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Student survey: top scores for the University of Bayreuth

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University of Bayreuth, Press release No. 094/2018, 13 July 2018

Students at the University of Bayreuth are highly satisfied with the quality and content of their studies as well as their study environment. This was the reflected in the 2018 Times Higher Education European Student Survey published today, a survey based on the feedback provided by students at 242 higher education institutions across Europe. The feedback of the University of Bayreuth’s students was above the average for Germany in each of the areas addressed in the survey. This survey is part of the Europe Teaching Rankings 2018, published by Times Higher Education for the first time. It placed the University of Bayreuth at seventh place from among the 31 German universities considered in the survey. The University of Bayreuth even managed to take the lead among Germany’s smaller universities.


Thanks to their positive study experience, students in Bayreuth were especially motivated to recommend the University of Bayreuth to their family and friends. If they were able to turn back time, they would be firmer than other students about choosing the same university again. They rate the quality of their learning environment – e.g. lecture halls, libraries, and laboratories – exceptionally high, and they are very satisfied with their access to necessary learning resources.

Other advantages of being a young campus university were also reflected: for example, students in Bayreuth rated opportunities for social interaction and collaborative learning as particularly strong. In addition, they were more likely than their peers at many other German universities to feel that their degree programmes taught critical thinking, the ability to bridge gaps between course contents, and the ability to put what they have learned in a broader context.

Students at the University of Bayreuth are also more convinced than the average student that their university facilitates a successful career start. According to the survey, they are provided with efficient support in searching for internship places relevant to their career and in acquiring key qualifications that are generally applicable. They also appreciate the freedom to link their studies to the working world more than the students at many other German universities do.

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