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Business and Economics at the University of Bayreuth included in the world’s leading group

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University of Bayreuth, Press Release No 118/2017, 05 October 2017

Bayreuth is an international hotspot for business and economics, according to the “Business & Economics” ranking published today by Times Higher Education (THE). The ranking analysed the 200 universities that THE considers to be international leaders in these fields. In this ranking, the University of Bayreuth was placed in the 151-175 group, and it was ranked eighth (together with Goethe University Frankfurt) among the 11 German universities in the ranking.

In Bayreuth, traditional programmes such as Business Administration and Economics as well as specialized programmes like International Economics & Development; Sport, Business & Law; and Health Economics are all taught at the highest international standards. The subject-specific ranking published today by Times Higher Education employed methods geared to the fields of business and economics in order to analyse the best 200 higher education institutions in the world selected for the ranking.

Prof. Dr. Martin Leschke, Dean of the Faculty of Law, Business & Economics, commented that “in such rankings, faculties that are relatively small internationally (such as Economics at the University of Bayreuth) have a hard time making it into the rankings. Against this background, this year’s results are especially exciting.” According to Leschke, these good results represent “the outcome of continually researching at a very high level” and are “anything but a chance snapshot.”

The data used for the ranking was collected from surveys of academic staff made up of both general statistics about the universities (e.g. relating to third-party research ) and the number of citations of articles in academic journals. The categories assessed were teaching, research, citations, international outlook, and industry income.

This subject-specific THE ranking is just one of many positive assessments. Before the ranking was published, Germany’s Centre for Higher Education (CHE) and the Handelsblatt had already given the business and economics programmes in Bayreuth high ratings, in some cases over the past several years.

Degree programmes relating to business and economics include the following:

  • Business Administration (Bachelor of Science / Master of Science)
  • Health Economics (Bachelor of Science / Master of Science)
  • Sport, Business & Law (Bachelor of Science / Master of Science)
  • Business Administration & Engineering (Bachelor of Science / Master of Science)
  • Media Culture & Media Economy (Master of Arts)
  • Economics (Bachelor of Science / Master of Science)
  • International Economics & Development (Bachelor of Arts)
  • International Economics & Governance (Master of Arts)
  • Philosophy & Economics (Bachelor of Arts / Master of Arts)
  • History & Economics (Master of Arts)
  • Development Studies (Master of Arts)
  • Health Care Management (Master of Business Administration)
  • Sport Management (Master of Business Administration)

Link to THE’s 2017 Business & Economics Ranking:



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