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FAQs regarding Corona

On this website, you will find answers to frequently asked questions on the following topics or for the following groups:

  • External guests/delegations to the campus 
  • Enrolment/Start of studies
  • The studies themselves
  • International (prospective) students
  • Library
  • Studentenwerk Oberfranken (SWO)
  • Employees
  • Central Technical Service
  • IT services

All information on examination matters can be found on the website of the examination office.

External guests/delegations to the campus 

Are official visits of external persons on campus allowed?
Pre-registered visits of external guests / delegations to the campus are permitted. Please note, however, that If necessary, the host of the University of Bayreuth will ensure that all safety precautions are observed and - with regard to distance and hygiene regulations - that a correspondingly compliant workplace is available. Please note the quarantine regulations as well as the "Coronavirus Handbook" and the binding rules of the University of Bayreuth for visiting the campus and branch offices.

Enrolment / Start of studies

I need an appointment with Student Advising. Will a personal advising session take place?
For the time being, staff at Student Advising no longer offer personal advising appointments in the offices of Central University Administration. Please contact the University of Bayreuth's Student Advising Office and arrange an advising appointment via phone or zoom.

I would like to enrol for the 2020/2021 winter semester. Have the opening hours of the Student Administration Office changed?
For the time being, the colleagues of the Student Office no longer offer personal consultations in the offices of the Central University Administration. However, they will remain available for you by telephone and email. For enrollment, please submit the necessary documents by mail. Further information can be found on the pages of the Student Office. If you have any questions, please write an e-mail to studierendenkanzlei@uni-bayreuth.de

More information on starting your studies can be found on the "Tips for new students" page.

The studies themselves

Whose office hours (still) apply? 
Please clarify this with the lecturers/departments by telephone and follow the instructions on their respective websites.

What about excursions (within Germany / abroad)?
Excursion are to be evaluated analogous to field internships that can take place. It is essential to observe the applicable distance and hygiene regulations, and review the website of the Federal Foreign Office. Please note the information of the "Coronavirus Handbook".
Will practical laboratory courses take place?
Laboratory practicals can take place under strict adherence to the regulations on hygiene and distance control. Please note the information of the "Coronavirus Handbook". If you have any questions, please send a mail to praesenzveranstaltungen@uni-bayreuth.de
Will doctoral examinations take place?
Doctoral examinations can be carried out in person, provided that the appropriate hygiene measures and distance rules are observed (at least 1.5 m distance). In order to keep the circle of physically present persons as small as possible, it is recommended to offer persons not directly involved in the examination the opportunity to participate virtually in the examination. 

Will audition lectures / demonstration lessons still take place?
Audition lectures and related demonstration lessons can take place on campus. The applicable distance and hygiene regulations must be observed. Lecture halls should therefore be used. The room allocation system has occupancy plans showing the maximum number of people that can currently fit into a lecture hall. In addition to the members of the Appointment Committee, the places still available may be allocated to other persons in order to involve the university public (by registration procedure).

International (prospective) students

Please also refer to the detailed target group-oriented FAQs on the website of our International Office (for International prospective students, Global Partners, Exchange Students, International Guests, Accepted Applicants). If you have further questions, please contact the International Office of the University of Bayreuth: welcomeservices@uni-bayreuth.de

Are there any changes to the Preliminary documentation review (VPD) process for programmes which require an application via uni-assist?
For the time being, applicants for Summer Semester 2021 and Winter Semester 2021/22 are not required to send in their documents to uni-assist by post. The preliminary documentation review will be carried out on the basis of the digital copies you uploaded.
​Prospective students who are planning to apply for the 2021 summer semester and require preliminary documentation review (VPD) for this purpose can now apply for this at uni-assist.

I have questions about my visa.
Information on entry and visa matters can be obtained from the Federal Foreign Office and the Federal Ministry of the Interior. Please make sure to contact the German embassy or consulate responsible for you or the local Foreigners' Office in Germany.

Where can I obtain confirmation of compulsory physical attendance in the winter semester for submission to a German mission abroad?
Newly admitted students receive this document together with, or a few days after, admission via CampusOnline. 

