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Securely in the top group: the University of Bayreuth once again included among the 30 best young universities in the world

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University of Bayreuth, Press release No. 069/2018, 6 June 2018

For the second time in a row, the University of Bayreuth has been included in the top 30 in the Times Higher Education (THE) Young University Rankings, which lists the world's best universities that are aged 50 years or under. The University of Bayreuth is also one of the best young universities in Germany: it is ranked 5th among the 11 German universities included in the THE Young University Rankings published today.

Pleased with the results, Prof. Stefan Leible summed it up as follows: "In an international comparison, the University of Bayreuth once again occupies a place among the 30 best young universities in the world. That is a major success for us." The University of Bayreuth has been moving up in the Young University Rankings ever since 2015: from 72nd to 35th in 2016 to 29th last year, at a time when only 200 universities were competing for the top places in the ranking. This means that there is now more competition, since THE chose to include 250 universities aged 50 or younger in this year's international ranking. The University of Bayreuth nonetheless managed to occupy 30th place, actually improving its performance relative to the total number of universities. 

As the president of the University of Bayreuth emphasized, "Since many high school graduates are now thinking about their next step, we are particularly pleased with this positive assessment from a neutral organization. It helps young people make the best decision possible. Being included in the THE rankings is proof that we provide an outstanding study environment and a top-notch research environment." Leible is convinced that such rankings also have a positive impact on the town of Bayreuth and the surrounding region: "Young researchers also consult these types of rankings, as they show who the most attractive employers are. Since we are striving to make Bayreuth more international, such rankings are crucial."

THE is the most well-respected university ranking in the world, enjoying credibility among students, scholars, and industry representatives alike. The THE Young University Rankings rate performance indicators in five categories:

  • teaching environment
  • research environment (quantitative and qualitative evaluation of output)
  • citation impact
  • international outlook (number of international partners, scholars, students, and publications)
  • industry funding (as an indicator of knowledge and technology transfer)

The University of Bayreuth managed to improve in nearly every category compared to last year. The excellent assessment provided by the THE ranking once again reflects the university's scholarly achievements and interdisciplinary fields of research (e.g. African studies, polymer and colloid science, and high-pressure research in the geosciences), its successful collaborations in knowledge and technology transfer, and its strong international profile.

Link: The THE Young University Rankings can be found at

About the THE Young University Rankings

Times Higher Education (THE) is a British magazine focusing on higher education. It is known for its annual Times Higher Education World University Ranking. With its emphasis on scholarly reputation, this overall ranking tends to favour institutions with a long academic tradition. To highlight outstanding young universities, the THE therefore introduced a separate ranking seven years ago in which reputation based on academic tradition plays a subordinate role. Last year, the ranking included the top 200 universities in the world; in 2018, it was modified to include the top 250 institutions.


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