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FAQs regarding Corona

On this website, you will find answers to frequently asked questions on the following topics or for the following groups:

  • External guests/delegations to the campus 
  • Enrolment/Start of studies
  • The studies themselves
  • International (prospective) students
  • Library
  • Studentenwerk Oberfranken (SWO)
  • Employees
  • Central Technical Service
  • IT services
  • People to contact

All information on examination matters can be found on the website of the examination office.

External guests/delegations to the campus 

Are official visits of external persons on campus allowed?
Pre-registered visits of external guests / delegations to the campus are permitted. Please note, however, that If necessary, the host of the University of Bayreuth will ensure that all safety precautions are observed and - with regard to distance and hygiene regulations - that a correspondingly compliant workplace is available. Please note the quarantine regulations as well as the "Coronavirus Handbook" and the binding rules of the University of Bayreuth for visiting the campus and branch offices.

Enrolment / Start of studies

I need an appointment with Student Advising. Will a personal advising session take place?
For the time being, staff at Student Advising no longer offer personal advising appointments in the offices of Central University Administration. Please contact the University of Bayreuth's Student Advising Office and arrange an advising appointment via phone or zoom.

I would like to enrol for the 2020/2021 winter semester. Have the opening hours of the Student Administration Office changed?
For the time being, the colleagues of the Student Office no longer offer personal consultations in the offices of the Central University Administration. However, they will remain available for you by telephone and email. For enrollment, please submit the necessary documents by mail. Further information can be found on the pages of the Student Office. If you have any questions, please write an e-mail to studierendenkanzlei@uni-bayreuth.de

More information on starting your studies can be found on the "Tips for new students" page.

The studies themselves

Whose office hours (still) apply? 
Please clarify this with the lecturers/departments by telephone and follow the instructions on their respective websites.

What about excursions (within Germany / abroad)?
Excursion are to be evaluated analogous to field internships that can take place. It is essential to observe the applicable distance and hygiene regulations, and review the website of the Federal Foreign Office. Please note the information of the "Coronavirus Handbook".
Will practical laboratory courses take place?
Laboratory practicals can take place under strict adherence to the regulations on hygiene and distance control. Please note the information of the "Coronavirus Handbook". If you have any questions, please send a mail to praesenzveranstaltungen@uni-bayreuth.de
Will doctoral examinations take place?
Doctoral examinations can be carried out in person, provided that the appropriate hygiene measures and distance rules are observed (at least 1.5 m distance). In order to keep the circle of physically present persons as small as possible, it is recommended to offer persons not directly involved in the examination the opportunity to participate virtually in the examination. 

Will audition lectures / demonstration lessons still take place?
Audition lectures and related demonstration lessons can take place on campus. The applicable distance and hygiene regulations must be observed. Lecture halls should therefore be used. The room allocation system has occupancy plans showing the maximum number of people that can currently fit into a lecture hall. In addition to the members of the Appointment Committee, the places still available may be allocated to other persons in order to involve the university public (by registration procedure).

Does the University of Bayreuth offer the possibility of a free attempt?
There is no possibility of a free attempt at the University of Bayreuth. The study and examination regulations in force at the University offer students a great deal of flexibility in structuring their studies. The recently amended Corona Statutes allow students to withdraw from an exam, even shortly before it takes place. Withdrawal can be effected by merely staying away from the examination. In addition, the 2020/2021 winter semester will not count towards the standard period of study. The Bavarian State Ministry for Science and the Arts has given the University of Bayreuth firm assurance in this regard.

International (prospective) students

Please also refer to the detailed target group-oriented FAQs on the website of our International Office (for International prospective students, Global Partners, Exchange Students, International Guests, Accepted Applicants). If you have further questions, please contact the International Office of the University of Bayreuth: welcomeservices@uni-bayreuth.de

Are there any changes to the Preliminary documentation review (VPD) process for programmes which require an application via uni-assist? (updated on 15.07.2021)
For the time being, applicants for Summer Semester 2021 and Winter semester 2021/22 are not required to send in their documents to uni-assist by post. The preliminary documentation review will be carried out on the basis of the digital copies you uploaded at uni-assist. Prospective students who are planning to apply for the 2021 summer semester and require preliminary documentation review (VPD) for this purpose can now apply for this at uni-assist.