What do I need to bear in mind when travelling to Bayreuth now?
As before, students from non-EU countries may only enter Germany if they have a valid reason to do so. This is the case if you return to your place of residence to continue your studies. When entering the country, students must furnish the appropriate documents (e.g. a rental agreement, a certificate of registration, as well as confirmation that it is necessary for you to attend in-person courses). In any event, please observe the present quarantine regulations and review the information carefully before entering the country! We also recommend contacting the International Office.

Can I get a personal appointment at the Welcome Services?
Due to the current situation, our offices are currently closed and we are not able to offer personal appointments. Of course, you can always reach us via phone or email and we can help with all questions and problems.

Is there any possibility to get to know other (international) students and network on Campus even in this situation?
Yes! Enactus Bayreuth, a student initiative, started an Instagram account where all student initiatives and organizations have the possibility to present themselves and publish upcoming (online) events. Especially for international students, ESN offers an interesting programme with different events every week – ranging from a Language Stammtisch to a language tandem program. All information and further details can be found on Facebook and Instagram.

Information about the coronavirus in Germany:
The information on the websites of the Robert-Koch Institute, the WHO, the Federal Foreign Office and the Federal Ministry of Health is updated on a daily basis. The University of Bayreuth provides information on its website and in these FAQs, but also by e-mail and via its social media accounts!


How can I currently use the library?
Bayreuth University Library reopened with restrictions on 20 April 2020. The Main Library and all department libraries will be open to borrow and return books, journals and other materials. A limited number of desks is available at each library.. You can find current information regarding the library on the website of the University Library  

Is it possible to access the University Library's electronic media from off-campus?
University students and staff have access to a variety of digital resources such as e-books, e-journals, and databases, which can also be accessed from off-campus using a VPN/proxy or Shibboleth (publishers Springer Nature and Wiley). Please also refer to the information regarding online versions of journal articles on the website "Alternative ways for finding and obtaining journal articles". If you have any questions about searching for sources, please contact auskunft.ub@uni-bayreuth.de or +49 921 / 55 - 3420. Please also refer to the website of the Libraries of the University of Bayreuth.

Studentenwerk Oberfranken (SWO)

Is the canteen open?
Due to a current ministerial order, full in-person cafeteria services cannot be provided. Until 22.12., the cafeterias and coffee bars of Studentenwerk Oberfranken will only offer take-away meals. The current opening hours are:

  • Frischraum Mo to Fr from 11:00 -14:00 
  • Cafeteria Mensa Mo to Fr from 09:00 -17:00 (hot meals: 11:00 -16:30) 
  • ZAPF Mensateria 11:00 -14:00
  • Mensateria in the Nürnberger Straße Mo to Fr from 11:00 - 14:00 
  • Coffee bar in the FAN building B Mo to Th from 09:30 - 14:00 and Fr from 09:30 - 12:30

How can I apply for a CampusCard?
In Bayreuth, the SWO's card service office can currently only be contacted by e-mail.

Can the advising offices (BAföG, psychological counselling, dormitories) be reached?
The BAföG Office, Residence Hall Administration, Social Counselling Office, Psychological Counselling Office, and Loan Office are closed until further notice. It is possible to contact the SWO by e-mail; please refer to the relevant contact details on the SWO website.


How do I continue to access Accounting Services?
Orders can now generally only be placed via the e-procurement form. Since 18.3.2020 the issue in the office supplies warehouse will be closed. The goods will then be sent to the orderers via internal mail (also applies to the central university administration). In exceptional cases, bulk orders can be picked up personally by employees of the Central University Administration in the materials warehouse. Payments at the paying office are only possible in urgent cases after prior notification to kai.sehr@uni-bayreuth.de. As of Monday 23.3.2020, the chemical dispensing area will only be open to a limited extent: on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, dispensing will only be possible from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. On Wednesdays, the chemical dispensary will remain closed.

I work partly in my home office, but sometimes I have to go to the university for a few hours to do some work on site. Am I insured?
Yes. The statutory accident insurance protection, which applies to commuting accidents to and from work, is also relevant if work is done partly in the home office and partly at the university on site. According to the Bayerische Landesunfallkasse, however, a corresponding fact must be proven with a high degree of probability. Therefore, from the point of view of the Landesunfallkasse, it would be easier to provide evidence if, for example, the days of attendance at the university were fixed in advance or at least communicated promptly with superiors or colleagues. For reasons of evidence, e.g. an e-mail would be a good choice here.

