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First Italian-German doctorate in the Bayreuth-Verona dual doctoral programme

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University of Bayreuth, Press release No. 101/2020, 01 Juliy 2020

The German-Italian dual doctoral program of the law faculties of the universities of Verona and Bayreuth has its first graduate. Dr. Martina D'Onofrio of Verona has now been awarded her doctorate summa cum laude in both Italy and Germany within the framework of this program, which has been in existence since 2015. The aim of the programme is to promote a fruitful dialogue between young Italian and German legal scholars, to overcome language barriers, and to create opportunities for tangible exchange between the two legal systems.

Dr. Martina D'Onofrio

The programme “Recht und Rechtsdurchsetzung in Europa” (Law and Law Enforcement in Europe) was established in 2015. It allows doctoral students to carry out their studies under the joint supervision of professors from both universities, to complete research stays at the partner institution, and to participate regularly in joint interdisciplinary seminars. Here, they are invited to present and discuss their research.

Martina D'Onofrio conducted research on "Das Pactum de non petendo: Struktur und Disziplin in der Perspektive des europäischen Privatrechts“ (Structure and discipline from the perspective of European private law, or "Il pactum de non petendo: struttura e disciplina nella prospettiva del diritto privato europeo"). She discussed her dissertation - partly in Italian, partly in German - before a commission consisting of Professors Tommaso dalla Massara (Univ. Verona), Martin Schmidt-Kessel (Univ. Bayreuth), Bernd Kannowski (Univ. Bayreuth), Edoardo Ferrante (Univ. Torino) and Luca Penasa (Univ. Udine) - per  Zoom, as dictated by the coronavirus. "The joint doctoral program," says Dr. D'Onofrio, "was undeniably an enrichment for me: It enabled me to spend six months at the University of Bayreuth, where - in addition to the opportunity to improve my language skills - the scientific comparison I conducted with my tutors and German colleagues allowed me to deepen my analysis of the German system from a decidedly interdisciplinary perspective".

Prof. Tommaso dalla Massara, University of Verona, supervisor from the Italian side, sums up thus: "Sharing supervision with my two colleagues on the German side was very useful to integrate different points of view and consequently to find important intersections between historical perspective, Italian, and German civil law. A proper work of European private law." This view is shared by Prof. Dr. Bernd Kannowski, Chair of Civil Law & Legal History (Civil Law VII) in Bayreuth: "Italy and Germany have been closely connected with each other in many ways since the Middle Ages. On the other hand, the significant differences between the two countries make the exchange very useful, and enable both young and established researchers from both legal cultures to learn a lot from one other.”

Prof. Dr. Martin Schmidt-Kessel, Chair of German & European Consumer Law and coordinator of the joint doctoral program for the University of Bayreuth, emphasizes the great relevance of the programme as a whole for German-Italian communication and - as a bilateral research project - also for European integration. "The lively and fruitful exchange with the University of Verona not only enables the participants themselves to broaden their horizons in the best European tradition, but also contributes to a united Europe in professional terms through research into both legal systems.”

Prof. Stefano Troiano, responsible contact person for the joint doctorate at the University of Verona, stresses, "The award of the first dual doctorate marks an important milestone for the cooperation between Verona and Bayreuth, and is the basis on which the already intensive research relations between the two institutions will be further consolidated over the coming years". The agreement on the dual doctoral programme will now be extended by another five years.


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