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2020 University Election

In the University elections, the representatives of the Senate, the University Council, the Faculty Councils and further student representatives in the Student Parliament of the University of Bayreuth are elected directly by members of the bodies to which they belong.

As the term of office of the acting representatives of the University instructors and of the academic and non-academic staff in the above-mentioned bodies will not end until 30 September 2021, only the student representatives are to be elected within the framework of University elections in the 2020 summer semester. Specifically, the term of office of the student representatives will begin on 1 October 2020 and end on 30 September 2021.

Election notice

The Election Notice provides details of all important information, deadlines, and dates concerning the upcoming University election not described further here.

Ein Brief wird in einen Briefkasten eingeworfen


Due to the coronavirus pandemic, voting in the 2020 University elections will be conducted exclusively by postal ballot. All students will receive their postal ballot pages by post. It is not necessary to apply for the postal ballot pages. The documents will be sent to all eligible voters automatically.

To exercise the right to vote, your name must appear on the electoral list. On the closing date of the electoral list (24.06.2020), students eligible to vote will be:

  • those who are enrolled or re-registered
  • and do not have an employment contract with the University of Bayreuth for 10 hours of work per week or more (except for student assistants).

Votes must be submitted to the Electoral Office by 6.00 p.m. on 22 July 2020 at the latest.

Electoral Office address:
Universität Bayreuth
Zentrale Universitätsverwaltung, Zimmer 1.06
Universitätsstraße 30
95440 Bayreuth

Overview of the election programs of the university groups

In alphabetical order

​Die LISTE Bayreuth (the Bayreuth List)Hide
Wahlplakat "Die Liste"

Demands (extracts)

  • Gender equality (including use of the botanical garden’s hemp plot). 
    As a grassroots democratic initiative, we are extremely critical of any form of social or biological injustice.

  • The expansion of the range of courses. 
    Starting with the introduction of the "Applied Gambling Science” course of studies. 

  • Social housing construction. 
    Selected properties are to be given a new lease of life in cooperation with the City and local associations.

  • A drive-through for the University of Bayreuth’s Frischraum. 
    So that successful students need not spend their valuable time away from their place of work. 
  • Establishment of further disinfection measures. 
    An increased percentage of disinfectant in students' bloodstreams should effectively stop the further spread of the corona pandemic.

  • We strive to approach the current situation as an opportunity.
    Through the cooperation of local IT specialists, educational pedagogues, and massage parlours, a new, unprecedented online platform is to be created which will make available the retrieval of any learning content of any course of study at the University of Bayreuth by employing the most innovative concepts.

The complete election program as PDF (in german language)

Grüne Hochschulgruppe Bayreuth (​Bayreuth Green University Group)Hide


Key demands

  • Learn to love your campus!
    Greening building facades.

    Creating a platform for sustainable initiatives on campus.

  • Fair study conditions!

    Financial support for students.
    Continued expansion of digital teaching offering.
    No "coronavirus-related" discrimination of students.
    Winter semester in classroom and digital teaching.

  • Expansion of the bicycle infratructure!
    Get on Campus.

  • Cultural and equal opportunities
    At least one non-binary toilet per building
    Nappy-changing facilities in men's toilets

  • Canteen
    Bring back porcelain cups!
    Expansion of vegan and low-allergenic alternatives.

  • No problem studying outside!
    Outdoor workstations with power supply.

Overview of all list candidates as JPG

Juso Hochschulgruppe Bayreuth ​(Bayreuth Juso Unviversity Group)Hide

Social, sustainable, progressive.

Key demands (extracts)

  • Teaching and studying

    We aim to create an ideas pool with examples of excellent teaching to encourage lecturers to improve their own courses. We also wish to take up the positive aspects of the digital semester and incorporate its advantages such as more interaction and lecture recordings with classroom teaching. In addition, the training for tutors should be improved. They should receive an expense allowance for passed modules and not just a meagre certificate.

  • Sustainability
    StuPa’s sustainability strategy shows it has already seized the initiative for creating a more ecological university. Way to go. At the same time, however, you as students must be allowed to vote on additional charges such as parking fees. Beyond the strategy, we seek to promote a more bicycle-friendly campus and City. And we want to make sure that the cafeteria and Frischraum are more climate-friendly by offering a vegan and a vegetarian meal every lunchtime. There should also be a vegan option in the evening. That way, our food will protect the climate.