I work partly from home, but partly have to go to the University to do some work on site. What type of time recording should I use?
For days alternating between your remote workplace and office workplace, different time recording devices must be used. When working from home, your bookings are to be made via the WebClient . When in the office at the University of Bayreuth, bookings are to be made as usual at the terminals in the respective buildings. If you alternate between remote workplace and University workplace on a single day, e.g. morning at the University and afternoon at home, you will need to make your morning and lunchtime bookings at the terminal in your respective building. Travel time to home workplace is NOT considered working time. At your home workplace, you then stamp the start and end of your remote working time on the WebClient.

I cannot log in to the WebClient - what should I do?
From now on, access (login) to the WebClient is by using your BT username. Please use the password of your BT username (not the previous time recording password).

Digital time recording is much more practical. Can I now use this type of time recording all the time?
The booking screen was activated for all employees from 14.09.2020. The use of this booking screen for the WebClient is only to be used for time recording on days working from home. Bookings at the University via the WebClient are only allowed in buildings that do not have time recording devices (e.g. Zapf buildings). 

What should I remember when going to the doctor or on an official trip?
For official trips and doctor's visits, always select the function Dienstgang-Gehen (Going on official trip) or Artzgang-Gehen (Going to doctor's appointment) on the time recording terminal or the WebClient, and when returning, the function Dienstgang-Kommen (Returning from official trip) or Arztgang-Kommen (Returning from doctor’s appointment). 

I am working from home, but time recording via the WebClient does not work. Can I document my working time manually?
Please ensure the technical requirements for online booking at your remote workplace are met as soon as possible. Manually writing up additional time bookings will only be permitted in case of emergency, and only for a short time. The entering of missing bookings leads to a great deal of extra work, and if too many people take advantage of this for too long, the number of bookings to be maintained manually will increase exponentially.

I have an increased health risk. What should I do?
For employees for whom an infection with the corona virus represents an increased health risk (e.g. leukaemia, diabetes or lung diseases), the necessary measures must be agreed in consultation with the attending doctor for reasons of care (e.g. no public transport, teleworking, etc.). If the measures deemed necessary by the doctor cannot be implemented, the doctor must decide whether the employee is still fit for duty. Leave of absence will not be considered an option. There are no special regulations for relatives of these persons.

My child's daycare centre has reopened - but due to a current, individual case of infection is now temporarily "closed". Consequently, my child cannot be cared for at the daycare centre - what should I do?
Please first check whether other people in your household up to the age of 60 can provide childcare. If you are unable to find someone to look after your child during your working hours, working from your home office is a good option. If this is possible for your tasks and your supervisors have agreed, please help us to keep operations running by working from home. Anyone working in non-scientific operations should report that they are working by home office (after consultation and approval by their supervisors) by e-mail to zeiterfassung@uni-bayreuth.de.

If it is not possible to work via home office on an hourly basis, you can be granted leave of absence for up to 10 days to look after your child of daycare or preschool age. If you are required to look after further children not affected by the closure of the facility, additional leave of up to 10 days can be granted for these children as well. This possibility applies until further notice. In this case, please inform your supervisor that you will be absent from work because of this temporary closure for the purposes of childcare.

A general closure of childcare facilities has been ordered, and my child cannot go to the daycare centre because of this. What should I do?
Please make use of the possibility of privately organised care, teleworking or - if neither are possible – leave of absence with continued payment of salary. This will be granted for the entire duration of the closure. In this case, please inform your supervisor that you are teleworking or taking the option of leave of absence because of the general closure.
The subsidiary exemption from service for parents applies without time limit for the entire duration of the general closure of a childcare facility. However, it does not apply during school holidays, when a school or childcare facility would be closed anyway!

Due to the traffic light system, the childcare facility cannot provide my child with the usual level of care. What should I do?
Insofar as children are in part not allowed into "their" childcare facility because, for example, the traffic light system does not allow them to attend the facility to a full extent (e.g. only some of the children are allowed to attend the facility), the situation for these children equates to the entire facility being closed.

