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Master's programme "Food Quality & Safety" in Kulmbach, unique in Germany

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University of Bayreuth, Press release No. 080/2020, 20 May 2020

Enrolment has begun for the master's programme "Food Quality & Safety", unique in Germany. The programme starts in November 2020, marking the beginning of classes at the Faculty of Life Sciences: Food, Nutrition & Health of the University of Bayreuth in Kulmbach. The English language master's programme deals with important interdisciplinary topics related to the quality and safety of food.

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The field of research encompassing food quality and safety is changing rapidly. The world’s population is growing and globalisation is changing lifestyles and eating habits. At the same time, sustainability in the production and distribution of food is becoming increasingly important. Innovations in biochemical analytics, modern sensor technology, intelligent data processing, and new breeding methods are currently opening up exciting new possibilities. Global chains of production and processing, but also international trade flows, make quality assurance and legal frameworks for foodstuffs a highly complex endeavour. The food industry therefore needs employees who are familiar with the issues involved, and who have been trained accordingly.

The master's course "Food Quality and Safety" at the University of Bayreuth, which is unique in Germany, deals with precisely these challenges. Thus, the course of studies takes advantage of the competencies that have long been nurtured in Kulmbach - in industrial companies, a federal research institute, state authorities, and research centres of the University of Bayreuth. However, one special strength of the University of Bayreuth also comes into play: the interdisciplinary research and teaching practised since its foundation, because complex problems demand interdisciplinary solutions. For this reason, the University of Bayreuth imparts scientific, legal, and economic skills to the students of this master's degree by combining the biochemical, molecular biological perspective with food law and quality management.

The next course of studies designed specifically for Kulmbach is already being planned: "Global Food, Nutrition & Health" (M. Sc.) This is concerned with the global connection between the production and provision of sufficient quantities of safe food worldwide ("Food"), the social and cultural aspects of nutrition ("Nutrition") and its effects on health ("Health"). This master's degree, which is also to be taught in English, is expected to become available in Kulmbach for the 2021 summer semester.

The admissions procedure for the international master's programme in "Food Quality & Safety", which will begin in the 2020/21 winter semester, has already begun; the application deadline is 1 July 2020. For applying, please see https://www.foodquality.uni-bayreuth.de/en/application/index.html, details here https://www.foodquality.uni-bayeuth.de/en/index.htm.  


Prof: Dr. Stephan Clemens
Founding dean

Dr. Pia Kaul & Helke Biehl
Programme Coordinators

Faculty of Life Sciences: Food, Nutrition & Health
University of Bayreuth
Fritz-Hornschuch-Straße 13
95326 Kulmbach
Phone: +49 (0) 9221 / 4079811
E-mail: studium-kulmbach@uni-bayreuth.de

Editorial office:

Anja-Maria Meister
Press & PR Manager
University of Bayreuth
Phone: +49 (0)921 / 55-5300
E-Mail: anja.meister@uni-bayreuth.de


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