Will there be a DSH exam for Winter Semester 2021/22? (updated on 15.07.2021)
Due to the coronavirus situation, the University of Bayreuth will offer an internal German language examination for Winter Semester 2021/22. The internal language examination has the same requirement level as the official DSH examination. However, it only entitles you to study at the University of Bayreuth. A registered DSH certificate will not be issued. The German language exam will take place on 13 October 2021. Only those students who have received (provisional) admission to a degree programme at the University of Bayreuth and have registered by the deadline of 15 September 2021 can take part. You will receive more detailed information on registration by e-mail with your (provisional) admission.

I have questions about my visa (updated on 15.07.2021).
Information on entry and visa matters can be obtained from the Federal Foreign Office and the Federal Ministry of the Interior. Please make sure to contact the German embassy or consulate responsible for you or the local Foreigners' Office in Germany.​

What do I need to bear in mind when travelling to Bayreuth now?
As before, students from non-EU countries may only enter Germany if they have a valid reason to do so. This is the case if you return to your place of residence to continue your studies. When entering the country, students must furnish the appropriate documents (e.g. a rental agreement, a certificate of registration, as well as confirmation that it is necessary for you to attend in-person courses). In any event, please observe the present quarantine regulations and review the information carefully before entering the country! We also recommend contacting the International Office.

Will the orientation week take place in Winter Semester 2021/22? (updated 14.07.2021)
Yes! Our Orientation Week for international students will take place from 4 October to 15 October 2021. Welcome Services will provide international students with information on registration and the schedule as soon as possible.

Can I come to Welcome Services for a personal consultation? (updated 14.07.2021)
Due to the current exceptional situation, our counselling offices are unfortunately closed until further notice. You can of course reach us at any time by phone or e-mail (contact information can be found here) and we can help with any questions or problems in these ways.

Is there any possibility to get to know other (international) students and network on Campus even in this situation?
Yes! Enactus Bayreuth, a student initiative, started an Instagram account where all student initiatives and organizations have the possibility to present themselves and publish upcoming (online) events. Especially for international students, ESN offers an interesting programme with different events every week – ranging from a Language Stammtisch to a language tandem program. All information and further details can be found on Facebook and Instagram.

Information about the coronavirus in Germany:
The information on the websites of the Robert-Koch Institute, the WHO, the Federal Foreign Office and the Federal Ministry of Health is updated on a daily basis. The University of Bayreuth provides information on its website and in these FAQs, but also by e-mail and via its social media accounts!

Where can I get a confirmation of compulsory attendance in Winter Semester to present to the German embassy? (updated on 14.07.2021)
Since Summer Semester 2021, it has been possible to waive the requirement to submit a certificate of attendance. Germany’s Federal Ministry of Education and Research has stated the following: "Entry for the purpose of taking up studies as well as study visits for individual semesters are possible. Proof of this must be provided with the corresponding notification of admission from the higher education institution. Proof of compulsory attendance is not required, as the higher education institutions regularly conduct a mixture of online and in-person teaching."


How can I currently use the library?
Please inform yourself about current regulations and services on the page www.ub.uni-bayreuth.de/en. The latest news from the library can be found there in the "News" section.

Is it possible to access the University Library's electronic media from off-campus?
University students and staff have access to a variety of digital resources such as e-books, e-journals, and databases, which can also be accessed from off-campus using a VPN/proxy or Shibboleth (publishers Springer Nature and Wiley). Please also refer to the information regarding online versions of journal articles on the website "Alternative ways for finding and obtaining journal articles". If you have any questions about searching for sources, please contact auskunft.ub@uni-bayreuth.de or +49 921 / 55 - 3420. Please also refer to the website of the Libraries of the University of Bayreuth.

