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21.12.2017 Scientific Computing: a new elite degree programme at the University of Bayreuth ...more
13.12.2017 Nanostructures control heat transfer: Researchers in Bayreuth demonstrate new concepts for heat management ...more
12.12.2017 Quantum mechanics in new solar cells: Research prize for physicist in Bayreuth ...more
11.12.2017 New insights into matter: Scientists in Bayreuth and Karlsruhe combine high-pressure research with NMR spectroscopy ...more
06.12.2017 Hungry immune cells: Physicists in Bayreuth are investigating the transport routes of pathogens ...more
01.12.2017 New collaborative research centre strengthens Bayreuth’s degree programme “Biofabrication” ...more
03.11.2017 What makes our brain flexible? Researchers in Bayreuth investigate the plasticity of neurons ...more
20.10.2017 Award-winning dissertation: Social anthropologist in Bayreuth investigates the inhuman aftermath of a dam project in Sudan ...more
13.10.2017 International science prize awarded to geoscientist in Bayreuth ...more
05.10.2017 German magazine Handelsblatt to host Campus Talk at the University of Bayreuth on "Business & Chemistry" ...more
04.10.2017 Business and Economics at the University of Bayreuth included in the world’s leading group ...more
02.10.2017 A Chinese-German bridge in polymer research: University of Bayreuth expands its cooperation with Zhejiang University ...more
29.09.2017 University of Bayreuth on road to success in Excellence Strategy ...more
20.09.2017 From River Weser to the North Sea: PLAWES investigates microplastics contamination across ecosystems ...more
05.09.2017 University of Bayreuth once again in the Champions League – new THE Ranking published ...more
01.09.2017 The University of Bayreuth enjoys an outstanding reputation among scholars abroad ...more
24.08.2017 Cutting-edge technology: research on new drugs at gigahertz magnetic field at the University of Bayreuth ...more
17.08.2017 A heart made of spider silk ...more
31.07.2017 Transport of carbon to the earth’s interior: researchers in Bayreuth discover highly stable carbonate structures ...more
21.07.2017 Networks instead of self-reliance: meadow orchids surprise researchers in Bayreuth ...more
10.07.2017 Businesses not equipped for digitization: study by the University of Bayreuth reveals deficiencies ...more
07.07.2017 Bayreuth International Summer School on contemporary scientifical issues  ...more
26.06.2017 Heightened risk in rice? Bayreuth researchers discover the toxicity of thioarsenates for plants ...more
20.06.2017 Tropical viruses: coming soon to Europe? Researchers in Bayreuth are investigating the impact of climate change ...more
12.06.2017 High-pressure researchers in Bayreuth solve meteorite mystery ...more
01.06.2017 Renowned speakers, stimulating workshops: DLD Campus on 21 June 2017 ...more
11.05.2017 Economic communities in Africa: The University of Bayreuth explores future perspectives ...more
08.05.2017 Top marks for the University of Bayreuth in the CHE Ranking: frontrunner in law and economics ...more
24.04.2017 Innovators, Pioneers and Visionaries Welcome! Digital Conference DLD Campus at the University of Bayreuth ...more
19.04.2017 Three-Dimensional Images of a Network of the Smallest Blood Vessels: A New High-Resolution Process in Bayreuth ...more
07.04.2017 Better than nature: artificial biofilm from Bayreuth increases energy production in microbial fuel cells ...more
05.04.2017 One of the best young universities: top position for the University of Bayreuth in worldwide THE ranking ...more
15.03.2017 New asset for master’s programme Computer Game Studies: “Game Innovation Lab” at the University of Bayreuth ...more
07.03.2017 Malaria Treatment: Soon to be Simpler, More Flexible, and More Efficient? ...more
07.03.2017 Bayreuth Researcher from Cameroon admitted to the Junges Kolleg of the Bavarian Academy of Science and Humanities ...more
02.03.2017 Generating power from waste heat more effectively – cutting-edge technology from Bayreuth and Amberg ...more
23.02.2017 Planets outside our solar system: Researchers in Bayreuth explore the far reaches of outer space ...more
22.02.2017 As thin as an atom: a revolutionary semiconductor for electronics ...more
20.02.2017 Small molecules fighting aging-related diseases: New findings in sirtuin research ...more
02.02.2017 Molecular switches: New tools for super-resolution imaging ...more
01.02.2017 ​Research in Outer Space: ​The University of Bayreuth is involved in research on the International Space Station (ISS) in more than one way. ...more
18.01.2017 International Business Plan Competition 2017: Success for the University of Bayreuth in Hong Kong ...more
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