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Date Press Release
02.08.2018 New nitrogen compounds developed in Bayreuth open up new possibilities for energy storage ...more
25.07.2018 University elects Vice Presidents and Women's Representative ...more
13.07.2018 Student survey: top scores for the University of Bayreuth ...more
05.07.2018 Success thanks to its distinct profile: The University of Bayreuth in the DFG funding ranking ...more
03.07.2018 Leading researcher from Oxford comes to the University of Bayreuth ...more
02.07.2018 Rocket Man lands in Bayreuth: DLD Campus on 12 July 2018 ...more
28.06.2018 At the highest international level: Studying with a global perspective at the University of Bayreuth ...more
27.06.2018 The University of Bayreuth opens new office in Melbourne ...more
21.06.2018 High-Grade Program for 20 Years: Health Economics at the University of Bayreuth ...more
18.06.2018 Not just for the classroom: (elite) teacher education programme at the the University of Bayreuth ...more
14.06.2018 The new bachelor’s programme Environmental and Resource Technology offers bright prospects in professional fields of the future ...more
13.06.2018 Efficient immunotherapy using spider silk: transport particles ensure substances reach their destination safely ...more
12.06.2018 A stand-out among German degrees: new bachelor's programme Law & Business at the University of Bayreuth ...more
08.06.2018 New bachelor’s and master’s programmes at the University of Bayreuth ...more
06.06.2018 Securely in the top group: the University of Bayreuth once again included among the 30 best young universities in the world ...more
05.06.2018 Award-winning location in the "Land of Ideas": the Bavarian Research Institute of Experimental Geochemistry & Geophysics at the University of Bayreuth ...more
24.05.2018 DLD Campus: The Digital Elite will meet once again at the University of Bayreuth on 12th July 2018 ...more
08.05.2018 CHE Ranking: Top ratings for the University of Bayreuth in the natural sciences, Earth sciences, mathematics, and sport ...more
03.05.2018 Producing astronaut food in space: experiments from Bayreuth on board a Blue Origin flight ...more
16.04.2018 Geoscientist in Bayreuth awarded Europe's highest research prize ...more
06.04.2018 The motor neuron disease ALS: biologists in Bayreuth discover impaired cellular self-cleaning ...more
05.04.2018 Plastic in organic waste: a challenge for the ecological recycling economy ...more
03.04.2018 Africa in the 1980s: the University of Bayreuth's Iwalewahaus opens a new exhibition ...more
29.03.2018 Chaos that will keep you warm: Bayreuth researchers improve heat insulation using deliberate chaos ...more
23.03.2018 Making monitors brighter: researchers in Bayreuth discover a way to control the colour of OLEDs ...more
22.03.2018 The University of Bayreuth links up with Australia – the next steps ...more
15.03.2018 Microplastics in rivers: The University of Bayreuth provides basis for new study from five German states ...more
14.03.2018 Mountains become islands: ecological dangers of increasing land use in East Africa ...more
01.03.2018 Bayreuth chemist gains membership to prestigious “Young Academy” ...more
27.02.2018 Precisely controlling plastic particles: Bayreuth physicists find unusual colloids ...more
23.02.2018 In a network of tiny blood vessels: virtual exploratory tours with new software from Bayreuth ...more
15.02.2018 Protein building blocks for medical diagnosis: researchers in Bayreuth seek to accurately detect pathogens ...more
14.02.2018 Smart and comfortable: new textiles for high-tech clothing developed in Bayreuth ...more
08.02.2018 Innovative research infrastructure with a global reputation: the Northern Bavarian NRM Centre repositions itself ...more
06.02.2018 Reclassifying Earth’s tropical forests: Bayreuth scientist researching Kilimanjaro contributes to international study ...more
25.01.2018 Deep insights from diamonds: researchers in Bayreuth discover oxidation processes in the Earth’s interior ...more
10.01.2018 Research prize: Bayreuth ecologist investigates the long-term effects of acid rain ...more
04.01.2018 Bayreuth researcher in Brussels: "Spaced" reveals potential of Earth observation for nature conservation ...more
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