Studentenwerk Oberfranken (SWO)

Is the canteen open?
​The cafeterias and canteens of the Studentenwerk Oberfranken only offer take-away meals at the moment. The Frischraum and the canteens (cafeteria and NW III) will reopen on 11.01.2021. The current opening hours are:

  • ​Frischraum: Mo to Fr from 11:00 -14:00
  • Cafeteria Mensa: Mo to Fr from 10:00 -15:30 (hot meals: 11:00 -15:00)
  • Mensateria in the Nürnberger Straße: Mo to Fr from 11:00 - 14:00
  • Coffee bar in the FAN building B: Mo to Th from 09:30 - 14:00 and Fr from 09:30 - 12:30

How can I apply for a CampusCard?
In Bayreuth, the SWO's card service office can currently only be contacted by e-mail.

Can the advising offices (BAföG, psychological counselling, dormitories) be reached?
The BAföG Office, Residence Hall Administration, Social Counselling Office, Psychological Counselling Office, and Loan Office are closed until further notice. It is possible to contact the SWO by e-mail; please refer to the relevant contact details on the SWO website.


For the time being, you are meant to stay at home if at all possible. What regulations apply to employees of the University of Bayreuth?
If there are no compelling operational reasons to the contrary, working at home in an office or comparable workplace is the rule - unless there are personal reasons for you not to do so. Please arrange with your supervisor the possibility of working at home, in as far as your office work or comparable activities are possible there.

While working at home, you must be available to your supervisor and colleagues. In the case of full-time employees, availability must be guaranteed at least between 9.00 a.m. and 12.00 p.m., and between 1.00 p.m. and 3.00 p.m. Work-related e-mails must be checked and, if possible, processed from the home.

I work entirely or partly in person - what should I bear in mind?
Please observe the applicable occupational health and safety regulations, especially the hygiene measures and social distancing rules (min. 1.5 m distance).

You have the option of taking a voluntary rapid coronavirus test twice a week. Please refer to the current circular from the University Governing Board.

What should I bear in mind when switching between teleworking and in-person work?

  • Please inform your supervisors in writing in advance when you will be at work in person.
  • Different time recording devices are to be used when switching work formats:

At home, the time booking is made via the WebClient. To log in, please use your BT ID and the corresponding password (not the previous time recording password).

In person, the time booking is made as usual at the terminals in the building. You may only use the WebClient in buildings that do not have time recording devices (eg. Zapf buildings).

If you switch between teleworking and in-person work on the same day, you clock in and out at the terminal in the building or at the WebClient at home. Travel time to and from your remote working office does NOT count as working time.

I am at increased health risk. What should I do?
As members of risk groups, please agree on the necessary measures with your supervisor after consulting a doctor. If these cannot be implemented, a medical certificate of incapacity for work may have to be submitted. Leave of absence from work is no option.

What does the extension of children's sickness benefit to 20 days mean for me? 
There are various occasions when it is necessary to look after your children at home: e.g. a quarantine order for your child, closed day care centres or schools, or the illness of your child. In these cases, please choose one of the two following options:

a) You work from home in coordination with your supervisor. Within the framework of the flexible working hours regulation, you may organize the start and end of work and break times flexibly. We will maintain this status, which enables you to reconcile family and career commitments, without limit to any number of days. Remuneration will continue to be paid at 100 %. While taking advantage of this support, no additional "coronavirus-related child sick days" can be registered.

b) You do not work from home. Instead, you take advantage of the extension of the child sickness benefit for up to 20 working days, and only take care of your child. The allowance is then paid by your health insurance fund to the usual reduced extent, and must be applied for by you. Additional leave with continued payment of remuneration - by the day or after the 20 days have been used up - is not possible.

Please also submit proof of the required care immediately, i.e. the quarantine order, the medical certificate, or the order for the closure of the school or day-care centre.

What regulations currently apply to pregnant women?
Pregnant women are meant to work from home. In some cases, however, this is not possible. An exception is only possible if a concrete risk assessment is carried out with regard to a specific pregnancy. This would have to include the way to and from work. In case of doubt, please contact the Safety Officer or the University Medical Officer.

Insofar as increased personal contact of a pregnant woman in connection with her professional activities cannot be ruled out, the University of Bayreuth must issue a company employment ban to pregnant women. Affected employees should contact the Safety Officer.

What regulations apply to nursing mothers?
In the case of nursing women, there is no need to issue a university employment ban. However, nursing women must be released for nursing outside the University as soon as Covid 19 disease or a medically-justified, suspected case occurs at the University. In general, infants may not be nursed at the University unless a suitable infection-protected room with the possibility of hand disinfection is available.