  • Campus life
    The restart after the coronavirus lockdown, for example at the University Open-Air or Campus Culture Week, must not be allowed to fail for financial reasons. At the same time, there should be a central event notice board to give initiatives more attention and provide an overview of the plethora of options.
  • Social matters
    The pandemic and the lockdown have plunged many students into problems - both financial and psychological. We aim to improve help in both areas. On the one hand, the University should offer interest-free social loans in future. On the other hand, we wish to provide short-term psychological support and set up a help line specifically for students.

Juso University Group Bayreuth on Facebook

Complete election program as PDF (in german language)
Overview of all candidates as PDF

LHG - Liberale Hochschulgruppe BayreuthHide

Progress needs freedom - democratic, liberal and digital into the future.

Key demands

  • Digital study
    "Digital teaching" and a course of study that moves with the times are more than just transferring events from the lecture hall to a "digital room".

    The development of a comprehensive hygiene concept by the university, so that face-to-face teaching is once again possible.
    The retention of the possibility to write exams as online exams.
  • Equal opportunities
    A liberal self-image is characterized by tolerance, cosmopolitanism and respect for the human being. As a liberal university group, we are in favour of a cooperation that embraces these principles in everyday life. For us the following applies: It does not matter where you come from, but where you want to go.

    Compulsory recording of all lectures in the winter semester 20/21 in order to achieve the greatest possible flexibility of study.
    An optional semester for students who are severely disadvantaged by the Corona crisis and its effects.
  • Sustainability
    For us, sustainable development of the university is more than just a discussion about parking fees and vegan cafeteria food. It must be possible for everyone to behave in a more environmentally conscious and resource-saving manner on their own responsibility.
    Prioritizing the university as an important hub in the bicycle traffic concept of the city of Bayreuth in order to relieve the public transport system.
    Student surveys and, if necessary, voting on every measure that is financially burdensome for the students but does not offer them a direct advantage.
  • Uncomplicated study
    Studying alone can be stressful enough. So there is no reason to complicate it unnecessarily by everyday problems.
    More sports and play equipment on campus, both outdoors and indoors (e.g. table football, more table tennis tables).
    Permanent use of the semester ticket with the help of the matriculation confirmation.


The complete election program as PDF

RCDS BayreuthHide

Our vision - for freedom. Progress. Responsibility.

Since 1978, we have been committed to university policy at our university that has one major goal above all else: To continually improve the study environment in its broadest sense for all students. The traditional student freedoms are a matter close to our heart. Above all, young scholars must be able to take responsibility for themselves in a self-determined manner - and not merely patronized. We will continue to work hard to achieve this!

Leading candidates for StuPa:

  • Christoph Hoffmann
  • Marco Gräßmann
  • Lea Dörfler

Key demands

  • Student mobility
    Above all, we are in favour of improving the public transport system to provide a reliable, cheaper, and comfortable alternative to car use, which is one thing we could well expect from the "University City of Bayreuth". At the same time we strongly object to parking fees at the University, because they would hit disadvantaged students and commuters the hardest, given that they are often dependent on their cars due to inadequate public transport.
  • Quality of study
    First and foremost, we demand the expansion of the digital offering of the University libraries with relevant databases, e-libraries, journals, and subject modules. These should also be accessible from home and not only on campus. This will relieve strain on the libraries and help to make studying more flexible. In addition, we are committed to continuous modernisation at the University, especially with regard to its libraries. 
  • Health and nutrition
    This area is an area close to our hearts, especially since the coronavirus pandemic. We would like to see an improvement of cafeteria services, an extension of the opening hours of Frischraum, the introduction of hygiene measures, and modernisation of the University gym.


The complete election program as PDF (in german language)

Volt Hochschulgruppe Bayreuth ​(Bayreuth Volt University Group)Hide
Logo der VOLT-Hochschulgruppe

We are pan-European. Because intercultural and scientific exchange is becoming increasingly central in our increasingly globalised world.
We are progressive. That's why changes are not a threat in themselves, but always an opportunity.
We are pragmatic. We do not follow any particular ideology but instead try to make efficient decisions based on evidence and approaches that have proven successful elsewhere.