In this case, one parent is allowed to do teleworking / work from home for an unlimited period of time, as far as this is possible.Leave of absence will only be granted if teleworking / working from home is not possible.

My child's school has reopened - but due to a current, individual case of infection is now temporarily "closed". Consequently, my child cannot go to school - what should I do?
Please first check whether your child needs care due to his or her age. From the age of 14, you can usually assume that this is no longer necessary. If childcare is still required, please check whether other people up to the age of 60 in your household can provide childcare. If you are unable to find someone to look after your children during your normal working hours, working from your home office is a good option. If this is possible for your tasks and your supervisors have agreed, you will help us to keep the office running, even if you are only able to work by the hour. After consultation and approval by your supervisors, please inform them that you are working via home office. Please use the e-mail address zeiterfassung@uni-bayreuth.de.

If working via home office is not possible on an hourly basis, you can be granted a leave of absence to look after your child. In some cases, this may also apply for children between the ages of 14 and 18 – please inform us in advance of the special circumstances of your situation so that we can check whether the leave of absence can be granted. Please use the e-mail address gesundheit@uni-bayreuth.de. The possibility of taking time off work to care for school children for up to 10 days applies. If you are required to look after further children not affected by the closure of the facility, additional leave of up to 10 days can be granted for these children as well. This will apply for further school closures that are repeated over time. The exemption is only granted outside the Bavarian school holidays. In this case, please inform your supervisors that you will be absent from work for this reason.

The health authorities have ordered my child into quarantine - what should I do?
In the interim, in order to minimize the risk of infection at the workplace, work should generally only be done from home, subject to supervisor approval.
 My child is ill  do I have to present a doctor's note?
Unfortunately, it is not possible to waive the obligation to present a medical certificate confirming the need for care. If it is not possible to present this at this time, it is sufficient to inform your supervisor that your child is ill and that it is therefore necessary for you to care for him/her. However, you are obligated to submit a medical certificate to this effect at a later date.

What provisions currently apply for pregnant women?
As far as possible, pregnant women should always work from home. Sometimes, however, this is not possible. In this case, activities involving personal contact or contact with the public are generally not permitted for pregnant women. An exception can only be made if a specific risk assessment is carried out with regard to the staff member’s current pregnancy. This risk assessment would also have to take into account the distance to and from work! In case of doubt, please contact the Safety Officer or the University Medical Officer.

Insofar as frequent personal contact of a pregnant woman in connection with her professional activity cannot be ruled out, the University of Bayreuth must issue a ban on employment at the University to pregnant women. Please contact the Safety Officer if you are affected.

If there is a ban on contact throughout Bavaria or at the pregnant staff member's workplace, it is to be ascertained whether the risk of infection could be reduced in individual cases by technical or organisational measures, if presence at the workplace is necessary. In case of doubt, please contact the Safety Officer or the University Medical Officer.

In the event of Covid-19 illness occurring at the University of Bayreuth, a ban on employment at the University applies for a full 14 days after the last case of illness. Before granting leave from work, it must be ascertained whether a pregnant employee could be transferred to another workplace without risk of infection. Furthermore, it must be specifically assessed whether the employment ban applies to the entire University or only to parts of it. Employees affected should contact the Safety Officer.

​As of 06.05.2020, there are no longer any general curfew restrictions in the Free State of Bavaria. However, the existing contact restrictions and the social distancing rule continue to apply.

What provisions currently apply for nursing mothers?
According to the Bavarian State Ministry for Family, Labour and Social Affairs, there is no need to issue a ban on employment at the University to nursing women. There is, however, an obligation to release a woman from work for nursing outside the University as soon as a case or a medically suspected case of Covid-19 illness occurs at the University.

In general, children may not be breastfed at the University unless a suitable germ-free room with hand disinfection facilities can be accessed for the purpose.

As far as possible, employment by teleworking or working from home is the preferred option for nursing women. Such a deployment can avoid time off work for nursing and the inconvenience associated with this for women.

I am caring for relatives  what do I have to know?
Home office and, if necessary, time off work can also be granted if this is absolutely necessary for the care of relatives in need of care and the care is not otherwise possible. The necessity of the care by you must be explained by e-mail to zeiterfassung@uni-bayreuth.de so that the case can be reviewed.