As far as possible, nursing mothers should also work from home. In this way, time off for nursing and any associated inconvenience can be avoided. ​

I look after family members - what should I bear in mind?
Teleworking also serves to reconcile care and work. If no teleworking activity is possible at home, leave from work can be granted if this is absolutely necessary to take care of family members in need of care, and care cannot be provided in any other way. Please explain the necessity of the care in concrete terms by e-mail to zeiterfassung@uni-bayreuth.de to enable legal examination of the situation.

When am I not allowed to be on duty?
The following employees are not allowed to attend duty:

  1. Persons for whom quarantine has been ordered by the public health department.
  2. Persons with symptoms of a covid-19 disease, such as respiratory symptoms of any severity (e.g. cough), unspecific general symptoms, and olfactory or taste disorders (entry ban applies for 5 days) - unless a medical certificate is presented excluding COVID-19 infection.
  3. Persons who are obliged to go into domestic quarantine according to the currently applicable Entry Quarantine Ordinance (EQV), unless a medical certificate is presented excluding COVID-19 infection.

In case of No. 2, please contact your family doctor or the medical on-call service (tel. 116 117) immediately by telephone for clarification, and inform your supervisor that you cannot come to work.

If you have had contact with a person infected with COVID-19 and the health authority has not yet ordered a quarantine for you, please consult your supervisor if you work (partly) in person. The possibility of a preventive home office should then be discussed. It would also be desirable for you to be tested within five days of your last contact with a person infected with COVID-19. If this is negative, no further restrictions apply.

My partner has to work from home by order of the health department or their employer - what ought I do?
You are obliged to be on duty, but are generally only allowed to work from home upon consultation with your supervisor. 

I have been quarantined within Germany - what ought I do?
You must work from home as far as possible. If this is not technically possible, you will be released from duty. You will not have to make up missed working time. You are obliged to inform your supervisor once quarantine has been ordered.

This does not apply if you have booked and undertaken a private trip abroad while a travel warning from the Foreign Office with reference to COVID-19 or the Bavarian Entry Quarantine Order was in effect. Time off from work cannot then be granted. However, teleworking remains possible. To the extent that this is not possible, you must take recuperation leave or apply for special leave for the duration of the quarantine, with all employee benefits discontinued. Otherwise, you will be deemed to have been absent from duty without excuse. Please read about exceptions in advance by e-mailing gesundheit@uni-bayreuth.de.

I have been quarantined outside Germany - what ought I do?
If you are abroad and a security authority there has ordered quarantine so that you cannot return to Germany temporarily, you will be released from duty. You are obliged to inform your supervisor. You will not be required to make up for work time missed.

This does not apply if you booked and undertook a private trip abroad while a travel warning from the Foreign Office related to COVID-19 was in effect. In this case, no welfare measures will be available you. Neither teleworking nor leave of absence will be possible for you in this case. Such behaviour will be considered irresponsible and may be classified as off-duty misconduct in individual cases.

I have planned a business trip - can I go on it?
Business trips may only take place if they are urgently required. Please give priority to video and telephone conferencing.

If you show non-specific general symptoms or respiratory problems of any severity within 14 days of returning from a business trip, you are to be considered unfit for work or duty and may not appear for duty until the presence of a COVID-19 infection has been ruled out. You are obliged to contact your family doctor or the medical on-call service immediately by telephone.

If quarantine is ordered for you on the basis of the Entry Quarantine Ordinance, the same regulations apply as for the order of quarantine by the health authorities (see above, "I have been quarantined within Germany - what ought I do?").

May I use private motor vehicles instead of public transport for a business trip?
Yes, this applies especially to people with immunodeficiency and to avoid using public transport at peak times. However, a general recognition of valid reasons and thus higher travel expenses solely because the risk of infection with Covid-19 will not be considered.

How will coronavirus affect my holiday?
Please check whether you can currently use accrued paid leave - possibly also residual leave from the previous year - as well as recorded overtime. We assume that after the end of the current exceptional circumstances, that undone work will have to be completed in a short time, and that some holiday requests may not be fulfilled for operational reasons. Please take note of deadlines when applying for leave.