Key demands (extracts)

  • European networking

    Expansion of the EU Erasmus+ programme for financial and organisational support of academic mobility.
    Cooperation with student bodies from universities in other European countries.
    Establishment of a separate European division.   

  • Sustainability

    Use local and recyclable products.
    Create an awareness of regional and seasonal food in canteens.
    End the use of disposable materials for cups, plates or cutlery in universities and reduce the use of plastic.   

  • Traffic

    Enabling thorough and sustainable mobility in the City and its surroundings.
    Promote cycling.

  • Housing
    Stronger promotion of housing construction by student unions and municipal initiatives for social housing on University premises.

  • Student finance
    Free internet access, free health insurance, and cultural activities for students.
  • Personal well-being
    Make help services more easily accessible.

  • Digitization

    Making digitization transparent, consistent, and accessible.
    European Library Network.

  • Open Access / Open Data
    Make scientific results available to the public, free of charge.

  • Anti-discrimination and equality
    Equal opportunities and the inclusion of all students in University life must be guaranteed. Measures to prevent and punish discriminatory acts or statements must be strengthened.

  • Participation​
    To include the perspective of students in precarious situations and work situations more strongly.

Bayreuth Volt University Group on Facebook
Volt University Group on Instagram

The complete election program as PDF (in german language)
Overview of all listed candidates as JPG

The "Fachschaften" present themselves

In alphabetical order

Fachschaft BCGHide

The candidates (from left):

  • Benni (cash desk)
  • Hanna (Ersti Resort)
  • David (2nd Vice President)
  • Katha (Nikofete)
  • Betty (1st Vice President)
  • Anna (Golden Chalk)
  • Urte (Chair)
  • Martin (StuPa)
Fachschaft IngHide

The candidates (from left):

  • Steph Kunze (MaWi, 4th semester)
  • Linda Hausmann (URT, 2th semester)
  • Anouk Soisson (ES, 2th semester)
  • Anne Voss (Wing, 4th semester)
  • Laura Hufnagel (ES, 6th semester)
  • Katharina Peipp (MaWi, 4th semester)
  • Maike Scheuring (Wing, 4th semester)
  • Laura Gütling (ES, 2th semester)
Fachschaft KuWiHide

The candidates (from left)

  • Laura (Philosophy & Economics, 7th semester)
  • Sarah (Kultur & Gesellschaft, 2th semester)
Fachschaft MPIHide

The candidates (from left):

  • Charlotte (Finance)
  • Fabian
  • Dennis (Uni-cinema)
  • Inge (real hair model)
  • Masell (Chief)
  • Julia (Vice)
  • Olli (Root)
  • Elias (scripts)
  • Olivia (public relations)
  • Ahmet (public relations)
  • Ruth (graphics)
  • Anne (part-time graphics)
Fachschaft RWHide

The candidates (from left):

  • Peter Herzog (Jura, 4th semester)
  • Waldemar Ludwig (BWL, 2th semester)
  • Max Geiger (Jura, 4th semester)
  • Rebecca Baderschneider (Jura, 4th semester)
  • Laura Dirschauer (BWL, 2th semester)
  • Leopold Otte (BWL, 2th semester)
  • Aniela Humpert (GÖ, 2th semester)
  • Fabian Netz (Jura, 4th semester)
  • Marcel Huber (BWL M.Sc., 1th semester)
  • Lea Baier (IWE, 2th semester)
  • Janina Traue (BWL M.Sc., 1th semester)
Fachschaft SpLitHide

List of Candidates

  • Benedikt Günther (BA Germanistik/Anglistik)
  • Pia Kröner (LA Gym Deutsch/Geschichte)
  • Tim Berens (LA Gym Englisch/Geschichte)
  • Mary Chairopoulou (MA Literatur und Medien)
  • Charlotte von Bernstorff (BA Germanistik/Anglistik)
  • Theresa Pietz (LA Gym Englisch/Geschichte)
  • Lisa-Michelle Helten (BA Musiktheaterwissenschaften)

Nominations for election

  • Nominations for election could be sent to the Election Officer, separately per organ, in the period from 18 May to 31 May 2020.
  • The election nominations for election are published on the intranet. In addition, the nominations for election will be posted on notice boards in University buildings.

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