When am I not allowed to come to work?
As a rule, the public health department initiates the measures required under general law. If a person tests positive for coronavirus, the public health department will take the necessary measures as soon as they are informed. Persons infected with coronavirus are then no longer allowed to enter the university campus until the public health authorities have officially given the "all-clear" signal.
Persons who

1. are classified by the public health department as contact persons of category I according to the RKI definition, i.e. have had contact with a person infected with coronavirus for at least 15 minutes, are subject to state regulations. For this reason, such persons are not allowed to enter the University during the prescribed 14-day
2. had any other contact with a person infected with coronavirus, i.e. if you are not classified as category I, it is recommended that you consult your supervisor to find out whether it is possible to work via home office as a
preventive measure. It would be desirable in such cases to be tested five days following the last contact with a
person infected with coronavirus. If the test is turns out to be negative, there are no further restrictions. With
regard to the test, the conditions set out below apply.
3. have symptoms that may indicate Covid-19, such as respiratory symptoms of any severity (e.g. cough), unspecific general symptoms, and problems smelling or tasting, are not allowed to enter the University for a period of at least five days.
4. according to the currently valid entry quarantine regulations (EQV), are obligated to remain in domestic quarantine for 14 days, may not enter the university.

Excluded from the prohibition on entering the university grounds are those persons who visit the university grounds
in order to attend a pre-arranged appointment for the purpose of testing at the Coronavirus Testing Station on the
campus of the University of Bayreuth.

In cases of No. 3 and No. 4, persons who have a medical certificate in German or English confirming that there is no
evidence of infection with the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 and who present it to the University are exempt from the ban
on entry. Employees are to inform their supervisors of the corresponding test results; students are to present the test
results to the lecturers of their in-person courses and at the loan desk when entering the library.

I have been quarantined within Germany  what do I have to do?
In principle, employees who are in quarantine in Germany and therefore cannot or may not come on campus, must, as far as possible, work from home or remotely, if they are fit to work.
Release from duties will only be granted if there is no possibility of teleworking or working from home. If you have been quarantined by the public health department, you may not come to work. You must work remotely/ via home office if this is technically possible. If not, you will be granted a leave of absence. You do not have to make up the missed working hours. If quarantine is ordered, you are obligated to inform your supervisors and discuss the possibility of home office.

This does not apply if you have booked and undertaken a private trip abroad while a travel warning from the German Foreign Office with reference to coronavirus or the Bavarian Entry Quarantine Ordinance were in force. A leave of absence from duty cannot be granted. However, extraordinary teleworking remains possible in accordance with the relevant official regulations. If, however, teleworking is not possible, the employee concerned must take paid leave for the duration of quarantine or, if this is not possible, they must apply for special leave with loss of employer benefits. Otherwise, an unexcused absence from work will result. An exception to this rule applies if a trip was booked at a time when quarantine was not mandated under the Entry Quarantine Ordinance, and the trip could no longer be cancelled free of charge at the time the quarantine requirement became known, the trip was necessary to care for the employee's own under-age children or for medical reasons, or the trip was necessary to protect property (measures after burglary or weather-related damage).

I have planned an official trip to a risk area - can I still go?
Official trips may only be carried out if they are urgent. Please make use of possibilities to conduct video and telephone conferences.

If, within 14 days after returning from a business trip, you show unspecific general symptoms or respiratory problems of any severity, you will be considered unfit for work or service and may not appear for duty until the presence of corona virusinfection has been determined. You are obliged to contact your family doctor or the medical on-call service immediately by telephone.

If a quarantine is ordered for you on the basis of the Entry Quarantine Ordinance, the regulations apply accordingly, as with the quarantine order issued by the health authorities (see above, "I have been quarantined within Germany - what do I have to do?").

Can I use private vehicles on a business trip instead of public transport?
Yes, this is especially true for people with immunodeficiency, and when using public transport during rush hours. In all other cases, the use of private vehicles is permitted even without good reason, and there is no obligation to use public transport. However, a general recognition of valid reasons and thus higher travel expenses for the distance travelled is not envisaged solely in view of the risk of Covid-19 infection.

