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Scientific Computing: a new elite degree programme at the University of Bayreuth

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University of Bayreuth, Press Release No. 156/2017, 21 December 2017

The University of Bayreuth will be offering a new elite programme of study starting in Winter Semester 2018/19: Scientific Computing is one of only two new programmes of study to receive Bavarian funding in the scope of the Elite Network of Bavaria. Under the direction of the University of Bayreuth's Chair of Scientific Computing Prof. Dr. Mario Bebendorf, top performing mathematics students will receive special support.

Das Bild zeigt ein elektromechanisches Bauteil. Im oberen Teil wurde seine Oberfläche zur numerischen Simulation in Dreiecke zerlegt.

The field of scientific computing addresses the mathematical modelling and efficient numerical computation of complex problems from technology and the natural sciences. What sounds like higher mathematics boils down to this: today's product research and development would be unthinkable without numerical simulations using computers. Specific applications of scientific computing range from crash tests to electromagnetic compatibility, optimization of fuel cells, calculating prices of financial derivatives, and the simulation of biological processes.

Prof. Bebendorf explained what sets the University of Bayreuth's degree programme Scientific Computing apart from the rest: “The new international degree programme in mathematics will enable us to prepare highly talented students for future challenges in the field of numerical simulation." The programme of study features particularly intensive supervision and early exposure to current research topics. In addition to specialized training in numerical mathematics and computer science, students select areas of application from a range of disciplines such as biochemistry, engineering, and physics based on their own interests. "In this way, we are preparing students for careers in academia as well as industry and the private sector," said Prof. Bebendorf. Prerequisites include a bachelor's degree in mathematics with an understanding of numerical mathematics (or a degree with equivalent requirements) and a grade of 1,9 or better. Admission to the programme also involves an aptitude assessment process. The application deadline is 15 July for Winter Semester and 15 January for Summer Semester.

Bayreuth already offers the elite degree programmes STEM Teaching PLUS (since 2016), Biological Physics (since 2016), Global Change Ecology (since 2006), and Macromolecular Science (since 2004). Bayreuth's students can also enrol in the elite programmes Finance and Information Management or Advanced Materials and Processes, which are offered in cooperation with other universities.

In elite degree programmes, talented students receive special support. These programmes seek to provide students with subject-related skills and to allow their scientific interests to fully unfold. According to the Science Ministry, Bavarian funding for up to eight positions and material costs in the amount of around 70,000 euros per year (for an initial period of five years) is provided for each elite degree programme. An additional 5-year extension can be requested. The University of Bayreuth itself supports this by providing basic equipment amounting to 25 per cent of the material costs.


Prof. Dr. Mario Bebendorf
Chair of Scientific Computing
University of Bayreuth, Building "FAN C"
Phone: +49 (0)921 / 55-7150               
​E-mail: mario.bebendorf@uni-bayreuth.de

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