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The University of Bayreuth awarded the Healthy Workforce seal

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University of Bayreuth, Press release No. 070/2020, 6 May 2020

The University of Bayreuth receives the Healthy Workforce seal. This designation is awarded by the Handelsblatt Corporate Health Initiative and EuPD Research. It supports company health management and recognizes the implementation of successful measures. At the University of Bayreuth, the Aktivpause (“active break”) initiative and the continuing education programme “Healthy in Everyday Management and Work” come in for special mention. The University of Bayreuth continues to offer programmes promoting good health even in times of coronavirus.

Pia Dömling, Coordinator of University Health Management (in front), and Prof. Dr. Susanne Tittlbach, Chair of Sport Science III at the University of Bayreuth. iconZoomOverlay

In 2013, the University of Bayreuth set out to become a university that actively promotes good health. University Health Management (UGM) was established in order to bundle all our efforts to make work, study, and being on campus at the University of Bayreuth as healthy as possible. It is dedicated not only to the physical, but also to the mental health of all members of the University.

“At UGM, we focus equally on scientific and non-scientific employees, as well as students and their requirements, but also on stress and on resources”, says Pia Dömling, responsible for UGM at the University of Bayreuth. Based on these considerations, measures are then developed, such as Campus Activpfad (“active trail”), Aktivpause, and the like. The program “Healthy in Everyday Management and Work”, for example, helps employees of the University of Bayreuth to identify energy-draining aspects of their work, and to develop measures for coping with stress, besides learning time management techniques.

In response to the coronavirus crisis, UGM has set up a platform containing digitalised offerings promoting good health and suggestions for more exercise and relaxation in the office at home. It also provides information on how to redesign your office at home with a view to improving health. There are also links to live courses such as the licensed back health course for employees of the University of Bayreuth. In addition, online coaching for employees is provided as part of the continuing education programme “Healthy in Management and Everyday Work”.

Prof. Dr. Susanne Tittlbach, Chair of Sports Science III, explains: “Scientific studies make it clear that sufficient resources or sources of resilience in everyday working life can lead to successful coping with the demands placed on us.” The importance of UGM for the University as a whole is made clear by Chancellor Dr. Markus Zanner: “A university culture that is lived and experienced as pleasant, a university culture that promotes good health, will ideally contribute to the condition in which we perform our work with pleasure and motivation, and in which a deep emotional attachment to the University is created.” A long-standing partner of the University of Bayreuth’s University Health Management is Techniker Krankenkasse (the public health fund).




Prof. Dr. Susanne Tittlbach
Chair of Sport Science III
Social & Health Sciences in Sports
University of Bayreuth
Phone: +49 (0) 921/ 55-3461 / -3485
E-mail: susanne.tittlbach@uni-bayreuth.de

Pia Dömling
Coordinator, University Health Management
Sport Science III
University of Bayreuth
Phone: +49 (0) 921 / 55-3473
E-Mail: pia.doemling@uni-bayreuth.de

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Anja-Maria Meister
Press & PR Manager
University of Bayreuth
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E-Mail: anja.meister@uni-bayreuth.de


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