I was quarantined outside of Germany  what do I have to do?
If you are staying abroad and the local authorities ordered quarantine so that you cannot return to Germany at this time, you will be granted a leave of absence. You are obligated to inform your supervisor. You will not be expected to make up the missed working hours.

This does not apply if you have booked and undertaken a private trip abroad while a travel warning from the Foreign Office related to coronavirus was in effect. In this case, no support measures will be taken for you. There will be no possibility of extraordinary teleworking or release from duties for you in this case. Such behaviour will be considered irresponsible and is liable to constitute off-duty misconduct in individual cases.

I have been affected by quarantine measures while on vacation  what do I have to do?
Your vacation will be interrupted from the time of the quarantine measure and replaced by leave of absence. This does not apply if you have travelled privately to a risk area even though the classification as a risk area was already known when you booked and started your trip. Such behaviour will be considered irresponsible and is liable to constitute off-duty misconduct in individual cases.

How does coronavirus affect my vacation leave?
Please check whether you currently have unspent vacation leave - possibly even vacation leave carried over from 2019 - or significant amounts of overtime credited to your time account. We assume that after the end of the initial restrictions, many unperformed tasks now accumulating will have to be processed in a short period, and that some vacation requests may be denied for operational reasons. Please keep in mind the deadlines applying for the submission of accrued leave.

I would like to travel (back) to Bayreuth from a different country. What do I need to keep in mind?
Please note that the list of risk areas has recently been updated again.
The Robert Koch Institute provides daily updated information on which countries and regions this affects. When returning from such a risk area, the current provisions of the Bavarian Entry Quarantine Ordinance (in german language) must be observed.

I am staying abroad and cannot travel back because of safety regulations  what do I have to do?
Please inform your supervisors. You will be granted a leave of absence and you won't be expected to make up the missed working hours. This does not apply if you have travelled privately to a risk area even though the classification as a coronavirus risk area by the Federal Foreign Office was already known when you booked and started your trip. There will be no possibility of extraordinary teleworking or release from duties for you in this case.

In the area where I work, a student or employee is suspected of having possibly been infected with Covid-19 because he or she is showing unspecific general symptoms. A coronavirus test has been performed, but the results have not yet come back. What should I do? 
In autumn and winter in particular, when the usual cold and flu season is approaching, a large number of cases are likely to occur in which there are cold-like or other symptoms that could be the result of coronavirus infection, but which are ultimately "only" the result of a cold. In principle, special government provisions currently only apply if, for example, persons show unspecific general symptoms and have had contact with an already confirmed coronavirus infected person. In this case, such specifically affected contacts would have to remain temporarily absent from duty. (See also above: When am I not allowed to come to work?)

Beyond that, however, it is advised, for preventive reasons, that supervisors decide the extent to which persons who have potentially had contact with coronavirus should temporarily stay away from the University of Bayreuth, and work from home, until a test result becomes available. However, whether this is reasonable or possible can only be decided by the supervisor involved on site.

Prohibitions of access and participation are explicitly regulated in the handbook of the University of Bayreuth for handling SARS Covid -2. According to this, there is a general ban on entering the university for persons who
1. Have knowingly had contact with a confirmed Covid-19 patient within the last 14 days, or
2. have symptoms that may indicate Covid 19 disease, such as respiratory symptoms of any severity, non-specific general symptoms and a loss of sense of smell or taste; or 
3. who are obliged to go into home quarantine in accordance with the current, applicable entry regulations or entry quarantine ordinance until a negative corona test result is available. 
Exceptions to the regulations in cases no. 2 and 3 and their requirements on presentation of a corresponding medical negative test based on a molecular biological test can be found in the hygiene framework of the universities under no. 2 lit. d.

Who can I contact if I have further questions about how to respond to a suspected case in my work area?
Please contact your supervisor first. They can then send a request by e-mail to the function-related mailbox: gesundheit@uni-bayreuth.de. In urgent cases, you can also contact the anteroom of the Human Resources Department by telephone on 09 21/ 55-5222 (for employees), or for students, the anteroom of the Head of the Student Affairs Unit on 09 21/ 55-5238.

