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13.03.2019 High efficiency at low cost: Bayreuth biologists develop new method of cloning ...more
12.03.2019 “2019 Microbe of the Year”: Bayreuth microbiologists discover key protein for cell division in magnetic bacteria ...more
04.03.2019 What the data says. The world elite of data analysis meets for ECDA 2019 at the University of Bayreuth ...more
01.03.2019 Nanoparticles influence their liquid environment: Bayreuth study presents atomic insights ...more
20.02.2019 ‘The World 2029’: Bayreuth Future Research identifies Education, Governance and Trust as the Essentials ...more
20.02.2019 “Clothes make the fan”: University of Bayreuth study explores potential of merchandising in sport ...more
18.02.2019 Autonomous driving with blockchain: Bayreuth students among winners in international MOBI competition ...more
14.02.2019 Robots learn to see: Bayreuth researchers make service robots more intelligent ...more
07.02.2019 Breakdown of nitrate in groundwater: self-purifying capacity of the subsurface greater than assumed ...more
31.01.2019 Prof. Stefan Leible re-elected as university president ...more
24.01.2019 Improving global food security: Bayreuth study on phosphorus availability controlled by silicon ...more
02.01.2019 The molecular blueprints of life ...more
21.12.2018 International Sustainability Ranking: University of Bayreuth in 28th place worldwide, number two nationwide ...more
18.12.2018 Even farmland polluted by plastics: Bayreuth researchers publish first study ...more
12.12.2018 New Chances for Animal Welfare: Bayreuth scientists develop procedure to test the use of anaesthetics on fish ...more
05.12.2018 University of Bayreuth: Top ratings for international orientation in Mathematics and Computer Science ...more
04.12.2018 Magic without Spells Bayreuth researchers control levitating objects with acoustic waves ...more
26.11.2018 High-End Science: New Collaborative Research Centre for the University of Bayreuth ...more
22.11.2018 Bayreuth Physicist Honoured for Innovative Research in Optoelectronics ...more
20.11.2018 A new generation of organic light-emitting diodes: EU research network coordinated by the University of Bayreuth ...more
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