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20.12.2019 Climate friendly all round: Outstanding placings for the University of Bayreuth in the global sustainability ranking ...more
13.12.2019 Light, strong, and tough: Researchers at the University of Bayreuth discover unique polymer fibres ...more
12.12.2019 Bright future for organic solar cells: Bayreuth physicist receives junior scholar’s prize for outstanding research work ...more
06.12.2019 A hothouse of innovation in our own region: University of Bayreuth successful in EXIST funding competition ...more
03.12.2019 Optimal customer service through artificial intelligence: University of Bayreuth launches new research project ...more
28.11.2019 Bayreuth researchers develop a new catalyst that is easy on resources, less expensive, and highly selective ...more
25.11.2019 Microplastics in rivers and lakes: Europe-wide research project starts at the University of Bayreuth ...more
22.11.2019 Dies Academicus 2019 – a highlight of the academic year on campus ...more
19.11.2019 EFRE Funding for TAOO4.0 Glass Innovation Initiative ...more
19.11.2019 University of Bayreuth among the world's top young universities ...more
15.11.2019 Honours for outstanding achievements at the University of Bayreuth ...more
08.11.2019 Rice production in times of global warming – considerable loss of yield combined with rising arsenic levels ...more
08.11.2019 Mumps Cases at the University of Bayreuth - Information from the public Health Department ...more
07.11.2019 Public Invitation: Nobel Laureate in Physics Kostya Novoselov visiting Bayreuth University ...more
31.10.2019 University of Bayreuth expands ties with Israel ...more
21.10.2019 Bayreuth study: Climate change in protected areas endangers biodiversity ...more
15.10.2019 Always on beat: ultrashort flashes of light under optical control ...more
14.10.2019 Bayreuth researchers discover stable high-energy material ...more
01.10.2019 The learning of the future is being developed in Bayreuth  ...more
30.09.2019 University of Bayreuth Centre of International Excellence "Alexander von Humboldt" launches Fellowships ...more
25.09.2019 The field of application Information Systems Management: a new study programme offered by the University of Bayreuth ...more
23.09.2019 Tourism or permanent settling: Bayreuth study shows different consequences for coastal fauna ...more
20.09.2019 On the trail of self-healing processes: Bayreuth biochemists reveal insights into extraordinary regenerative ability ...more
13.09.2019 Nine professorships for early-career scholars: Joint German federal and state funding programme strengthens University of Bayreuth ...more
11.09.2019 New Bayreuth junior research group researches human-computer interaction and artificial intelligence ...more
02.09.2019 New study: One fifth of all employees digitally stressed ...more
26.08.2019 Blue light for RNA control:Researchers at the Universities of Bayreuth and Bonn regulate the activity of RNA molecules ...more
14.08.2019 Bayreuth researchers move forward in explaining atomic causes of high temperature superconductivity ...more
09.08.2019 “Green Talent" from Zambia researches sub-Saharan tree growth in Bayreuth ...more
30.07.2019 Perfect navigation: Bayreuth microbiologists solve the mystery of the compass needle in magnetic bacteria ...more
25.07.2019 The University of Bayreuth and four African partners ink a wide-ranging cooperation agreement ...more
24.07.2019 THE Europe Teaching Rankings: outstanding results for the University of Bayreuth yet again ...more
11.07.2019 Double Degrees at the University of Bayreuth: international experience while completing two degrees ...more
08.07.2019 The Circle Foundation and the University of Bayreuth hold 'Learning 5.0' workshop in Germany ...more
05.07.2019 Extremely hard yet metallically conductive: Bayreuth researchers develop novel material with high-tech prospects ...more
26.06.2019 High pressure creates new neighbours for beryllium: Bayreuth researchers discover unusual crystal structures ...more
24.06.2019 New Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes starting Winter Semester 2019/20 ...more
21.06.2019 First-class international research: University of Bayreuth in the Top 100 of the "Nature Index 2019” ...more
18.06.2019 What is the real threat of terrorism? Bayreuth study advocates per capita comparisons ...more
11.06.2019 Artificial blood vessels through 4D pressure and molecular self-organization: "Micro-origami" from Bayreuth ...more
06.06.2019 Magnetism discovered in the Earth’s mantle ...more
04.06.2019 “Africa Multiple” Cluster of Excellence welcomes new partners ...more
10.05.2019 University of Bayreuth receives new Future Hub for African Studies ...more
09.05.2019 Physicist at the University of Bayreuth receives Anglo-German Research Prize for Chemistry ...more
07.05.2019 CHE Ranking: top ratings for the international orientation of master’s programmes in Bayreuth ...more
03.05.2019 University of Bayreuth again among the top 3: Law graduates score in the WiWo ranking ...more
03.05.2019 Sustainable energy supply in rural Africa: New pilot project with Bayreuth researchers ...more
17.04.2019 Climate change and biodiversity: Leading US scientist and Humboldt Prize winner coming to the University of Bayreuth ...more
12.04.2019 Plastic waste interferes with communication: Bayreuth study shows risks for ecosystems ...more
09.04.2019 Sorting out sick from healthy blood cells: Bayreuth physicists discover new effect ...more
02.04.2019 Bayreuth study indicates that media coverage of immigration is fuelling concerns about xenophobia ...more
29.03.2019 New Home for the Life Sciences in Bavaria: University of Bayreuth Opens Seventh Faculty in Kulmbach   ...more
13.03.2019 High efficiency at low cost: Bayreuth biologists develop new method of cloning ...more
12.03.2019 “2019 Microbe of the Year”: Bayreuth microbiologists discover key protein for cell division in magnetic bacteria ...more
04.03.2019 What the data says. The world elite of data analysis meets for ECDA 2019 at the University of Bayreuth ...more
01.03.2019 Nanoparticles influence their liquid environment: Bayreuth study presents atomic insights ...more
20.02.2019 ‘The World 2029’: Bayreuth Future Research identifies Education, Governance and Trust as the Essentials ...more
20.02.2019 “Clothes make the fan”: University of Bayreuth study explores potential of merchandising in sport ...more
18.02.2019 Autonomous driving with blockchain: Bayreuth students among winners in international MOBI competition ...more
14.02.2019 Robots learn to see: Bayreuth researchers make service robots more intelligent ...more
07.02.2019 Breakdown of nitrate in groundwater: self-purifying capacity of the subsurface greater than assumed ...more
31.01.2019 Prof. Stefan Leible re-elected as university president ...more
24.01.2019 Improving global food security: Bayreuth study on phosphorus availability controlled by silicon ...more
02.01.2019 The molecular blueprints of life ...more
21.12.2018 International Sustainability Ranking: University of Bayreuth in 28th place worldwide, number two nationwide ...more
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