I have been in contact with a confirmed coronavirus patient but have no symptoms of illness – what do I have to do?
In this case, the responsible public health department must be informed immediately. If a test is carried out, you are to be considered unfit for work until the result is available. Otherwise, you will remain in home office for 14 days. This must be coordinated with your supervisor.

My partner has to work via home office at the order of the health authorities or his/her employer  what do I have to do?
You are obligated to work, but after consultation with your supervisor, you may work via home office.

I have general symptoms of an illness or respiratory problems, but have had no contact with people suffering from the coronavirus and have not been in a risk area – what should I do?
Please contact your general practitioner or the medical hotline (Tel. 116 117) immediately for further clarification. Staff may not report for duty if they show symptoms that may indicate COVID-19 infection, such as respiratory symptoms (e.g., difficulty breathing, shortness of breath, coughing), unspecific general symptoms (e.g., fever, headache, sore throat, diarrhea), or smell or taste disfunction. You must also inform your supervisor that you will not be reporting for duty.

I am afraid of infection at work what should I do?
You can apply to your supervisor for vacation or time off in the usual way. This will be examined in the light of official concerns.

I am suffering from a coronavirus infection –​ will my salary or remuneration continue to be paid?
If you have a coronavirus infection, you are unfit for work or have fallen ill while unable to work. Employees continue to be paid for a period of six weeks, after which they receive sick pay. Civil servants continue to receive their salary.

Will my salary continue to be paid if I take a leave of absence?
Yes, you will continue to receive your salary without reduction. You do not have to make up the missed working hours or apply to the health insurance fund for sickness benefit. This does not apply if you have booked and undertaken a trip abroad or a risk area despite a travel warning from the Federal Foreign Office, or after the entry quarantine regulation came into force.

What measures apply to the jobs of employees suffering from a coronavirus infection?
Using the office must be prohibited immediately and the workplace must be locked. Offices with several workplaces must also be closed. Cleaning with disinfectant must be carried out before the next use.

I perform all or part of my work tasks at my university workplace - what do I have to keep in mind?
The hygiene measures and social distancing rules (at least 1.5 m separation) must be observed.

I perform all or part of my work tasks at home - what do I have to keep in mind?
You must be reachable by your superiors and colleagues. For full-time employees, availability must be guaranteed at least between 9.00 and 12.00 and between 13.00 and 15.00. Business e-mails must be checked and, if possible, processed from your home office. Please do your best to fulfil your official duties. By doing so, you will help us to maintain services. In addition, we ask you to check the University of Bayreuth's website twice a day for the latest developments.

What are the general hygiene recommendations?

Please note the binding rules for visiting the campus and branch offices.

Central Technical Service

How do I reach the central technical department in case of need?
You can reach the Central Technical Service via the control room on Mondays, Thursdays, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Fridays, 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.; there you can send fault reports or request technical support as usual by calling 0921 / 55-2117 or at service.zt@uni-bayreuth.de. Outside of the times shown, calling 0921 / 55-2117 will automatically transfer you to our security service, which will call in the technical on-call service if necessary. 

How do I leave my office if I work in the "home office"?
Before leaving the rooms, please make sure that all windows are closed, lights are switched off and the thermostatic valves on the radiators are set to level 2. This saves unnecessary costs and reduces the burden on the environment. Also think about your plants and take them home if necessary.

IT services

Many meetings are currently held via zoom. What about the protection of my personal data?
The IT service centre of the University of bayreuth provides tips for a data-saving use of Zoom as well as a joint statement by the CIO and head of the computer centre of the University of Würzburg, Matthias Funken, and the official data protection officer, Klaus Baumann, among others, which addresses the current accusations and data protection problems of Zoom.

Can I continue to work from the PC pool of the university?
The PC pools are open with restrictions. Here you will find an overview of the location, available spaces and ventilation situation of the PC pools.

What do I do if I need software from the PC pools for a thesis?
In this case, please send the following information (your identification, required software and expected period of use, type of work and supervising professor) via e-mail to its-beratung@uni-bayreuth.de.

Can I still access the services of the PC garage and the laptop consultation?
The PC garage and laptop consultation hours are only available by e-mail. Further information can be found on the website of the IT Service Center.

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