieties under climate stress: new research network examines conditions for greater food security ...more
04.06.2020 Minister gets an overview of AI work and new AI professorships at the University of Bayreuth ...more
03.06.2020 Sustainable plastics: University of Bayreuth researchers contribute to international White Paper ...more
03.06.2020 High-pressure researchers discover unusually stable forms of feldspar ...more
29.05.2020 Economic historian at the University of Bayreuth: "Current crisis historically unique, but we’re better prepared" ...more
29.05.2020 "Black nitrogen": Bayreuth researchers discover new high-pressure material and solve a puzzle of the periodic table ...more
28.05.2020 How nudging can help ensure physical distancing ...more
27.05.2020 Learning in virtual environments as a pedagogical and social challenge ...more
27.05.2020 Kilimanjaro in the midst of global change: new University of Bayreuth research project  ...more
26.05.2020 “Because we care about diversity!” – University of Bayreuth signs Diversity Charter ...more
25.05.2020 Now certified: Information security at the University of Bayreuth ...more
22.05.2020 Antigen for highly specific coronavirus antibody assay developed by University of Bayreuth biochemistry graduate ...more
20.05.2020 Master's programme "Food Quality & Safety" in Kulmbach, unique in Germany ...more
19.05.2020 On our way to the bio-economy: Bayreuth researchers discover high-performance biocatalyst ...more
15.05.2020 University of Bayreuth granted three new professorships for artificial intelligence ...more
14.05.2020 Expert: Art and culture must remain accessible to all despite the coronavirus crisis ...more
13.05.2020 Expert of the University of Bayreuth demands more female voices in political consulting ...more
11.05.2020 Particulate matter from road traffic: a threat to flora and fauna? – Bayreuth research projects launched ...more
08.05.2020 Honorary doctorate from the University of Bayreuth for science journalist Dirk Steffens ...more
06.05.2020 The University of Bayreuth awarded the Healthy Workforce seal ...more
05.05.2020 Top spots for the University of Bayreuth in the 2020 CHE Ranking ...more
04.05.2020 Bayreuth high-pressure researchers discover nitrogen compounds with surprising structures ...more
29.04.2020 Geoscientist from Bayreuth becomes member of the Royal Society ...more
28.04.2020 Escaping crisis with innovation: The University of Bayreuth founds a centre for 3D printing that is unique in Germany ...more
27.04.2020 Bayreuth law expert Prof. Dr. Stephan Rixen appointed to the German Ethics Council ...more
24.04.2020 Bayreuth educationalist: "Parents should not and cannot be teachers." ...more
23.04.2020 Programmed cell death: Bayreuth geneticists discover cellular mechanism protecting against cancer ...more
21.04.2020 University of Bayreuth again in the top 3 of the WiWo ranking: Excellent career prospects for law graduates ...more
20.04.2020 Ceramic coatings for high-tech applications: Bayreuth engineering scientists optimize new spraying method ...more
16.04.2020 Founder’s University of Bayreuth growing for semester kick-off ...more
14.04.2020 Experts on jurisprudence in Bayreuth on new Covid-19 law ...more
09.04.2020 Bayreuth geneticists discover regulatory mechanism of chromosome inheritance ...more
08.04.2020 First Research Awards of the University of Bayreuth Centre of International Excellence “Alexander von Humboldt”  ...more
07.04.2020 Klimawald Bayreuth destined for greatness – add your vote! ...more
06.04.2020 Expert from the University of Bayreuth: “Society must learn to live with coronavirus.” ...more
03.04.2020 Africa-researcher on the current handling of the corona-virus pandemic on the continent ...more
02.04.2020 Reliable coronavirus analyses through data assimilation: Bayreuth expert presents novel calculations ...more
01.04.2020 Expert on impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the event industry, big-business football, and the small sport clubs ...more
26.03.2020 Expert opinion on the economic consequences of the coronavirus crisis on emerging and developing countries ...more
24.03.2020 #onlineUBT: University of Bayreuth expands digital teaching with offerings on the international course platform edX ...more
24.03.2020 A genetic nano-toolkit for the generation of new biomaterials ...more
23.03.2020 Expert opinion on globalization and the economic consequences of the coronavirus pandemic ...more
20.03.2020 Expert opinion on Corona consequences: production of medicaments to be shifted back to the EU ...more
19.03.2020 Expert opinion on the consequences of the coronavirus crisis for health and recreation - tips for home ...more
18.03.2020 Light controls brain cells: New EU project at the University of Bayreuth working towards therapy for neuronal disorders ...more
17.03.2020 Expert opinions on the economic consequences of the coronavirus pandemic ...more
13.03.2020 Valuable raw materials from carbon dioxide: New research project at the University of Bayreuth investigates sustainable use of CO₂ ...more
09.03.2020 Tropical viral diseases: European project of the University of Bayreuth studies the influence of biological diversity ...more
06.03.2020 Advisory board for the Bavarian Centre for Battery Technology at the University of Bayreuth set up ...more
02.03.2020 Another triumph for Bayreuth’s Physics Department: Bayreuth’ High School Student Research Centre wins landslide victory at German Physics Championship ...more
25.02.2020 High-pressure scientists in Bayreuth discover promising material for information technology ...more
14.02.2020 The University of Bayreuth hands over estate of the founder of the Iwalewahaus to partner-institution in Nigeria ...more
13.02.2020 Very tough and essential for survival: Biologists from Bayreuth investigate the role of the largest of all animal brain cells ...more
12.02.2020 Silica increases water availability for plants: Bayreuth researchers discover a way to enhance food security ...more
11.02.2020 Risk or opportunity for rice cultivation? Bayreuth researchers discover new arsenic compounds in rice fields ...more
03.02.2020 Viscosity measurements offer new insights into the earth's mantle ...more
29.01.2020 Fungi as food source for plants: Biologists of the University of Bayreuth publish surprising findings ...more
28.01.2020 Towards better anti-cancer drugs: New insights into CDK8, an important human oncogene ...more
17.01.2020 Material developed which is heat-insulating and heat-conducting at the same time ...more
14.01.2020 University of Bayreuth launches joint digitization project with Ukrainian partner ...more
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