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Founder’s University of Bayreuth growing for semester kick-off

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University of Bayreuth, Press release No. 055/2020, 16 April 2020

With the 2020 summer semester, Prof. Dr. Matthias Baum is taking over the new research group Entrepreneurship and Digital Business Models at the University of Bayreuth. Meanwhile, Prof. Dr. Rodrigo Isidor has been Chair of Human Resource Management and Intrapreneurship since the 2019/20 winter semester. Both are seeking to advance the founder’s and entrepreneurial mind-sets at the University of Bayreuth. They have prepared numerous online formats for the altered schedule of the 2020 summer semester.

Die Treiber des Gründergedankens an der Universität Bayreuth, v.l. im Uhrzeigersinn: Dr. Petra Beermann, Prof. Dr. Rodrigo Isidor, Prof. Dr. Stefan Leible, Prof. Dr. Torsten Eymann, Prof. Dr. Matthias Baum. iconZoomOverlay

„Students at the University of Bayreuth now have even more opportunities to acquire the basic skills for entrepreneurial thinking and endeavour. We wish to convey to them the desire to start up their own business, and to enjoy their own start-ups“, says University President Prof. Dr. Stefan Leible. „At the same time, we are shaping the University‘s profile in the field of intra- and entrepreneurship research and teaching, and are making it more visible internationally. Due to the coronavirus pandemic and the limited opportunities to give regular lectures, Professors Isidor and Baum have been busy preparing extensive online offerings. „Modern teaching formats are of great importance, especially in the fields of intra- and entrepreneurship“, Prof. Dr. Torsten Eymann, Vice President for Digitalization and Innovation stresses. „Equally, it is the tools and skills that will make the difference for the innovative entrepreneurs of tomorrow.”

Prof. Dr. Rodrigo Isidor‘s research focuses on the interface between human resource management and (corporate) entrepreneurship. In particular, he is interested in the founders and employees themselves, and the role human resource management and corporate culture can play in a successful start-up (or spin-off). A further research focus is on social entrepreneurship (especially on its differentiation from ‚classical‘ start-up activities). Until July 2019, Isidor was Professor for International Management at the University of Passau. Prior to that, he was, among other things, Scientific Director of the Technology Transfer and Business Start-up Centre at the University of Paderborn (Tec-UP) and Director of the Paderborn School of Entrepreneurship and Innovation (PSEI).

Before taking up his post at the University of Bayreuth, Prof. Dr. Matthias Baum was Professor for Entrepreneurship at Technische Universität Kaiserslautern as well as scientific director of the Founder’s Office there. Prior to that, he was, among other things, in charge of the Central Hesse Entrepreneurship Cluster and, already back then, together with Isidor, was responsible for the promotion of start-ups at the University of Gießen. Baum‘s research interests are digital entrepreneurship, the management of start-ups and SMEs, and the way young technology companies grow. He is convinced, that „With its mixture of social science and STEM subjects, its institutes, and the regional economy, the University of Bayreuth has all the pre-requisites to becoming a powerhouse in the field of entrepreneurship.”

Both research groups can build on a broad foundation of start-up and innovation activities at the University of Bayreuth. The Entrepreneurship and Innovation service unit, under the direction of Dr. Petra Beermann, has already established teaching formats such as Ideation-Week, and numerous corporate collaborations and community events with other players in Bayreuth. The task of the service unit is to support new business ideas and start-ups, and to promote the exchange of knowledge. This includes close cooperation with the research groups that deal with the topics of Entre- and Intrapreneurship in a scientific and practical way. Together with the two research groups, Beermann focuses not only on students, but also on established companies and the region, and on their development. „Especially when it comes to the reboot after the coronavirus crisis, Upper Franconia’s founders and entrepreneurs are expecting great challenges“, says Beermann. „With the help of capable researchers such as Isidor and Baum, we will sustainably improve the future viability of both established companies and new start-ups in the Upper Franconian region.“


Prof. Dr. Rodrigo Isidor
Chair of Human Resource Management and Intrapreneurship
Phone: +49 (0) 921 / 55-6280
E-Mail: isidor@uni-bayreuth.de

Prof. Dr. Matthias Baum
Chair of Entrepreneurship and Digital Business Models
Phone: +49 (0) 921 / 55-4654
E-Mail: matthias.baum@uni-bayreuth.de

Dr. Petra Beermann
Director of Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Phone: +49 (0) 921 / 55-4720
E-Mail: petra.beermann@uni-bayreuth.de

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