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Researchers from Bayreuth develop study on the return to daycare services

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University of Bayreuth, Press release No. 105/2020, 10 Juliy 2020

Health scientists from the University of Bayreuth have been participating in a large-scale study on the resumption of services at daycare centres. Together with Medizinischen Hochschule Hannover, Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research, and VW, the partial resumption of regular services in some of Wolfsburg's daycare centres is being monitored and investigated. Management of the Bayreuth component of the project is led by Prof. Dr. mult. Eckhard Nagel, Managing Director of the Institute for Healthcare Management & Health Sciences and Chair of Medical Management & Health Sciences.

Ein Kind spielt in einer Kita mit einem Teddy mit Mundschutz

The partners are preparing two, parallel, ongoing studies. The first one is dedicated to children, parents, educators, and teachers from a medical-epidemiological perspective. They will first be tested on a case-by-case basis, i.e. based on symptoms. With the help of a "parents' booklet", parents can record their children's daily readings and, if symptoms occur, direct their questions and concerns to a Wolfsburg physician working on the project.

In order to obtain a general overview of developments during the resumption of regular services, social and psychological perspectives are also being examined by the Bayreuth scientists in a social-empirical study. Among other things: What has been the experience of daycare centre children and their parents at the resumption of daycare? Do they feel safe in this respect or are they rather anxious? And how are educators tackling the challenges of the daycare centre routine in its current form? These are the key questions that Dr. Michael Lauerer, Academic Counsellor at the Institute for Healthcare Management & Health Sciences at the University of Bayreuth, is investigating together with his team and other research partners in cooperation with the City of Wolfsburg. Parents, children, and educators are interviewed by telephone in order to find out about their experiences, their feelings of security, and their preferences when daycare facilities resume regular operations, and then these responses evaluated. Due to the as yet undetermined risk of infection from day-care operations, shared experiences can help to better perceive the range of needs and contribute to a responsible resumption of day-care operations. At the same time, however, the emotions and perceptions of the families involved should be noted and heard. 

Both projects have been running since Monday, July 13, and the surveys are expected to end at the end of August. In principle, parents, and educators from all of the approximately 60 daycare centres in Wolfsburg can register. The aim is to survey as many different centres as possible. For this purpose, more than ten daycare centres in different parts of the City will be included, and at least 50 interviews will be collected. To promote inclusion and to give all parents the opportunity to participate, the information has been translated into seven different languages.

A telephone hotline "Safe Kita" has been set up by the City of Wolfsburg especially for inquiries about testing and referral to medical support as part of the project. The hotline can be reached at 0 5361-285151. Participation in both parts of the research project is voluntary and involves no extra risk. First results of the studies are expected in autumn. These will provide a scientific basis for taking targeted measures based on existing knowledge in the event of changes in the occurrence of infections. This will prepare us in the best possible way to minimize negative consequences, and to overcome the challenges ahead together as a community. 


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