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Bayreuth law professor Dr. Jessica Schmidt appointed to EU company law expert group

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University of Bayreuth, Press release No. 098/2020, 25 June 2020

Prof. Dr. Jessica Schmidt, holder of the Chair for Civil Law, German, European and International Company and Capital Markets Law at the University of Bayreuth, has been appointed as a member of the ‘Informal Expert Group on Company Law and Corporate Governance’ (ICLEG) of the European Commission. This expert group advises the European Commission on the implementation of existing and the development of new EU legislation in the field of company law. The group will hold its first meeting on 2 July 2020.

Prof. Dr. Jessica Schmidt

The Informal Expert Group on Company Law and Corporate Governance (ICLEG) consists of 14 experts from Europe who have been appointed for four years. They come from Ireland, France, Luxembourg, Spain, Denmark, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, France, the Netherlands, Norway, Austria, and Germany.

“The appointment as a member of the ICLEG is a great honour for me and I am very pleased to have the opportunity to represent Germany and of course the University of Bayreuth in this expert group”, says Prof. Dr. Jessica Schmidt, who has held the Chair for Civil Law, German, European and International Company and Capital Markets Law at the University of Bayreuth since 2014. Her research focuses on European company and capital markets law. She is the author of more than 200 publications.

In addition to her research and teaching activities, the Nuremberg-born law professor has already assisted in the preparation of various legislative projects. In 2016, she wrote a study for the EU Parliament on ‘Cross-border mergers and divisions, transfers of seat: Is there a need to legislate?’. In 2017, she was appointed as a member of the expert commission set up by the Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection (BMJV) to implement the Shareholder Rights Directive. In 2019, she also became a member of a BMJV expert commission on company transformation law.

The ICLEG will assist the European Commission in the implementation of existing policies and developing new ones, inter alia with respect to:

  • company law, corporate governance and artificial intelligence (in particular related to liability of companies and directors);
  • “sustainable companies” (especially with regard to the relationships within the group of companies, notions of company and group interest, instructions within the group and sustainability, duty of care and due diligence);
  • tackling the undesired behaviour of some letter-box companies;
  • implementation of company law directives, in particular with regard to the directive on digital tools and processes in company law of 2019, including the questions related to the disqualification of directors.


Prof. Dr. Jessica Schmidt, LL.M. (Nottingham)
Chair of Civil Law, German, European and International Corporate and Capital Market Law (Civil Law I)
Faculty of Law, Business and Economics
University of Bayreuth
Phone: +49 (0) 921 / 55 6180
E-mail: jessica.schmidt@uni-bayreuth.de
Facebook: Bayreuth ZR I

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