Who can I contact if I have questions about what to do about a suspected case in my work area? 
Please contact your supervisor first. They can then send a request by e-mail to the functional mailbox: gesundheit@uni-bayreuth.de. In urgent cases, you can also contact the anteroom of the Human Resources Department by telephone (in the case of employees) on 09 21/ 55-5222 or, in the case of students, the anteroom of the Head of Student Affairs on 09 21/ 55-5238.

What measures apply to the workplaces of employees suffering from COVID-19?
Their use is to be prohibited immediately and the workplace is to be locked. Offices with several workplaces must also be closed. Cleaning with disinfectant must take place before any subsequent use.

How do I continue to access the services of the budget department?
All information on procurement, imprest account disbursements and chemical issuance can be found on the pages of the Department of Budgetary Affairs.

What are the general hygiene recommendations?

See: Binding rules of the University of Bayreuth for in-person participation in classroom teaching in the 2020/2021 winter semester.

Central Technical Service

How do I reach the central technical department in case of need?
You can reach the Central Technical Service via the control room on Mondays, Thursdays, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Fridays, 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.; there you can send fault reports or request technical support as usual by calling 0921 / 55-2117 or at service.zt@uni-bayreuth.de. Outside of the times shown, calling 0921 / 55-2117 will automatically transfer you to our security service, which will call in the technical on-call service if necessary. 

How do I leave my office if I work in the "home office"?
Before leaving the rooms, please make sure that all windows are closed, lights are switched off and the thermostatic valves on the radiators are set to level 2. This saves unnecessary costs and reduces the burden on the environment. Also think about your plants and take them home if necessary.

IT services

Many meetings are currently held via zoom. What about the protection of my personal data?
The IT service centre of the University of bayreuth provides tips for a data-saving use of Zoom as well as a joint statement by the CIO and head of the computer centre of the University of Würzburg, Matthias Funken, and the official data protection officer, Klaus Baumann, among others, which addresses the current accusations and data protection problems of Zoom.

Can I continue to work from the PC pool of the university?​
The PC pools on campus are open during the lecture-free period for students to prepare for exams, courses, and for independent research.  Opening hours correspond to those of the respective buildings. Rooms are cleaned once a day.
In addition, from 19.07 to 13.08.2021, students will have access to rooms on campus specifically for studying. These are seminar rooms S 94, S 124, S 125 (GW I), S 76 and S 79 (NW II), S 131, S 132, S 138 (NW III), S 43, S 44, S 45, S 46, S 47, and S 48 (RW I). They are open Monday to Friday from around 8 a.m. until the respective building closes. Rooms S 43 to S 48 are also open on Saturdays from 8 am. Social distance rules apply and FFP2 masks are mandatory in all rooms. Rooms must be ventilated regularly.

What do I do if I need software from the PC pools for a thesis?
In this case, please send the following information (your identification, required software and expected period of use, type of work and supervising professor) via e-mail to its-beratung@uni-bayreuth.de.

Can I still access the services of the PC garage and the laptop consultation?
The PC garage and laptop consultation hours are only available by e-mail. Further information can be found on the website of the IT Service Center.

People to contact

For students:  
If you have a documented case of Corona or have another concern related to the Corona pandemic that is not resolved by the FAQs or the Corona Handbook, please contact Ms Rabenbauer (Head of Department I, 0921-55-5238), Dr Tietze (0921-55-7774) or Mr Wiedenhöfer (0921-55-2168) by email at StudiCare@uni-bayreuth.de or by telephone. 

For employees: 
If you are demonstrably ill with Corona, please report this to your superior as well as to the Human Resources Department by e-mail via gesundheit@uni-bayreuth.de or by telephone to Mr Jakisch (Head of Department III, 09 21/ 55-5222).
If you are planning attendance events or have questions about dealing with the Corona pandemic that are not clarified by the FAQs or the Corona Manual, please contact Ms Gilch (President's Desk Officer, 0921-55-5203) by e-mail at praesenzveranstaltungen@uni-bayreuth.de or by telephone. 

Webmaster: Phyllis Messalina Gilch

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